Sunday, September 14, 2003

Can't Think of a Title

Went to the studio Friday night to see what was happening. Chris, for once, wasn't teaching...instead he was off somewhere printing the calendars. Typical! Chatted with Michael for a bit and some couple that's getting married in 4 weeks...that was their first night in for a song chosen yet but they want to dance something at their wedding. Always amazes me how late people leave things...although M said that he'd had a couple come in once 3 days before their wedding!!! Wow. They're teaching Bolero at USABDA next Friday. It's been a lonnnnnnng time since I've been there....might show up....we'll see. Funny that really. Noone round here danced Bolero and then I performed one at the Showcase all those months ago. Couple of parties later, they taught a few basic steps. Guess it must have gone down well with people cos I notice Iacono is now offering classes in it. Wonder if it'll go the way of Argentine Tango and become hip and trendy??? Would be nice if it got popular cos there really is noone that I can dance that with other than Chris.....sometimes I wonder why I bothered learning it! No, I know's a beautiful dance...and some of the music is SO cool! Tough to do well though....lots of back-bending.....and, on that subject, my back must be feeling better....I noticed today the sciatica's coming back....woooohoooo just what I wanted! I also noticed that Iacono are advertising for dance experience needed. I wonder if I should call them? Would be so much fun...although I imagine the money's crap...but a good way to get some "free" lessons....just not sure about the studio. Used to be quite good but I hear politics starting creeping into things...why does that happen with everything? Was gonna talk to Yelena about it on Friday but she was busy teaching so didn't really get the chance...asked her to call me when she's not busy.....been pondering on this for a few days, maybe I'll just send him an email and see wot happens...doesn't hurt to ask, does it????


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