Monday, September 08, 2003

Summer's Over.....

I treated myself to my own little celebration of the unofficial start of Autumn/Fall.....with a new shower curtain. LOL Dull, huh? Well the old one (a year old this week probably....) decided to rip so, finally, fed up of flooding the bathroom, I got a new one. Actually very boring. The last one was clear with square patterns so that the light came through in a pretty rainbow effect. Couldn't find that one, or a similar one, so just got a clear one...for now. I don't like the coloured ones, or the fabric things cos the only window in the bathroom is next to the bath and it would block the light if I had anything solid. Have to keep looking for something more interesting but this will do for now.

Then, cos I was sick of looking at my plants thinking I needed to repot them....I did....! The annual ritual of buy pots, repot plants and then move the smaller ones into the pots left over. I now have a collection of pots with no plants that fit them but I also have 6 happier least I hope they're happier....fresh soil and more room to grow......what more could they want???? Couldn't face dragging them all outside for the repotting ceremony so I sat on the carpet with a huge plastic bag ripped up and played with potting compost for an hour or so.....and then had to clean up my mess...not so much fun!

And while I was sitting there I decided that I should move all my furniture around. Been thinking about THAT for a while as well. Knew I shouldn't do it cos I'd mess up my back but couldn't moved the sofa and the chair and the coffee table around. Then changed the rugs that I had out and put the rug under the dining table that I've been meaning to do for 6 months (maybe longer). I think it looks good.....better viewing of the TV and, as I think the heating is going to have to go on soon (well, another few weeks maybe), better heat circulation. Managed to drop my ottoman twice...and could hear noises from below when I did it. Complaining are you? Well, now you know how I feel having had to listen to your VERY loud family screaming for the last two weeks as they moved you in, moved furniture and banged things into the wall....decided not to get mad....just even!

That's about it...forgot to listen to Bush address the nation...but was probably a load of crap anyway. Watched Antonio Banderas instead (Desperado....great movie).....just psyching myself up for Once Upon a Time in Mexico!!!! If nothing else, this Friday is gonna be movie day...that and Matchstick Men (Nicholas all-time fave) open least I hope they open in Buffalo then.....can't wait..........


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