Tuesday, September 09, 2003


New sessions of yoga classes started this week. I'm now doing the Yoga 3 class (along with the cute guy.....no, that's not the reason, but it helps...he offered to give me his spare vertebra....funnnnnyyyyyyy!!!!). Wasn't sure how hard it would be...they keep saying that it's much more strenuous but really I'm not sure that it was. OK there was some new positions...which weren't totally new cos it's stuff I've been doing anyway....and she kept us moving rather than the Yoga 2 class where we seem to stop and talk a lot more. Actually felt better than some of the 2 classes but it could just be cos I was having a good back day! Got up yesterday totally unable to move, went to the chiro and then felt great all day....sometimes I see him and then I feel like shit for the rest of the day. Was pretty pleased with myself :-) The only thing that hurt was the Crocodile pose....you lie flat on your stomach and breathe. Sounds really easy...try it when your lower back is screwed up. Nearly had to give up....kept wriggling trying to get comfortable but couldn't! Very silly considering I can twist myself into other positions quite happily. Oh well, guess that just shows I'm not there yet! Had to giggle when cute guy nearly fell over in one of the poses.....but then decided that if I did laugh I'd fall over as well. He got his "revenge" when we did the Three Legged Dog pose and I hit the wall with my foot....bit crowded in there....LOL


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