Friday, October 10, 2003

Another Weird Dream

Can't remember it all in order but something like this:

Four of us were in what can best be described as a...hmmmm....basement? Large room, built of stone (could have been an up-market cave, I guess). There was a side room off to the right of the back wall. Yelena and Olga (who????) were there and Colleen (one of the bitches from hell). Yelena and Olga had their hair sprayed with so much hair-spray there was no movement at all. It was pinned up on the back of their heads and I have a feeling they both had their hair dyes pink. There was a large cooker against one wall (a standalone unit with hob, oven and upper grill). For some reason, it had their names on the face plate. I remember looking at the names thinking how impressive they looked.

Next thing I remember is another room, more like a cave, with the smallest toilets along one side. The weird thing is that these toilets were each attached to a small stone circular table. Had to describe but there were two stones each side of the toilet and a little bit of ceramic that could be seen in the middle of the stones. The back part formed the leg of the table to which it was attached. They were so hard to use because they were so was almost as if you were sitting on the floor. Colleen was sitting at one table eating.

I'm not sure what happened next but I woke up wondering why some guy (no idea who) had been telling me I wasn't fit enough and he was never going to talk to me again (this is weird cos I've not had that conversation with anyone).

I am so confused!!!!


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