Saturday, October 11, 2003

Do I Believe this?

The FREE $100.00 Gift Fund.

Our research department was first to reveal to our members the FREE $100.00 Gift Fund. This is the same information selling on eBay for $9.99. Yes, NHA organization is giving away $100.00 FREE. There is no obligation.

Our members reported that it take about 2 to 4 weeks to get your FREE $100.00 gift. For your FREE $100.00 gift just send your full name and address to:

NHA Gift Check
P.O. Box 11350, Dept. R110
Eugene, OR 97440


Strange...but not as strange as my interview yesterday (about to stop going to them altogether cos people are driving me mad!). Anyway, girl called to confirm..."make sure you wear business dress". Really? How peculiar, I was planning on turning up in shorts and a t-shirt! Got there, a few minutes before the appointment time (3pm). Small office, two other people sitting in reception and another girl followed me in a moment later. Are we all here for a 3pm interview? It turns out we are. Interviewer running late....fantastic. So the first person (young girl in a casual shirt and black pants) goes in and a few minutes later reappears and leaves. Interesting......????! Then the next person (young guy in business suit) disappears in....same thing happens. I see, this is either not going very well or they have no intention of discussing anything useful. Then I go in. We discuss Oxford for a minute, she asks me a couple of questions about my resume (which clearly she hadn't read) and how I would rate my people skills. Tells me in about two sentences what the company does and avoids answering my questions. Says goodbye and shows me out.

Wot the hell was that about. All you know is that I have a blue suit, dark hair and an "accent". Doubt if I'll hear from them again. Certain that I'm not interested even if I do.

I've interviewed countless people for jobs....and I've done the "get lots of people in on one day" thing as well. I have learned that 10 minutes is no way sufficient to get to understand a person. Even after two, or three, interviews (including asking people to present), you still don't really have true knowledge of how a person will perform. Hiring either has to be done on trust (guess she was going for that approach) or you spend a reasonable amount of time, and preferably multiple visits from the candidate, before you the judgement about someone. To try and sum up a potential candidate in 10 minutes is a waste of time for you and even more of a waste of time for the candidate who has to swot up on the company, preen themselves, find your office and then wait for you to decide to show. If that's the way they plan to run the company then I guess they're not going to be around for very long......


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