Monday, October 13, 2003

Happy Columbus Day/Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Graduated from the chiro this afternoon....don't have to go back for a whole week. Wooohoooo!!!! Well, unless I break myself again...shouldn't be too hard with yoga tonight. LOL

Went to see Lost in Translation yesterday (we used my free tickets). Not bad....couple of very funny bits...including a Japanese woman lying on the floor, waving her stockinged legs around. And they had some film of Kyoto...very exciting...sitting there going "I've been there, I've been there". Then got dragged round the mall for a cheap Halloween costume...zzzz. Is it really that time of year again? So not into it but if I have to dress up I decided I wanted to go as a pumpkin (only cos we found a really cute pumpkin headband in the Dollar Store!)....or maybe Mrs Claus (shops are full of Christmas stuff already....puhlease.....I'll worry about it in December!!!!).


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