Sunday, October 19, 2003

Summary of the Week

Couldn't be bothered to update this during the week so here's a summary of what happened...not very exciting really!


Finally cancelled the service. Got sick of them putting up their rates all the time. They send out these letters saying they've added more channels (which I don't want) and feel this gives them the right to charge more....doubtless so they can continue to advertise every 5 minutes. No wonder they're in such a bad state. Took the boxes back and made sure they cancelled everything on their system. So that's done! Instead...signed up for Earthlink..which is dial-up but with their nice accelerator there's not a huge amount of difference in speed (for browsing anyway). Seems to be working quite nicely so I'm happy.

Research Study

Went for my last dental appointment at UB. Filled in my form...just waiting for the cheque to arrive. Signed up for another study at ECC. This one's into sensitive teeth...of which I know I have two. They blow air into the mouth so see how you react...nearly hit the guy at one point....! Wow, didn't realise they were quite that bad....! One is next to the tooth that I had crowned (cos my dentist kept having to replace the filling, which I liked to break so the filling got larger and larger until finally I gave in and got the damn thing crowned...since then it's been great). All I have to do for this study is brush my teeth twice a day (which I do anyway) with Crest (they provide) and new toothbrush (they provide) and go in and see them a few times. For that they pay $200. Easy money. :-)


Still keen on being a pumpkin but did notice that Party City have a cute red devil's costume. Gotta go down there with Sharon so she can suitably "costume" me up. Think she's using me as her little pet project on this one but might be worth it....Freds are giving away free dance lessons and I could certainly use some of those. Got another couple of weeks to worry about it so we shall see.....


I didn't hear back from the company with the "10 minute interview" but not particularly upset by that. Got an email from someone that "found me on the Internet" recruiting for a job board. Seems genuine...and it's definitely not one of those stupid scams where you have to pay money and then get screwed. Signed up cos it'll give me something to do while I'm looking for a real job...if it works out then nothing lost...and if it doesn't, no big deal. Actually got a sale already so quite chirpy about that. They have training this week so gonna see how that goes. Spent the week rummaging through job for me, and names of people to contact about this.

Think that's about it....not gonna write about the jerk that found me online this week. He knows who he is.....twat!!!!


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