Saturday, November 29, 2003

Partial Diagnosis

Took my "holiday snaps" of my neck into the chiro this morning. Discs look ok but he did notice something. Completely forgotten what the term was that he used but basically I have no curve in my cervical spine....dead straight. Looked at the photos and can see what he means. :-( What we don't know is whether this is caused from the muscle spasms (ie aftermath of the car accident) or whether, like my lumbar spine issues, I've had this since birth. Either way, it's not good cos, as he put it, the spine needs to curve to support the head and get all that good physics stuff to work. Hmmmmmmmm.........

Oh yeah, and I woke up with a stinking cold this morning. Can't stop sneezing. YUK!!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2003


Insurance company phoned me yesterday to ask how I was doing. Not because they were particuarly interested in my health but because they've noticed that my symptoms don't seem to be getting better! Now they want me to go and see a chiropractor of their choosing. Guess a third opinion doesn't really hurt but hope they send me to someone that agrees with my current chiropractor......told me they'll send my case to their "vendor" who will contact me with the details of the chosen doc and appointment time. Hmmm....their use of the word vendor was "interesting"!!!!! Called my chiro and he told me to let him know when I know who I have to go and see...if it's someone he doesn't get on with, we'll ask for someone else....yayyyy. :-)

And I probably shouldn't have done this today but I looked up EMG online. Found this: Went to the FAQs page and now wish I hadn't! Reading other people's opinions about the painfulness of the exam has totally made my stomach churn. Think I'm gonna call the neurosurgeon next week and see if I really have to go....maybe he can tell enough from the MRI? I am not good with needles (the result of having drips shoved into my arms many years ago....I still have scars (mental and physical) from the experience) and the thought of having lots of needles in me is more than I can cope with. :-(

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Damn Banks!!!

Well, one in particular. Had an interview this morning with the Bank that messed me around nearly two years ago...offered me the job (twice) and then HR kicked in, telling me I was illegal and they wouldn't touch me (excuse number one), they'd found someone internally (excuse number two) and that they weren't recruiting anyone externally (excuse number three)....all of which were total lies. Anyway, here we are again....not sure when he'll be able to hire people cos of the merger with Household Bank (layoffs) but he hoped to be able to call me back in a couple of weeks with some good news. Yeah, right...been there, done that. It would be nice...if only cos the guy was cute (mmmmm)....but married (booooo). So....just gotta wait, I guess. Seemed to go OK though...apparently this guy is prone to kicking people out after about 10 minutes if he doesn't like them...I was in there for over an hour so that's probably a good sign......

Anyway, Happy to make banana cake or something with my left over mushy bananas..... :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Well I guess I'm not totally claustrophic as I managed to survive my first MRI but it wasn't particularly pleasant.

The machine looked so much bigger from outside the room than when I was lying inside it staring at the "roof" just inches from my nose. To give you an idea of size, lie down and pull your arms close to you. The edges of the tube were just about at my elbows to stop me going anywhere. Now draw a semi-circle round above your body. That's it...all the space you get. Looking down my body I couldn't see out the end....freaky really.

The technician was very nice about it all...I had headphones so she could play music to me (I requested anything but Christmas carols cos I'm sick of them already) and talk me through what she was doing....and I was able to talk to her as well while I was in there...not that I was particularly full of witty repartee...think the most I could come up with was "OK" and "uhuh"! She had to take about 5 or 6 different pictures. Each one involved holding still, remembering not to swallow or cough (cos they were looking at my neck) and breathing normally (yeah right...I'm sure my heart was racing most of the time) for about 2 to 2.5 minutes while a very loud "buzzing" of the magnetic rays (I think that's what they are) was "pushed" through me. Each picture had a different sound to it...guess that was things going in different directions?

On about the fourth picture, I wanted to tap my feet to the music playing (can't remember what the song was). Then the thought of my feet sticking outside the tube, tapping up and down, made me want to giggle....all very surreal really. Had a moment of near panic when the music stopped for a few moments and everything went totally quiet....luckily she'd only gone to change the radio station but I started thinking "what happens if there's an emergency and something's happened to her and I can't get out"'s amazing how I can make myself panic about really unlikely stuff! I had a panic button to hold..."push this if it gets too much for you and we can stop". I got close to it but restrained myself.

We did good though...all the pictures were perfect first time so no retakes needed. Thank goodness for that - you can have enough of a good thing!!!! Guess I was actually in the machine for about 30 minutes and that was way long enough. I wish I could say I'm never doing that again but I have to have the lower spine done so gotta go through the ordeal once more :-( I'll be further in but not far enough in to come out the other side (the tube's about 5' long)....yukkkkkkkkk. There was something consoling about knowing that part of me was out in the open and I'm not sure how I feel about being totally enclosed. She did say that I might be able to see the other end next time...that would be nice....I wouldn't feel so bad if my head were free...why don't they make those tubes a little least a nice transparent top would help instead of that awful white with the blue stripe!

What I didn't expect was going in fully clothed. I thought they'd make me wear one of those sexy white gowns that cover absolutely nothing. But no, all I had to do was remove my bra (in case of underwiring), glasses and watch (which I don't wear anyway). Took my boots off as well cos they were wet from the snow...and went in wearing my thick wooly sweater, t-shirt and jogging bottoms. The last picture was the worst....they had to take one that blocked fluid so the machine was vibrating like mad and it got so hot in there I was regretting keeping the sweater on. Plus I wear two of them kept vibrating with every another panicy moment I had visions of rays flying around inside the machine setting fire to me.....Claustrophic? Probably not. Over-active imagination...definitely!!!

Have to say the results were amazing. I've never seen MRI pictures before and she showed me, on screen, what they could do with them. Quite fantastic seeing my spine from all different angles - from the side, the back and then as if it had been cut horizontally through the different vertebrae. Absolutely no idea what any of it meant but it looked very pretty. Came home with a bundle of film that I've been staring at. To my untrained eye it all looks OK but I should probably wait for a medical opinion! Been a bit shaky since I got in...not sure if that's after-effects of being vibrated so much or just nerves...either way, I'm more than ready for bed....nice safe bed with no top to it and no loud buzzing...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Monday, November 24, 2003

It appears that herniated disks are actually worth a lot of money....about $300,000 potentially......

Saturday, November 22, 2003


Oh, I forgot to mention, one good thing I did find out from the neurosurgeon was that my blood pressure is perfect. Yayyyyyyy :-)

So...last night...Harvest Dance...bring a dish and get free entry (the edible type of, not going there). An "interesting" evening. Kim and Eva turned up....guess he's running out of dance studios in the area! Know him from AM...which he left a while before me. Then he wandered over to another dance studio cos he was going out with the owner. He two-timed her and she told him to take a hike. Not seen him for a while but there he was. Should tell Robin (who used to go out with him before he two-timed her...get the idea here???)....but, if I do, she'll probably never go back there again.

Also seems apparent that Ron is no longer with his dance partner.....can't say I have any great feelings one way or the other...although it did mean he asked me to dance...twice!!! They would never dance with other people so maybe there is some benefit from this? He's weird though...always looks so grubby, bit like something out of the 70's....Sherri had some stories about him in his teaching days (yet another studio)...something about hitting someone.....who knows is there's any truth in it?

Found out Yelena likes samosas.....just thought I'd throw that one in.

Nearly yelled at Chris about something as I was leaving but decided I just couldn't be bothered. Probably went straight over his head anyway. And the cute one was very cute and adorable...mmmmmmm :-) Was sitting on the floor changing my shoes and stuff at the end and he comes over, sits down next to me, puts his arms round me and tells me how I'm his favourite dance partner. Of course he was all sweaty and not so desirable at the time but then I probably was a little overheated. Wanted to snog him right there and then but Yelena appeared and starts talking about something...totally ruined the moment...damn her!!!! :-( I'm trying to be patient but this (him, I mean) is taking far too day I'm just gonna have to do something...and probably totally humiliate myself.....

Other than that....hmmm...lemme think....oh yeah, Pat stood on my foot. OUCH. And the people that went to last competition put on a little showcase. Sometimes I wonder why some of them bother...I danced with one of them and he was so awful it was painful....yet they go off and win things....very peculiar!

Those were probably the highlights of the evening. Too much food...most of which was full of sugar so didn't appeal to me. Holiday party in a couple of weeks....haven't decided if I'm going yet or not, although I usually do so I probably will.....

Friday, November 21, 2003

A funny thing happened on the way to yoga....

...well, not so funny...more weird really.

First, I managed to get my shoelace so knotted up that I couldn't get my shoe off :-( So I had to get out my trusted penknife and slash the lace in half.

Then, we were doing our little rota of wait at the door til the next person comes. Except some woman decided that was too complicated for her and didn't bother to wait. So about 7.10 we realised that Tony, the instructor, wasn't there. Wandered back to the Institute to find that he had turned up, couldn't get in, so had moved the class back over there. So traipsed back to the Temple (where the class normally lives) packed up our stuff and wandered back again. Missed half an hour of the class and ended up squashed in a little room. Then I got "attacked" by a ladybird which decided to fall from the ceiling onto me as we were lying on our backs twisting from side to side. Wot an evening!!!!!!

Plus went to the neurosurgeon yesterday. Was there for hours while he poked my arms and legs with sharp implements.....making my hands tingly. Turns out my reflexes on my left leg are not what they should be....and there are some issues with the nerves from my neck. So I have to go for TWO (yes TWO) MRI scans....YUKKKKKKKKKKKK...and an ENG...where they stick needles in my arms and neck and monitor the nerves pulses. Accordingly to him "it's not fun but you'll survive". GREAT. Just hope the insurance will pay for all this cos each one costs about $1000. Anyway, off to see a lawyer on Monday in the hope that we can stop the insurance company from closing the, fun, fun... not :-(

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

What's More Exciting....?

The fact that I've just got my hair cut and it's all bouncy and lovely or the fact that I'm apparently a high-suicide risk?

We'll start with the hair cos that's more cheery....took nearly 2 I really have that much hair? Guess so! Can't actually remember last time it was cut cos last time I was trying to get it cut I ended up in a car we're talking a long long time ago! Anyway, all those nasty bleached ends (from the sun) are now removed and it looks even bouncier than usual. poor woman was going mad drying it (it tends to retain water cos it's healthy...which is good but irritating to other people!). According to her I am now a really pretty mahogany color (all natural) with tinges of red and other stuff. looks lovely and that's all that matters.

As for suicide....well I suspected that (long story, not for now)....but now it's sort of official. Studies indicate that those people that are predominant left-nostril breathers (me, me) are more likely to kill themselves. That cheery subject came up in yoga last night as we were doing our alternate nostril breathing. I've never been able to breath properly through the right nostril (with the other one closed) and assumed it was cos I was just bunged up or cos it was evening (nostril dominance changes throughout the day....actually it's quite fascinating when you get into it)...but I've tried at other times and always have the same problem. Has implications throughout the body.....including the brain with presumably the aforementioned mental repercussions. Sort of ties in with the theory about me being a manic depressive...damn, hate it when Rob's right about stuff!!!! So there you have it....if I go silent on here for a long time, better come round and see if you can find the least the hair will be looking good!

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Laundry Witch Strikes Again

Come on, this is ridiculous. I washed my stuff and then went to put it in the dryer...only to find....someone else's DAMP laundry sitting there. Took it out and left it on top of the machine. This is so damn selfish and I am sick of it. This washing must have been sitting there since yesterday cos I didn't hear or see anyone going down there this morning. Well, if you want your clothes to rot, fine. Ssssssssss......

Anyway, went to see the Matrix yesterday. Hmmmm. Not good. Loved the first one, can probably repeat most of it I've seen it SO many times. Matrix 2 - very good.....need to see it a few more times to get myself up to speed on all the dialogue but still fabulous. Matrix 3....disappointing. I don't need to see Keanu snogging Trinity quite that many times. And there was no deep meaningful stuff...other than repeating a few times "everything with a beginning has an end". Effects were cool. Not enough Morpheus (wot a gorgeous voice he has). Too much of an action movie with special that commercialism or did the Brothers just run out of cool material? Oh well....just gotta wait now for LOTR to come out.... :-)

Saturday, November 15, 2003

New Loo Seat....

...only took them two months to get round to doing it...and only took them about two minutes to do it! Promised to be good and not sit on top of it when I'm doing my make-up :-) Did get a chance to see Dave's near haircut.....very short....he had longer hair than me but, and I don't know why...could have asked I s'pose.....just got it all cut time for the winter...hmmmm...bit backward but never mind...looks good......

Thursday, November 13, 2003


Now that's what I call a storm! Of course it hit just as I was driving home last night so I couldn't enjoy it totally. Not sure I've ever seen such amazing lightening.....great bursts lighting up they whole sky in the most gorgeous pinky purple colors. Spectacular. Much better than that Issie thing we had earlier in the year.....well, for visual interest anyway. Not so keen on the water lying on the road........or thos damn SUV drivers that think kicking spray over my little tiny car is fun :-(

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Neglected :-(

Spent the week thinking I should write something but just couldn't get motivated. Nothing exciting at all has happened. Had a call from a former co-worker telling me one of the major banks (where he currently works) is looking to recruit external marketing people for a new division. Sent my resume and...not even a day later...he emails me to say they're only recruiting internally. Now, this is the same bank that totally screwed with my little mind about 2 years ago so...surprised? Not at all. How they survive is beyond me. Oh well, work out what you're doing and let me know cos there's no way I'm gonna through that crap again.

And....hmmm...thinking of stuff....well GG and I are still working on our little web-site venture. Not sure it'll rock the world but, with some changes from the original idea, there could be some interest. Been keeping my brain occupied anyway. So guess that's a good thing.....I can be very dangerous if my brain has nothing to do.....gets me into trouble!

Been doing my "chiropractor" exercises but not sure it's working. Woke up Tuesday with the most amazing sciatica in my ankle. Tried to curl and stuff but the pain was so much there were tears...and the chiro's name was less than mud...which I told him nicely yesterday. :-) Still thinking he wants to send me for a scan but he admitted there's no point at the moment...either I have a herniated disc or an inflammation and, either way, the treatment's the same. It's only irritating the time I'm up and dressed the pain has gone, just gotta live with waking up and screaming a bit....and as I sit here and write this, I can feel my foot twinging.....guess that's probably a revenge thing or something???

Got asked to change yoga classes...from Tues to Weds....which wasn't really a big deal but it's with Tony, who I've had a couple of classes with before and didn't really like. So went off there on Weds and remembered why. Spent virtually the whole class bending forward so we could do three...yes ONLY three...sun salutations. Janice had us doing 10 to 12 every week so what's his problem? Hmmmm....

Ok.....gotta go...dinner's cooked and I'm starving. Check out the lunar eclipse later..... :-)

Monday, November 03, 2003

All Pumpkined Out!!!!

Thursday went to carve pumpkins at the annual Greybird carving event. It was interesting.....for the first half hour or so I was wondering if I was in some sort of surreal dream...and was hoping I would soon wake from it! Within 5 minutes of being there some woman, who'd I'd never seen before, announced she'd just had a I'm interested? And then there was some discussion about menstrual cramps and the like. Firstly, I am pleased to say, I never get cramps...wooohoooo!!! Secondly, if we're talking about screwed up periods, I can probably beat most people for stories....from missing them for months on end (due to no apparent reason sometimes and other times purely cos of stress) to having been admitted to hospital on more than one occassion so I could be refilled with blood and have tubes shoved down my throat (weird story that....was out cold and they decided to take advantage of the fact and have a little look inside) cos I'd lost so much.....none of which I chose to share. Anyway, couple of whiskeys and some food later (good food BTW) and "normality" seemed to return...if you can call normal sitting on the floor sticking a knife in a round orange thing.......

Friday...short red dress, fishnets, horns, tails, pitchfork! Cute....good party. Chris had an inflatable Elvis costume....interesting dancing with him, couldn't work out what was him/what was costume! Yelena was a dog fairy....errrr.....ok.....think she'd had too much caffeine! Some great costumes. Lotsa dancing. Not too much candy. And I got a photo of the cute one....heeee heeeee!