Monday, March 29, 2004


...standing behind a guy in Wegmans who didn't know that his cabbage was Savoy, insisted it wasn't oriental and that it cost $0.49 per pound. Was doing my best not to snigger but the guy operating the checkout caught me.......we had a good laugh once he'd finished calling the manager to identify the aforementioned cabbage.

Turning up for yoga this evening.

MG: You're not meant to be here.

Me: I'm not? Where am I meant to be?

MG: K (instructor) told me you weren't coming.

Me: Really? Who told her that?

MG: You!

Me: I did?

MG: You must have done.

Light bulb illuminates my frazzled brain.

Me: Oh yeah, I was meant to go to NJ this week but the meeting got postponed so I didn't go. But I don't remember telling K that.

Later that same evening.....

Me: Did I tell you I wasn't coming this week?

K: I couldn't remember but I had a feeling that you might not be here.

Me: So weird cos I wasn't meant to be here but I don't remember telling you.

K: No I wasn't sure that you had....

How peculiar!!!!


Three emails from Mexican, complimenting me on my Spanish (tenga un gran fin de semana....look it up....trying to resurrect the language and that was slightly more impressive than "donde de es usted?"......especially as I already know the answer!) and inviting me to Mexico City, telling me I was welcome to stay at his house if I ever did visit and that he would show me around. Included a photo of him from South Africa with a cute....the creature, not the Mexican....errr....well maybe both..... ;-) Decided that would be my challenge for this year.....speak Spanish. Not just because of him although he did sort of spur me on. More cos I wanna go to Latin America (my boss asked if I'd like to work there...not sure I'm ready for that but definitely visiting rights would be kinda cool...and I have more chance of learning Spanish than Portuguese) and cos in a few years us English-speakers will be the minority in the good ol' US of A.

Chris thought it was funny that I've taken a shine to Mexicans...especially cos he was teasing me that they're all short...yeah, so how come the only two I've met that live in the country are both 6-footers???? Huh, answer me that then!!!!!!


Rob's off to the psychic this weekend. Told me to send him some photos and he'll see if she says anything about me. Hmmm. Freaked me out initially....not been to one for years (just before I moved to Buffalo when I wouldn't let them read my palm...she told me she saw changes in my life and I'd decided that possibly there were some changes but I wanted to make them on my own)......also wasn't sure if I trust him enough that I could believe he would tell me the truth about what she says. Then curiosity got the better of me. So I dug out a few and mailed them to him. We shall see.......


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