Saturday, March 27, 2004

Long time, no Blog!

Remember me?

So tired after all my travels that I just decided to take a little break from here. Not that I've not had anything to say but I've not had the energy. But now I've been home for two weeks with not a plane in sight and I feel much better! Was meant to go to NJ again next week but the meeting got postponed (good cos it clashed with three other meetings). While I'm on that subject, I've noticed that the bank is meeting mad. There are meetings like all the time. It's amazing how anything actually gets done. Just to give u some idea, in a typical week I have:

- meetings with my direct reports (3)
- meetings with boss (1 scheduled, however many ad hoc....and he can talk a LOT!)
- 1 meeting per week on a specific project (every Tuesday morning)
- meetings for our website migration (too numerous to count but I'm sure there are 3 regular plus all the others that we need to have to calm down my counterpart on the Personal's just a WEBSITE, it's not brain surgery, so a page may be moved across incorrectly, don't panic about it...and will u please stop shouting!!!)
- every two weeks we meet with my boss's boss and my boss has a direct reports we have full team meetings every month
- throw on top of that the following (for the coming week): full day meeting with one of our vendors, conference call with a research analyst, meeting with another vendor to pick his brain, meeting with another department to find out what they can do for us......

And that's before I actually get into work on Monday and find other people want to talk to me.


I wouldn't mind but I had three meetings last week all scheduled at the same time! Tried to get out of one of them but was told it would be useful if I went. 1.5 hours and it was totally NOT useful (although highly amusing hearing how much money they'd spent last year compared to the sales program has a cost of sale in excess of $8,000!!!!!!!!!!!!). Then I started the next meeting (with one of my reports in NJ) pulled out of that cos the Head of the Department wanted me on another call...which was relevant for about 10 minutes.

I cannot cope with this.

People feel the need to discuss and debate too much. They've now got into the habit of having pre-meetings prior to the actual we can rehearse what we're going to say. What are we? 3-year olds? I may behave like one at times but I can be good if I have to be.

Just had to get that out my system.

Now onto the fun stuff.....

New Car......!!!!!! :-)

After faffing around for ages...basically I wasn't here so I didn't do anything....I changed the car. Picked the new one up last night. Blue Elantra GT. Was very sad letting my little red baby go but the drive in this one is so nice it's making up for it. The engine has this growl that is so it! Clutch is "soft"...don't know how else to describe it. This car keeps getting described as "european" and I couldn't work out what they meant til I drove it......but now I know. Independent suspension and things just make it feel different to a lot of the cars I've driven here. And, I've not seen many others...which is nice, like to be different. Comes fully loaded with pretty much everything. And it's got that nice new car smell....mmmmmm......Sharon was in it last night, definitely liked it. Not that it looks much, but I'll be inside it so who cares?

Sprung into Spring

Danced last night. Had to wear Springy colors so went in baby blue t-shirt and flowery skirt. Ron got a few gropes in. Can't make him out....not totally sure what he's after....but he's not getting it! LOL Cute guy was suffering with the remains of a cold so he wasn't a happy bunny. Pat performed (this is the new thing, someone dances at each party). She had her fan club in. Looked pretty good. Sharon came "back"....her first party in 8 months, she said. There were a lot of people there that haven't been around for a while...which was good. Got a lot of dances...with people that can dance...yayyyyy. Only problem was it was so hot in there. There's another dance tonight and then USABDA on Friday. May go just to see if there's anyone new. Was talking to Joe and he mentioned there were a few new people...."anyone under 40 and taller than me?"....errrrrr....hmmm, guess not..... :-(


Went to the Spring into Meditation workshop on St Patrick's Day. That was really nice. We all had our own little candle to meditate with and then we had cakes and tea afterwards. Plus MG bought out a load of shawls at the end and told us to help ourselves! So I got a black and white one. Not bad for something that was free!!!!!!! Had a long chat with a woman, who's name totally escapes me, about selling her house. Was all very nice and such a good use of a Sunday....would probably have just slept otherwise.

Been going to the Yoga 3 class as well. That's been small. There were 5 people signed up. Last week, two of us showed so we got individual attention. Unfornately that involved doing something very silly.....we had to stand on our hands with our legs out perpendicular to our torsos and our feet against the wall. Try it, it's a nightmare. Not sure I liked that. Tried to do it at home the other evening and couldn't! Everything ached the next day.

Think that's it. All up to date now. Oh, other than the cute Mexican got back from South Africa this week and sent me the sweetest email yesterday. He'd written in English and I could tell he was really trying to write "properly". The language wasn't perfect but the whole thing was totally adorable. Mmmmmm. :-)


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