Sunday, April 25, 2004

Blogging from the West Coast

Out in very sunny Vancouver. Pretty. Lots of water and some very tall buildings. Actually the buildings looked a bit of a mess as we drove in from the airport. Then, walking around earlier, I found out that's cos a few of them are still being built....waterfront properties. Dread to think how much they're going for!

Luckily the flight was a LOT better than the eventful journey to New Jersey. Only minor hiccup was when the driver dropped me at Terminal 2 (Toronto) only for me to find that I was leaving from Terminal 1....fantastic!!! Luckily there was a shuttle bus to take me round. I'm not sure if I was meant to pay but I "slipped" in through the back door dragging my far-too-heavy case and plonked myself down.....have a feeling that was not the thing to do but I was gonna claim ignorance being a Brit in a strange country!!!!! And on that into Canada without giving up my I-94....yayyyy. That should make it easier getting back in to the US.

Joe, my driver, was telling me about some guy that he had to drive from the Hyatt in Buff to Toronto. They got to the Peace Bridge and the guy remembers that he left his passport and wallet in the hotel. This was as they reached Canadian customs. Of course he couldn't get into Canada but, instead, had to fill out a long form that took about 40 minutes. Then they were allowed to turn round and head back to the US side....only problem was that then he couldn't enter the US!!!! Another long form followed. Then Joe decided that he would take the guy's room key (which he'd forgotten to hand get the idea about this jerk, don't you!)....and drive back to the Hyatt. He gets there and the maid is cleaning the room. Luckily she hadn't got as far as moving the wallet so Joe grabs it and heads back to the Peace Bridge, rescues the guy and then go back to Canadian customs...where they're met by the same woman they had the first time around.

Hearing stories like that makes me feel so much better. I may do stupid things like forgetting to take deodorant with me but at least I ALWAYS remember my passport and wallet...after all, if you've got those you can travel anywhere and buy whatever you forget....

Anyway, now my back hurts (blame the suitcase) and I'm still on Buffalo time so I think I might head to bed....a very lovely kingsize that's been turned down for me. Four Seasons in case you were curious. Very nice but I'm gonna have to call them in the morning and ask for a coffee maker....although I do have the mini-bar to keep me company til then!

Bon Nuit!


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