Saturday, July 31, 2004

Back from NYC

Came back with bronchitis or something pretty close to it. Guess it's from the extreme humidity coupled with AC.....all clammy and coughy....including the lovely green stuff. YUK.

It was a good week that aside. I miss that place.....

Monday, July 26, 2004

Off to NYC this evening....back Friday.

Ciao  xx

Weekend's Over....

Dammit!  It ended with a bang.  LOL.  See, when I'm bad, I'm very bad.  Guy from Olean.  Best not to ask for details, I might just have to brag.  At least I should sleep well tonight....

Mmmmmmmmmm  :-)

Sunday, July 25, 2004


I found me a cute Chilean (Cuban leaving so gotta replace him with some other Latino!!!).    I should add that this Latino fascination is very recent and it's purely for language practice you have to understand  ;-)

Anyway, he turned up at the fiesta yesterday.  Karen, also in my class, thinks he's totally hot (as she told me as soon as he walked in).  I wasn't THAT impressed but he does have the cutest puppy dog eyes and gorgeously soft skin.  Plus he does have that incredibly firm body of youth (sigh, he's bound to be far too young....I didn't have the courage to ask!).  Anyway, I was telling her to make a move on him but she gave me the "I'm married, how can I?" response and just kept looking lustfully at him.  So....after she left....I did!  LOL   Actually, it wasn't that hard, I wandered out into the sunshine and he came after me......and then it gets naughty so we'll stop here.......

There are some photos (although not digital so I've yet to see them and probably won't for a while)...might post one if I ever get hold of gotta see his butt....mmmmmmmm....



Saturday, July 24, 2004


Cuban returns to NYC next weekend so today (in about 9 minutes but I'll be fashionably late), we're having a goodbye party.   Sob.  :-(  It's Pot Luck, alcohol provided, something Spanish/Latin American so I've made ensalata de patatas (potato salad) but it is a Spanish recipe so that's ok!

But before that....went to Wegmans last night on the way home.  Remembered everything apart from the toilet paper.....shit (well, maybe not!).....gotta run.....out and buy some, I mean.....


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

It's Definitely in the Stars

Really didn't fancy hauling myself to work...especially cos my horoscope said this was a day to stay in bed....and then it added a comment about playing hookie with a sweetie.  Errr...mmmmm....that would be nice.  Ignored it and went it.  Wish I hadn't.  Got landed with organising a research session for six (or more) customers in Manhattan next week with no notice, nowhere to hold it and little in the way of useful help.  Fantastic.  By the time I left, I had at least found somewhere, found a guy to film the whole thing for us and gathered a prospect list.  All that remains is to get someone (me, no way) to call all these people, find some who will participate and then book them in.  Oh, and book a flight and hotel and get Rob to come and play with me while I'm down there (hey, gotta get some perks out of this!!!!!). 

And to add to the joy, the woman who's about to go on maternity leave and is the reason I've "lost" one of my people isn't coming back til December, having sworn it would be October.  So, add in the holidays and you might as well make that next year.  And, of course, by then we'll be split up and back in the business (strong likelihood) so that person might never return to me.....but, of course, noone has the decency to actually admit that......

Rushed home hot and irritated to change for a lesson with Armando (Fred's franchisee for part of the Eastern Region ....not sure which part but he's from Florida).  I remember you.  Yeah, course you do. Last time we met you stared at my boobs (blatantly enough that Yelena noticed your "interest").  Did make up for it by telling me how talented I am....mmmm   :-)  But then spoiled it by making comments about how I must like aggresive men.  Errrr......move along now please, you've seen enough.  Then made up for THAT by telling me I looked fabulous.  You may dance nicely but you're too short and, if memory serves correct, MARRIED.  Get a grip!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2004

I Can't Wait!!!
Feel like you've got all the answers? Good, because everyone around you is starting to ask questions. Nothing personal -- they just want to partake of your good judgment and sound reason. Hold court and help out as the week begins -- you're a natural leader and a benevolent guide. You'll have questions of your own come midweek, as you're overwhelmed by dozens of niggling details and pesky projects. Try to do nothing at all if you can get away with it, because these problems will resolve themselves. Friday and Saturday night should be renamed 'You Are Incredibly Hot Night' and 'You Are Still Incredibly Hot Night,' respectively.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

It's Good to be Bad
And I don't care who says otherwise!  :-)

Friday, July 16, 2004

My Cards
I'm not telling you what the question was/is but this is the answer.....

(1)Self: King of Cups
The King brings order to the relationship realm. Others feel safe and calm in his presence.The Self card is all about you -- your needs, feelings and motivations -- as you approach a new relationship. The King of Cups symbolizes the bestowing of blessings that serve like a refuge for your heart -- a lap of stability and support. A powerful, quiet presence brings a reassuring sense of order and peace to a coming relationship. The King energy makes it easier to feel optimistic, to have faith in reliable support, and to express your feelings with confidence to your future partner. The King of Cups is the archetype of the strong, kind, and loving father figure. This is a powerful energy that you can call up from within yourself and depend on when the need arises.
(2)The Loved One: Seven of Cups
Try to keep your idealization of a loved one in proportion to who that person really is.The card in the Loved One position refers specifically to the next person you are going to be intimately involved with -- or it is pointing to the power of some archetypal energy you need to relate to within yourself in order to find love. With the Seven of Cups in this position, you need to be careful not to burden a forthcoming relationship with too much projection, as if absolutely everything would become newly possible with this person by your side. Many people believe that meeting that right person means that all their needs will be met, almost magically. And, so they wait and wait for the 'right' person -- in a stupor of perfectionism. If you can find a warm and understanding fit in a few good ways, that may be a better basis for relationship in the long run. Dream of being together in such a way that you support each other's best selves. Why distract the focus of the union with a preconceived set of ideas you thought up long before this promising person crossed your path? Discover the other in his or her reality. Then spin your dreams for the relationship together -- in the present moment -- and they will have more of a chance of coming true in the future.

(3)Situation: Death
Let go and make the adjustments required for dealing with a new set of circumstances. This moment will reveal what is essential to you and the partner you desire so you can let go of the rest.The Situation position reflects current circumstances and the social setting. The Death card in this position implies that a force of nature or a change in authority may be cutting off access to the old order and the established way of doing things. Both you and your potential romantic partner might be wise to respond to this definitive change. Try adapting your lifestyle to fit in with the turnabout. While neither of you may be in control of the outer flow of events, you can both develop a way of gracefully responding to them. It is time to make room for a future you might not have consciously chosen. As with the changing seasons, the transition is no one's fault. Yet it still needs to be faced with a courageous willingness to let go. Look forward with optimism because you will be on totally fresh ground once this period of adjustment is complete

(4)Advice: The Lovers
Creative compromise helps you accept your relationship commitments fully.The card in the Advice position offers guidance regarding the way you relate. The Lovers card in this position advises that you study your options and make the wiser choice. Carefully consider your best long-term interests. If you are self-aware and willing to be reciprocal, you will likely be able to arrive at a relationship that supports your intimacy needs while still leaving room for your autonomy. You must be honest with yourselves about these issues. Be willing to compromise with the one you want. When you reach the point where your head and your heart agree, you will be able to act with conviction and stick to the commitments you finally make.
(5)Potential: Queen of Cups
Caring for and developing your spiritual connection may yield long-term benefits in a forthcoming relationship.The card in the Potential position gives a a clue regarding a relationship's long-term possibilities. This is not cast in concrete. If indications are less than desirable, you can change directions by exercising skillful decision-making and good timing. The Queen of Cups in this position indicates that you may underestimate how gifted you are in the realms of intuition and empathy. You may have tremendous potential to serve in a relationship if you cultivate your talent and take it seriously.Perfect your skillful means of practicing communication, intuition and empathy with a possible romantic partner. Such cultivation requires considerable self-discipline, especially when undertaken creatively and artistically. Start now so your talent and skills will be well honed in a few years. Your long-term relationship goals may benefit as a result.

Very Cool!

The Falls...last Wednesday.... Posted by Hello
I now have image capability....wooohooo!!!!!
Day off today...danced...and added photos (though not the incriminating ones).  Life goes on....though sometimes I wonder why.  :-(

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Two in One Day?!

It must be an important day!!!! Actually it's a blog about a boy...another....ho hum. That being good thing really went out the window, didn't it? Must have happened while I was closing it earlier to put on the A/C. It's gotta be the heat. Frisky as hell. Went for a long walk to "cool" off. Didn't work. So went round to "he who shall remain nameless" and got rid of the itch.



Word to the Canadian...get yer act together mister. I'm not waiting another two years. He'll understand that. Noone else will but who cares. It's my blog and I'll blog if I want to.

Word to MM....who needs ya!

Just been one of those days, I guess...

Fun in the Sun

So I blew off work the other day to meet JM up at the Falls. Had to be the hottest/most humid day of the week but it was nice with the breeze off the river. After we did the typical touristy bit and stared at the Falls...and laughed at the Park Rangers (what purpose do they serve really?)....we headed into Niagara Falls itself to find somewhere to drink. He was telling me about the places he used to drink when he was a student (many years ago) and we did actually manage to find a couple of them. It was like a trip back in time. Forgot how run down that "city" is now. The food was good though. And cheap. Plus the beer was cold, which I guess was good! Company was much so we managed to shock a couple of tourists. LOL! And I was being such a good girl.....


Thursday, July 08, 2004

I Love Fireworks and I quite like Snake's

(yes that apostrophe should be there)

More later....ciao xx

Sunday, July 04, 2004

4th of July Again

It's a year since the last one! No surprises there. And the weather is the same as it was last year, i.e., too hot and humid for me...although I seem to be the only that thinks like this judging by the hoards of people outside. A little cooler please. TG I have my A/C unit's on full blast. Decided there's no real good reason to go out: I have the four basic food groups (steak, chocolate, alcohol and nicotine), plenty of movies on TV and not a child in sight. Mmmmmmmmm

But, I did get to see Fahrenheit 9/11 - went after my Spanish class yesterday so that I could actually manage to get a seat. Funny. Or at least it would be if it wasn't so true. Interesting to see people's reaction...."really, I never knew that".....hmmmmm...maybe it's because I watch a lot of overseas news coverage (mainly the BBC) but there wasn't that much in there that was new...but it was interesting to see how, when you put it all together, you can make 1+1=3. Was talking to Rob about it last night - actually I mentioned it, put him on speaker-phone and then wandered off - he is such a fan of Bush, refuses to hear against him. When the war started we were constantly arguing about it's validity.

On a different note, cos I lost my train of thought...I need to book a flight to Mexico. I have to do something exciting while I still have an invite from my "tour guide", who is very happy as he got two more staff. He sat in on a call with "the rest of the world", including me, the other day. I managed to stagger to work for the 8am start...he stayed in bed and took it from there...damn those Mexicans! LOL

Apparently it's raining in London. Probably would have known that if I'd watched Wimbledon...I forgot. Oh well. Parents are back from Prague. Had an amazing time. First time in four years they've actually been away. That's a long time. Couldn't cope with that. Of course, it's just rekindled the travel bug in me. Think it's getting close to moving time again...