Saturday, September 18, 2004

Poison Ivy

Sharon has posion ivy....from trying to pull up a "weed" in her garden. Not pleasant. Meant she couldn't come to the dance last night. However, we did manage to get tickets for Change Partners at the end of the month. That was a challenge as it's almost totally sold out. Guess that was my fault for being out of town when she called me to tell me about it. Anyway, we have the tickets now so it doesn't matter.

Dance was good last night. Hardly any of us there. I think that was because USABDA also had one...something about it being National Ballroom week and them trying to get new members. Had a lesson as well as the party so must have danced for about 3 hours yesterday. Was dripping by the time I got I seemed to have screwed up my right hamstring. Not sure how other than it keeps giving out on me. My body is just falling apart!!!!!

Worked out we have time for about 3 lessons before the showcase. Hmmmm....that's not really enough as we've yet to finish the routine and we're still not sure what music we're using! It was choreographed to "As If" but now I'm quite into "Amor" and then there was another Cha Cha we found yesterday that it works pretty well with. Well, I guess there's no chance of us getting stale......

Meanwhile, back in the land of reality, Hano has gone MIA. Not seen him since yesterday morning and it's Chilean Independence Day so I can't even wish him happiness :-( Had to make do with Carlos (Spanish teacher, not the one below)....who was concerned that he, Hano, is working too much. That he tell him cos he won't listen to me! Oh well, off to rescue the dinner......


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