Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Have to decide whether or not to paint my house. In reality that means, do I have enough money to pay for someone else to do it for me. Given the crappy exchange rate (about 1.8), I am suffering a little. Can just about cope with rent AND mortgage. Add the cost of a decorator to that and it's gonna be tough. What I could really do with right now is a plummet in the Sterling/Dollar rate and then life would be so much better. Have you ever noticed that the rates are only favourable when they don't affect you? The second you're interested in them they move the wrong way.....there must be a theory about that? If not, I shall create one. And name it after me of course....
Hano's having a nervous breakdown...or something. Poor thing was threatening to run away last week. Sounded like too much pressure (work, studying, people). Not sure what to do about it. Saw him Thursday, totally by accident...I went to see Carlos for a discussion about the situtation (involving alcohol) and he turned up....I'm guessing he went to see him about the same thing. Funny really. Sad as well...he (Hano) looked so totally exhausted. I know something's not right cos we were talking about him taking his English exam (so he can apply for a PhD) and he said he wasn't even sure he wanted to....which is the one thing he's always been so sure about. I'm guessing trying to do all of that and cope with a full-time job doesn't really leave him any time for himself....after a while anyone would probably crack.
I'd like to have a magic wand so I could make everything better but I'm probably only adding to the problem. The only useful thing Carlos could come up with was that he was probably stressed and we should be supportive and give him some space. Like I'm not stressed??????? Does he have another woman? Er....what do you think? It's hard enough me getting to spend time with him. When the hell is he going to find time to keep another amused????? Actually, that's the only thing I am sure of with him...which is pretty much the opposite of most every other guy I know!
Was going to be good and considerate but got a little drunk last night (see below) and ended up calling and leaving a message for him that, in hindsight, was probably a silly thing to do.....just hope I was slurring enough that he couldn't understand it. LOL
So, Friday night, went drinking with someone from work. Did that Monday as well. My alcohol intake seems to have increased rather too much in the last week....gotta look into that. Did go for dinner at Hutch's after the drinks, last night. Mmmmmm. Nice. There was a very cute waiter there that took quite a shine to me...think it started when he pointed out the wine menu did contain wine by glass. My response? Something along the lines of "what, you don't think we can manage a whole bottle"? He laughed. And after that he was ever so attentive....to me!! Should have got his number but there were 10 other people from work and they were cramping my style a little. Shall have to arrange a return trip at some point. Though....given I always end up with the cute but penniless ones...should I really have a waiter on my list of desirables?????
At work earlier, I had to put up with two 20-somethings telling me they were going to look in the database to find a single 30-something male with $1m in his account. If only..... *sigh*
So, that was a rather random update but it'll do. Current conditions: very dark with a cold front threatening to take over. Outlook: bleak but hoping it'll all blow over soon.....

Friday, October 08, 2004

Living in Luxury

For a few days anyway. The Arizona Biltmore is a Frank Lloyd Wright resport and it's fabulous!!!! I had a lovely cottage room...almost as big as my apartment with a view of the mountain (not the view below but still not bad).

The funniest part was one of the gardeners that looked like a typical villain from a bad Mexican movie....brown wrinkled skin and long curly moustache.....

Oh...and did I mention it was 97 and sunny every day. Forecast to get a little colder this weekend - down to 89 poor dears. Such is life!!!!

Look at that fabulous blue sky! Posted by Hello

Birthday Pie!

Here it is....mmmmmm.....

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Friday, October 01, 2004

Off to Phoenix, AZ

Check out the weather....woooohoooo.......better take suncream! :-)

Cha Cha'd out. Been practising for the Showcase....next weekend. Been a long time coming. Not totally decided on music yet but the routine's pretty cool....when it works. We completely forgot part of it tonight...amusing and disturbing at the same time.

Lots to do tomorrow....gotta pack, shop, go to class, see Hano......yadda yadda yadda......