Friday, November 05, 2004

Dreaming Again

Another strange dream. Something is going on. I've not had any dreams for ages and now, two days in a row, I've had two hyper-vivid ones both of which were interrupted by that damn alarm clock. Honestly, what's with this work thing????

So....last night....I was in the grounds of a large estate in a book hunt. We had to find Number 250 on the book list. I should have written this up earlier, when I could remember it. There were some signs stuck on the trees pointing to places. None of them said library or bookstore. I remember paths through the estate, which had beautiful grounds. Anyway, I went down one of these to the left, past the lawn and some huge trees. There was a building with large glass doors. It looked empty inside but I tried the opened. When I went inside there were shelves all over the walls and books everywhere. The shelves had tiny little stickers on them....all numbered. I found 250 and got the book.

And then, of course, the alarm went off.

I have no idea what this means and I'm not sure I want to know. Told Chris about my Danny dream when I saw him yesterday. He thought I'd been eating strange food but I've never know chicken soup to cause dreams.....

Anyway, my back is totally screwed and has been for at least a week. Chiro said it's a combination of stress and the cold. Great. Not sure if either of those are gonna disappear soon. He offered to phone my boss and tell him I need a week off in Bermuda. Ummmmmmmm yes please!!!! The only thing I'm holding onto is the possibility of a trip to Mexico for some stupid meeting.....we're meant to meet up face-to-face before year end. If that happens then I'm taking some extra days to sightsee. If it doesn't, well, who knows?


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