Thursday, November 04, 2004


Last night I dreamed that I was having dinner with Danny a small round table with a white tablecloth. Somewhere by a beach. Staying in a room with two twin beds. We actually had two dinners. The second was in a really crowded restaurant. I remember someone else turning up but don't know who it was.

Then I was lying on the beach, in the sun. I was half in the water and half just on the sand. Each time the waves came into the beach they would throw me back onto the beach. The dinner table was there as well with the tablecloth blowing in the breeze. I nearly hit my head on it.

After that I was back in the room and the other person was lying on one of the beds. It was nearly 10am and I suddenly realised my flight back to London was at 10am and I hadn't packed (and wasn't at the airport). The mystery person called the airport and they said that the only other First Class seat they had available was 11pm that night. While that conversation was going on, I was madly trying to pack all my clothes into a tiny little case I had with me. I couldn't fit everything in so I decided to leave all my hangers behind.

Then the alarm went off.


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