Saturday, May 07, 2005


Not been on here for a while. Busy with stuff. Not all good. In fact more not good than good. Guessing my luck has to change at some point....wish it would hurry up!!!! no particular order....

- my father called to tell me he has diabetes.

- met a guy but not looking like it'll have a happy ending.

- met another guy who....has potential... (oh maybe that's a sign that luck is shifting in my favour)

- had bronchitis, lost my voice, got it back after about 10 days

- the TRIP COM button in my car decided not to work.

- had to work the weekend a couple of weeks ago (think that was what triggered the sleep and working 19 days straight in a row including trans-Atlantic flights)

- org changes look like they might be happening...finally....leaving me with my old boss who is a total jerk. Damn!!!

Did finally break the being really ill. Trying to look on the bright side. Went back to see the neurologist yesterday. His know what you have to do so do it. I do I'm going to get on with it.....



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