Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Don't Laugh!

I'll start with the fireworks.....very fabulous. Probably the best ones I've seen in a couple of years. Over the lake at UB (the closest ones to here cos I'm in a fragile, limping state). The hour (it seemed longer) of listening to Souza's marches was not quite so fabulous. They had my second (I think) fave blues band play first and then they had to switch to some wind ensemble that really didn't go down too well with the crowd...could have dozed off at that point. And then....three fireworks....followed by nothing....so you can guess the jokes that followed that "budget cuts", "Giambra's fault", etc., etc. Pretty funny. Then.....tadaaaa......lots of lovely bangs and lights and yayyyyyyy.

That was followed by a not so fun ride home. Traffic just didn't move for best part of an hour (I joke not). The radio was on and we got to hear "if you're at UB, it's a little backed up". Doh. We were in the middle of it, do you think we hadn't noticed?? Some girl eventually called in to say her boyfriend's car had broken down. Useful information that we really didn't care about.

Police eventually directed us out some back way (onto a road that I didn't know existed). So that was fun trying to navigate home along some very dark roads (ever hear of street lights?). Arrived after having, obviously, gone the long way but, hey, it worked, don't complain!

Got to bed about midnight and then had a sudden thought....I've left my sunroof open. Stared out the window. Too dark to see anything. Think it's shut. Should get dressed and go and check. No, can't be bothered. Went back to bed.

This morning....peeked out the window. Dammit I had left the roof open. And it rained last night. According to the radio, it rained a lot. Uh oh. Had visions of opening car doors and water flooding out over my feet. Oh well, maybe I can sneak out without the neighbours seeing. Not that many cars out there, maybe they've all gone to work? Perhaps I'll just have some cereal first, buy me a few extra minutes and might need the energy to bail water.....maybe I'll take some towels with me as well (just in case).

Hobbled down the stairs as quietly as I could and started walking out....my cute downstairs neighbour appears behind me. Noooooo....go away....don't watch. Wandered over to the car trying to look like there was nothing out of the usual or maybe I'd already been out this morning (for milk, that would work....I got up early and went out for some milk for my cereal.....ok, got the story straight...he was already home when I got back so he wouldn't know it had been like that all night....as it seems I left three windows open as well). Opened the door....hmmm....it all looks ok. Tried to carefully prod the seat to ensure I wouldn't sit in a puddle of water when I got in. Nothing. Got in. Everything looked fine. PHEW!

I was so relieved. Was trying to work out how I was going to call into work and tell them I wasn't coming in cos my car was flooded (literally). All I can imagine is that we didn't get rain. I have a couple of Tim Horton's napkins in the drink holder (as drinks always seem to leak everywhere). They clearly hadn't been rained on as (1) there was no soggy mess and (2) any soggy mess that would have been there wouldn't have dried in such perfect square shapes!

So...finally.....luck was on my side. Just wish the rest of the day had gone so well. Tonight, I didn't dare open a window on the way home for fear of doing the same thing. Actually, it was raining like mad so there was no temptation.

Guess my horoscope didn't spot this one coming.



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