Monday, August 15, 2005

Bad Way to Spend a Day Off!

Eye exam.

Sounds OK doesn't it?

Would have been if he hadn't told me he had to dilate my pupils. Getting the drops in wasn't too bad but the after-effects.......YUK. Couldn't focus, thought I was gonna be sick I felt so wobbly. Oh, it'll wear off in about half an hour or so. FOUR HOURS!!!!!!!!! That's how long it took before I could remove my sunglasses (light hurts) and actually read anything. Damn waste of a day, that's all I can say.

Good news: my prescription has hardly changed (I'm still as blind as a bat) although my left eye astigmatism has changed slightly so that the current lens is now a little too strong for it. Could be contributing to the headaches, I guess. Bad news: I have to have this done again in two years there's something to look forward to!

Did pick out some new frames but, in my bleary-eyed, unable to focus state, it remains to be seen if they'll be ok. I enlisted the help of some other people in the shop (who were very nice about it) fingers crossed. Will take about two weeks "cos of all the extras" (wooohooo.....except that only means plastic lens, Transitions so they'll go dark in the sun and anti-reflective coating....hardly what I would call "extras"). Full price was about $500 but luckily the insurance picked up about $300 of that. Still hurts though.

Morale of the story: if you get your pupils dilated, leave your credit cards at home!


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