Tuesday, December 27, 2005





Been ill since Friday. Left work with head pounding. By the time I got home I was very miserable. Woke up Saturday and couldn't stop coughing. By the time I got home I was more miserable. Woke up Sunday and had temperature to go with cough. YUK. Made it to Walgreens for drugs. That was it. Been sleeping since then.


Sunday, December 04, 2005


Been ages since I've been on here. Not really felt in the mood and nothing exciting to report.

Been going to Advanced Spanish cos el maestro has been nagging me. It's at 8:30am on Saturdays, which is TOO early but I've made it there the last couple of weeks.

Been going to Yoga as well (not at the same time). Missed the class a couple of weeks ago cos I had to work late. Can tell I've not been for a while....stiff. :-(

That's about it. Andrey's been nagging me about going to a dance class. Think I said I'd go this week but we'll see.

Had a headache for the last three days and it still seems to be there. Back/neck hurt like mad today.

Mother ordered the headstone this morning. Service is April 6th so should look for flights soon so I can get a cheap one.

Green card is in the works. Had to call all my old employers and get letters confirming I'd worked for them. That was fun....of the three, one got taken over by another company and one doesn't exist any more. But managed to get something from all of them for the lawyer.

Oh, and I have a new neighbour below me...who is driving me so mad that've I've complained twice to the landlord. Been here for three years and he's the first one that has come close to making me considering leaving. Maybe when the green card's sorted I should think about buying somewhere? Anyway, he appears to have returned (I hear doors slamming and stuff) so maybe now would be a good time for me to vacuum....?