Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's Been a While!

Hasn't it.....

Been meaning to update this but there's just been too much going on and I've not had the energy.

So, what's happening? Work is a little manic. This is the quiet time of year but with all the economy stuff that's happening, there's a lot of stress around. Big question at the moment is whether we'll get our bonuses this year. Rumours range from yes, you'll get something to no bonuses at all. Either way sucks. They make you work hard all year, you achieve everything you set out to do and then they don't reward you for it. Obama probably put an end to us getting anything by making those comments about the failing banks paying out. He was right but, for those of us working at a Bank that's not failing and not taking bailouts, we deserve something!!!!!

Also trying to get checked out of the Silver level (dance). Have to learn 115 patterns and be able to do them all on my own with correct footwork, timing and directions. It's going ok, as long as I don't mix up Foxtrot with Waltz....sounds silly but, after a while, they do tend to blur together a little. I think we worked out that I have 25 left to learn and just about three weeks in which to do it. That should be possible but we shall see. Been spending whatever free time I have prancing round my living room trying to remember everything. Bit tricky as I have to avoid the furniture as I do so!

I do want to do well cos it'll show some of the instructors (who don't know the full syllabus) but, even if I don't pass I should be proud of having attempted it. Noone else has done it yet at our studio and I'm starting to see why! Apparently I then get some fabulous certificate and, more enticing, I get to go to some "graduation" ball with T. There's more pressure (self-induced) not to let him down than anything else. It's so lovely that he has such faith in me but it's also a little daunting!

On top of that, we're going to NYC for a regional showcase. It's non-competitive but we still have to put on a good show. One week to go and we've not quite finished the routines yet. Oooops. I know that'll be fine cos it usually is but, still, would be more comforting if we were slightly more ready!

Today, I am ignoring the fact there's some football game on and going out to lunch with a friend from Spanish class. Looking forward to a marguerita or two!!!!! :-)