Saturday, August 31, 2002

Going to San Francisco. Back Friday. That's it. Happy Hols.

Friday, August 30, 2002

Bienvenue a Williamsville

No, I don't know why, it just happened! The movers were very nice, although one of them kept giving those looks that scares me...especially as he was in charge of putting the bed together! Just over 3 hours door to door. Not bad at all. Though it was only about 2,000lbs that they had to move so it's not exactly a tough job...although I did have scattered nicely throughout the house as Mel will remember! I only put that in there so I can appear in the Greybird Recent Referrer's list. Today's challenge...see how often I can mention Greybird. OK, that's enough, bored now!

It's very nice here. Bigger than I remember although it's always hard to tell how big a place really is when there's no furniture in it. About a third unpacked I think...mainly cos I was desparately looking for china last night so that I could eat....doh!!! And a shower curtain so I could bathe without causing a flood on my first day! And net curtains so I wouldn't scare the neighbours by wandering round naked!!! Chaos will ensue for a little while cos I'm off to San Francisco Sunday morning. Gotta take the car in for a service tomorrow morning - long overdue in both time and mileage. And they gotta play around with the Check Engine light so that'll take them a while. Guess if I'm stuck here with no car that'll probably encourage me to unpack...or maybe do the laundry. Wow, wot a fun day I have planned. Oh well, it will all be worth it if I finally manage to hit SF...been trying for the last 3 years and keep failing so now it's become a real mission of mine. This is the year.....just hope nothing happens while I'm out there and I get stuck...though perhaps it will be more fun stuck in a nice hotel than on my own???

Went to FredAst tonight...not to dance, just to say hi to them. Chris told me to tell my boss that he's not allowed to make me work next week. I need to rest so that I can return to dancing and go off and win some stuff. I sent an email to my boss to that if he'll listen....and, let's be honest, he would win hands down...after all, he's the one that pays me!

Adelphia (contd)

Back on dial-up for the time being. Phoned Adelphia again today. Called the number on the bill....cos, stupid me, assumed that was why it was there! I can't help you. Why not? You need the local office. Well, where am I now. This is the corporate office. You need another number. So, why do you put this number on the bill? So we can help you. But this time I can't. Call these people. And who are they? The local office. Why can't you call them. Because I can't. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Thank you for choosing Adelphia. Have a nice day. Adelphia sucks.

I call the local office and, to my huge surprise, I get through to the most helpful woman I think I've ever spoken to at that company. Within about 30 seconds she had resolved the whole thing, put a note on my account and arranged for a statement to be issued showing I owe nothing. And she apologised. Wow. Mind you, I have to wait and see what the bill actually says when it turns up. And then, she ordered my cable/Powerlink for here. I know, why do I put myself through this? Well, Verizon don't do DSL here...something to do with the fibreoptic cable screwing it up. So it's cable modem or dial-up...there is no choice. I have no patience. Got kicked off dial-up 3 times earlier which really, really irritated me!!!!

And now to bed. G'night.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Total Relapse

3am Wednesday I'm awake, in pain. Owwwww. Painkillers. No good. Floor? Mmmm, that feels better. Crawled into Sherri's room - good job she's out of town! Carpet. Double mmmm. Still hurts but a little bit better. Crawled back. Grabbed duvet and pillow. Crawled back to the carpet. Collapsed. Worked out the only way to reduce the pain was to lie on back with knees pulled into chest. Blinds open. Can't reach to close them. Entertained the neighbours I guess. 5am. More painkillers. Still no good. Owwww. 7am. More painkillers. No, these are just not working. Tried to stand up. Need another ambulance. Collapse. Scream. 7.30am. Call boss. I can't stand up. Not coming in. 9.13am. Woke up. Woke up? Hey, that means I must have slept. Wow! 9.30am. Tried to go downstairs. BAD idea. Foot exploded. Screaming on the bed in agony. Lots of tears. Call Joe - need help. He'd already left for work. Probably just as well. Spent the day in bed, on my back, with my knees curled up. Decided to take double painkillers each time. Seemed to work though I'm sure I've taken far more than I'm meant to. Not happy. Meant to move on Thursday. Not finished packing. 12.30pm. Hungry. Need food. Dominos deliver. 1pm. Food arrives. Eat. Feel better. Eat more. Feel more better (ok, bad grammar...tough!). 6pm. Can move a little. 9.30pm, or so, American Idol. Hope that one with the awful voice loses. She does. Feel much better. 10pm. Sleep.......

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

So now that I've calmed down about the Adelphia thing I'm back to thinking about the fact that in one month exactly it will be my 35th birthday. I hate birthdays - not cos they're a sign of getting older but because over the last few years they've been pretty crap.

Actually, my 30th wasn't too bad in terms of what I did. We went for Chinese with a load of friends...who had bought me some nice presents, including a gold bracelet (which I still wear). I'd just come back from Egypt where the ex had given me some money to buy myself some nice Egyptian gold - a bangle, that I also still wear and a necklace that I've not worn for a while. Truth be told, I'm not 100% sure where it is any more. That was probably the last birthday that had any stability about it...albeit bad because of the ex.

A year later, I was sitting in Pizza Express in Northwood (actually a very nice restaurant although the name makes me think of Pizza which it bears no resemblance at all!). There was myself, my parents, my sister and grandmother. I was no longer with my ex, having walked out two weeks earlier. I remember my mother "pretending" that he was away because she didn't actually want to tell my grandmother that I had left him. Strange conversations ensued in which I'm not sure I played a huge part. I was still at the not talking about anything stage. I still don't but at least now it's all out in the open. At that time I was living in the second bedroom of a friend of mine having made myself homeless and pretty much possessionless.....whatever I could carry had come with me....basically, a couple of bags of clothes, couple of towels and those important papers that I needed (passport, birth certificate, etc).

By the time I reached 32 I had spent the best part of a year renting a place in North Harrow. The area wasn't too pretty but at least it was mine. I'd changed my job and got myself the most beautiful car I've ever owned - Peugeot 406 Coupe 3.0 V6. It's still one of my dream cars but, unfortunately, there aren't too many of them round here. Just before my birthday I had bought my 3rd house (which I still own and, good news, today I heard the tenant is going to extend his lease for another year and pay more rent....yipppeeee!!!). The divorce was out of the way and I'd lost a number of so-called "friends". I spent the evening getting very drunk, after work, in a bar in the City of London. I don't remember a lot else.

On my 33rd birthday I was 3,000 miles away from all that - sitting in an Irish bar in the middle of Midtown Manhattan with a friend that I'd made on a trip to Maine. If anyone had asked me the year previous where I'd be, that would probably have been my last guess.

And then there was last year. I had moved to Buffalo, NY and just been laid off - the same week of my birthday. Greybird and I, a friend of hers (who I later got to know a little more as she was also the Greybird realtor) and someone we used to work with went to the Shannon for their Thursday night quiz evening. We didn't win! Had a few drinks and then went to AM for some dancing, which was interesting cos of the combination of alcohol and misery over no job!

What will this year bring? Who knows. It's a month to go and, yet again, I'll be celebrating it in another home. Supposedly "Wednesday's child is full of woe". If birthdays are anything to go by, I'm living proof of that!


No wonder they're going bust!!

Today I received another bill for equipment that was collected, hmm, oh about 3 months ago!!! Last time I had a bill I called and they admitted that they did indeed have my cable box and they were very sorry for charging me....I should expect the next bill to show a zero balance. Of course I should. I do. So here am I, thinking that this would be a nice bill, but instead find myself looking at another piece of paper showing I owe them $400.

Well, I'm pretty annoyed now. So I call's a 24 hour number. It's 6pm (or it was when this fiasco started).

A: We dont deal with billing issues, you need to call your local office.
Me: Well where the hell am I? I called a local number.
A: Oh, you've come through to PA.
Me: How come.
A: They don't work after 5.30.
Me: So why do they say it's 24 hour service.
A: Well, it is. We're here.
Me: But you're not helping me, are you? It might be 24-hour but I don't see much sign of the service.
A: Well I can try and put you through but you'd probably be better calling tomorrow.
Me: Put me through...if I wait until tomorrow I'll have calmed down and then I won't be able to have such a good argument!!!
A: Thank you for calling Adelphia, your call is important to us, all operators are currently busy, please continue to hold. Thank you for calling Adelphia, your call....

I've hung up. I'm annoyed. I'm going to write to them. And the NY State Public Service Commission.


Sunday, August 25, 2002

Well I was going to start off with a long diatribe about moving and stuff like that but then this caught my attention:

Where's that F*cking Bear? How could I refuse - a fellow Brit in need!! Very sad story. Support the cause, that's all I'll say!!!!

Anyway, back to moving. There are two, possibly more, approaches to moving. I am participant and witness to both approaches at the moment. The "OK, it's gotta happen, let's just get on with it" approach (as demonstrated so beautifully by the Moving Queen (ME!!!! Up to 10 times in 4 years at the last count)). Then there's the "help me, I don't know what to do first, oh yes I do, I'll go away and hope it sorts itself out" demonstrated by the current house companion/landlord.

The way I see it, the move's gonna happen. A date has been set, removal men have been ordered, a place to go has been found. So, what else is there to do but get a load of boxes, place possessions in the boxes and shut the boxes. Perhaps having a little sort out of stuff as it moves into the boxes is in order....after all, why the hell am I still carrying around with me a menu from a very nice Indian London? I am not a pack rat but this seems to have snuck it's way into the midst of my papers and refuses to leave me. I got so excited when I found it....really fancied a decent curry. And they deliver....this was when I couldn't move! Oooh, I should call them...what's the number....oh sh*t....I don't think they're gonna deliver. Booo hooo. So a ceremonious ripping of the menu occured and it was sent on it's way to the great dump in the sky! I'm pretty much packed...apart from the PC and some clothes (I decided I couldn't go to work naked this week....although I'm not sure if that would really be a HUGE problem!!!). That's it. Signing the lease on Tuesday, called Verizon to sort out my new number, called the electricity people. Ready to go.

The way that Sherri sees it...the move is gonna happen but she's not really playing a huge part in making it happen. I've come home from work a couple of days this week to find the office covered in much so that one day I thought we'd been burgled!!!! Or at least a tornado had occured. I'm sorting stuff out. So, I see......I think it took her the week to make some nice little buff coloured files into which the aforementioned papers could be placed. Very nice. So how's the rest of the move going. Very well. Really? I've come across two boxes...I repeat that...TWO boxes which have been packed. And, I think, Cassie, was the one that packed them. OK. So, this is the she left for Albany. She will be back next weekend. She will then have packed everything she needs and be out of the house by the following weekend. Hmmm. I have my doubts. I could do it....cos firstly I don't have nearly as much stuff as her and secondly, when I say I'm packing, I do actually put things into boxes. To me, packing does not consist of sorting out a few bits of paper and then putting them back on the shelves. Once you've sorted, you put them into a box. But, hey, this is not my problem. I'll be out of here and, hopefully, safely ensconced in my new bijou residence. And I am taking a couple of bits of furniture from here (completely legally, in case you think I'm just walking off with stuff cos the owner's not around to watch!!!) that's saved me huge amounts of money......might get round to buying a dining table...yep, the same thing I've been talking about for nearly 2 years rush really......

And while I'm rambling.....went out last night...first time since the trip to the hospital. Or, at least, first time socially. Went to Joe, we made a cake!!! And then we watched the Sex Files...very entertaining.....don't ask why. Think I've regressed. But have to say, it did come in useful this morning...caught up with's been about a year since I saw him, although we talked quite a lot and he tried to set me up with some mate of his (didn't work out, really didn't like him!)....last time was in my place downtown and I moved out of there in October. But time is clearly no good as ever. Hmmmmmmm.....very nice!!!!

Friday, August 23, 2002

Interview Day!!!!

This time, I'm the one with the jobs available. How nice to be the other side of the table. Mmmmm mmm. Though having seen what's out there it's a wonder I have any hair left. Are people really that confident that they think they don't need to prepare before they go for an interview? Is it too much to expect that they actually THINK about the job they've applied for and perhaps PREPARE a few thoughts about what THEY could offer ME??? Clearly it is. I was told today that I'm unusual - this was by the recruiter who put the day together. I was told yesterday, by my other recruiter, that I am very unusual.........

Yesterday, I was talking to Recruiter A about some of the people I've seen and what I was finding. He asked me if the interviewee that I'd just finished with had appeared interested in the job. Interested, yes, but not overly enthusiastic, which surprised me cos she was pretty lively and I would have thought she might have said something to that effect. Well, not everyone does. I know, but I remember when I interviewed for this job I was so excited by it (and not just the fact that is was A job but that it was such a GOOD job) that when, President asked me if I had any questions, I asked him if I'd got the job. And he said yes, which was very positive. I didn't think I'd overstepped the mark. I was very polite about it....and smiled at the same time. He didn't think it was a problem. I always ask - if the atmosphere is right and it's something I really want, I let them know I want it! Now, I'm interviewing for sales people. One of the golden rules of sales is...close the sale. None of the sales people I've spoken with have attempted to close the sale with me. I find that VERY this indicative of their sales performance or do they just think it's not the "done thing" in an interview. Well, you're one of the, probably, half of a percent of people who would actually do that. Hmmm....if you don't ask, you don't get!!!! That was Incident Number 1.

Incident Number 2. It only happened about 3 hours ago and I'm having trouble remembering exactly what I said. I was either commenting on the fact that, if I was the one being interviewed, I would have come prepared to talk about what I would actually do if I got the job (like, doh, isn't that obvious) or maybe it was cos we were talking about someone from the telecom sector who would not stop talking ("he's overcompensating cos he's been laid off a few times in that sector") and I said that I didn't see it as an issue given all the stuff that's going on in that sector. It's just a part of everyday life with the economy the way it is. If someone gets laid off (as part of an overall lay-off and isn't using that term to disguise the fact that they've been fired for poor performance) it's not their fault. Yeah, I think that was when Recruiter B called me unusual....not everyone thinks like, they blame the individual for a company's mis-management even when he's not at a high enough level to have had any impact. Yes. Wow, tis indeed a strange world in which we live!

PS. Note to Greybird: check out my comments box, look wot I did...all on my own....not bad, eh?????

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Visiting the doctor

Him: You need to book an appointment if you want to see me.
Me: Sure, as long as you don't then keep me waiting for 90 minutes when I arrive, especially considering sitting in chairs hurts!!!!
Him: So tell me what happened?
Me: Didn't you read the notes that they sent you from the hospital? After all, I did tell it all to bitch from hell and then again to the other doctor who was considerably more friendly!
Him: I need to gather my own facts and make my own diagnosis.
Me: Hey, why not I've been waiting for 90 minutes, why not waste more of my time cos I know you're gonna come up with the same as everyone else!
Him: Lie down and let me stick pins in you...just to see if you can feel it.
Me: I can feel it, you don't need to stick pins in me
Him: And now I shall prod each and every one of your vertebrae to see which ones hurt
Me: Ow.....interesting how you've now made the side of my back, which was perfectly ok when I walked in here, hurt like hell, gee thanks!
Him: You have a pinched nerve.
Me: No, really? Wow, you're the 5th person to tell me that...I think it was a pretty safe bet that was the case.
Him: On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad does it feel?
Me: 10
Him: It can't
Me: Why not?
Him: Cos a 10 would be the equivalent of being crushed to death.
Me: Well, I've never been crushed to death but at least I imagine there is some respite from the pain when the moment of death actually occurs. With this there is no relief so I rank it as 10.
Him: You can't.
Me: Why not? I've never had anything hurt this much for so long.
Him: You can't give it a 10.
Me: Well then I'm not going to rank it.
Him: You need a CAT scan and then you need to go to physical therapy and in the meantime you should take more drugs.
Me: How long will I need to take them for?
Him: Til the pain stops.
Me: How do I know if the pain's gone away if I'm on drugs?

Get the idea????

So, Greybird is taking great delight in telling everyone where she'll be on Sept 5th's where I'll be......San Francisco. But before then it's about time I moved again so I'm my new home

Sunday, August 18, 2002

Important Dates in History!

Today is my two and a half year anniversary of being Stateside! I can't work out if it's gone quickly or slowly. Sometimes it feels like I've been here for ages. Sometimes, usually when I'm asked to translate what I've just said, I feel like I'm still a newbie. Used to work with an Australian who had been here for 10 years and still felt that it wasn't home to her. I know what she means.

Here's a little recap of the events that have happened to me since I've been here:

- The number of times I've been home
- The number of parking tickets I got (I didn't know parking on the wrong side of the street was illegal.)
- The number of times I've been in an ambulance

- The number of cities I've lived in, so far, and the number of times I've fallen down stairs....both in Buffalo. Once in the snow, sprained my ankle at 5am on the way to catch a plane to driver had to come and pick me up cos I couldn't move!!! Second time a couple of weeks ago....this time I had to have two people carry me!
- Number of times my sister's been over to visit me.
- Number of times Rob asked me to marry time he'll be stuck with me!!!! :-)

- Fell over in the middle of the road three times. I was having balance issues....managed it twice in Manhattan and once in Buffalo, right in front of the bar!!!!!
- It's also the number of time I've tried to visit San Francisco but failed. Next attempt is meant to be just after Labor Day....we shall see....fingers crossed.

- The number of addresses I've far.....

- The number of apartments I will have lived in, if I was doing this in about 10 days time!

- Can't think of anything for this other than the number of hours between drug doses??! Oh, here's one, the number of first places I got in NJ.

- Days of the working week at previous employer. CRAP!!!!
- Feet of snow that I shovelled last winter. Oh happy days.......
- The number of telephone numbers friends/family have had to learn if they wanted to find me.

- The men in my life....excluding the jerk that proposed to me in the middle of the bar, the one that came up to me in the street and handed me a flower (remember that Tiby??), the married one that I used to dance with who got a little tooooo friendly.....and several other encounters that are best forgotten!
- One Canadian - sent beautiful roses but turned out to be a total jerk; one Texan - cos supposedly they grow things bigger in that state; a realtor from Manhattan - irritating as hell; one New Jerseyite....still love him; several Buffalonians - one crap in bed, one caused amazing allergic reactions, another that I still see; an Englishman - actually met him in Tokyo so not sure if that counts?

- The number of months for which I was unemployed.

- The number of US states that I've visited for any significant period of time. Guess I got a few more to go!

Here's to the next two and half years....let's hope it's slightly less painful...running out of places on my legs for scars.....soooooooooo attractive.......

Friday, August 16, 2002

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Thursday, August 15, 2002

I'll write something soon....not in the mood right now.....

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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

i am

what sexual performer are you?

No comments please

It was so hot on Sunday that I went up to The Shores to see Diamond Sound with Joe. Not bad band and a nice cool breeze off the river. Felt a lot better for about an hour. My foot was tingling so I was wandering round slowly trying to get some life back in. Then the feeling went completely and a pain started in my ankle and behind my knee. You OK? No, I don't think so. You wanna go home? I think it might be a good idea, d'u mind? Course not, come on.....

Sat out on the porch. Well, sort of collapsed in a little heap on his glider. Have some chicken wings, I can't eat them, put on too much weight. Oh, so I have to eat them instead do I....oh, these are good...mmmm......! Here have this? What is it? Ice-cream - bought you a treat. Oh sweetie!!!!!! All in all feeling much better.

9.30pm thought I'd go home. Bit early isn't it? Yeah I know but I think I'd like to get myself home and get a good nights sleep cos I'm still a little achy. I'll help you up. Thanks.....owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......can't stand up. Put me down. Hurts. Wow, my whole leg felt like it had just exploded. That is so not good. You're not going anywhere. Well I need to go to the bathroom so how about helping me there. OK. Managed that.....feeling very cold and sweaty now. Not happy. Think I'll just lie down on your sofa for a little while. You can stay here if you want. I want to go home and be ill in my own bed. How are you going to do that if you can't even stand up? I don't know I havent thought it through. I could drive u home but then your car would be here. You could call me in the morning if you want to go to work and I'll come pick you and up and bring you back to get it? Or I could drive you home in your car? And then how will you get home? Cab or something. Now who's not thought it through? How about you just stay here! Yeah, I don't think I'm going anywhere at the moment.

So, there I was, in total pain with Joe feeding me Tylenol and Valerian root and glasses of water (one of which I dropped all over me!). Did I sleep? Not at all...well, maybe 5 minutes but no more than that. It was hot. I was very hot. I hurt LOTS AND LOTS!!! This hurt more than when I fell downstairs and I thought that was bad!!! Did Joe, not with the noise I was making! Ooooops.

And as I write this I realise I was meant to be at the chiropractor 20 minutes ago. Double Oooooops. So..Monday morning, bright and early. Joe ready for work. What am I going to do with you? Don't know. You should go to hospital. Don't want to. Why not. Don't like them. How about your doctor? Suppose so. Where is he? Downtown. OK. How u going to get there? Don't know (ok, i was full of pain, i wasnt able to think let alone put words together.) I'll call Sandy. Why? To look after you. Oh. Guess so. Give me your doctor's name and I'll call him and see what he says. OK..

You have to go to the ER. Why? So they can look at you. I just want something for the pain. You''ll get drugs at the ER. I'm calling am ambulance. I don't have to go on my own do I? No. OK.

I've never been in an ambulance before and I'm not sure I ever want to. I did have 2 very cute ambulancemen to look after me but, of course, as if typical, remembering all the advice my mother ever gave me.......did i have clean knickers on? Did I hell...course not I'd been wearing the same clothes since yesterday......but at least they were presentable...ish....Anyway, got to ER and they wouldn't let Sandy in. Why not? This is for people that come in ambulances. But we just did. Are you a relative. She said no and then realised she should have said yes! You can't come in. Sssssssss. Bitch from hell. Then bitch from hell quizzed me on my life. I just want DRUGS NOW. I HURT AND I'M GONNA KEEP MAKING NOISES UNTIL SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING!!!! So I did, and it worked....we got bumped up the schedule....heee heee......and then they let Sandy in as well. Phew.

And the outcome. Well, I'm not pregnant (yes they did one of those tests cos they didn't believe me!!!). I had a lot of x-rays and nothing is broken. It's just sciatica and I need to lie in bed and not go to work. Oh yeah and, as usual, they put a drip in me and managed to spill a load of blood on the bed. Hey, that stuff's precious you know!!!!!!!!! Just hope it has some mad cow stuff in it and bitch woman catches something!!

So, here I am in the office of the future. Lying on my bed, mouse on my side table, screen down by my feet on a wheelie and keyboard balanced on my legs. Pretty comfortable as long as I don't stand up.........

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Well, I guess the good thing about the heat is that I get a chance to catch up on some movies....A/C A/C A/C! Todays: My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Ok, so it's been out for ages but I've not had a reason to go see it until now. Sweet. He was cute but I wish he'd cut his hair!!!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Sun in Libra:

Libra - Key words: Head in the clouds, while falling off a cliff

" Fly me to the moon" is the motto of this air sign. "If we aren't going to get married, let me know now, I have a date tomorrow", says the impatient Libra.
Libra is the chemical parent of Librium, a tranquilizer which, by the way, is a wonderful way of not caring about anything.
Librans have a talent for nastiness at times, and can swear so fluently that is frightens everyone, but then again, everyone has their niche in life. Do you need someone unreliable who is not able to keep a secret? Count on a Libra native to spill the beans every time!
Libra people are very easy to spot, as these are the people who can be looking straight at you, and not hear a word that you say, or care! Try to be kind to them, as they spend so much time in another realm that few of us ever see, that they forget about the mundane things of life, like reality.
Some cheap advice: Revenge doesn't belong to Librans, and when they are old enough and mature enough to accept and understand this, they won't spend hours planning the perfect revenge, as Librans are great at carrying grudges and remembering the slightest slights. Librans must use caution as sudden headaches can be a burden to them as well, and must drink plenty of water to keep the kidneys operating in tip top order.
Concentration wise, Libra's are the type of people who can go upstairs for something, and have no idea what they are doing up there in the first place, come back down stairs and begin again.
If flirting was a vocation, Libra would easily be a millionaire a hundred times over, as Librans often confuse love and friendship and are often accused of being loose in the caboose in the lovemaking department.
Libras have a great sense of humor, and everyone, everywhere knows they are in the room by the loud manner in which they laugh.

Sarcastic Sign Report

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Three slow dances and I'm wiped out. Could NOT move yesterday. Came home, lay down on the bed (about 6pm). Next thing I know the phone's ringing about 7.30pm and I'm waking up. Hmmmmm....! And then I went back to sleep. Can't use the heat as an excuse so it's gotta be the pain. Slept straight through to 6am this morning. Nice!

Just been to see an apartment downtown. Like it. Well, I like the layout. The actual one was full so we have to go back and see it...just in case it's totally different. Then I have to pass the credit check - that should be interesting. My report looks OK apart from the fact that it's a little, we shall see.....fingers crossed! It'll be less than I thought I'd have to pay and ALL utilities are included...which makes me very happy.

Monday, August 05, 2002

On the move again!!! House has been sold....this is getting to be an irritating trend....though I guess it's been good for the people who's houses have been sold. So, gotta look for a more permanent place. Knew it would happen. Am sort of prepared in that I have a lot of stuff in boxes that stayed in boxes from the last move. Just now sure where I'm going....or where I want to go.....don't think it'll be NJ though!!!!! So....this week's mission....home hunting......kinda fun.....I guess......

Sunday, August 04, 2002

18.75 %

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My little blue streaked friend is hatching an evil plan. It appears that the plan is to get me down to NJ to stay with her for a few days and then another friend for a few more days. During this time they will find me somewhere to live and a job. Then they're gonna roadtrip back to Buff, gather all my things into the truck and physically move me down I get any say in this? Apparently not! Why would I possibly want to live in NJ? Actually that's not a good question to ask.....there's Rob for starters. I MISS HIM!!!! We worked out we hadn't actually seen each other in the flesh (i.e., excluding photos, webcams, etc) for about 2 years! 2 YEARS!!!! WOW!!! He hasn't changed much....well maybe a bit but I still recognised him from the other side of the hotel lobby. Possibly a little more grey in the hair (his, of course) and a little more weight round the stomach but still pretty firm (in more ways than one!). Still driving the Cougar and it looks like new.....I remember the time he stayed with me in NY and somebody hit the side of it during the can't tell......So he took me out, showed me the sights...some more interesting than others. Was really nice. He was a total sweetie - paid for everything - I don't remember that part about him but, hey, not gonna object!!!! Ended up in some bar smoking cigars...why? I have no idea but it seemed like a good idea at the time!!! And then, well....hmmm.....that bit's too personal for here....., why else would I want to move? Well Ms Blue Streak will think me very cruel and heartless if I don't mention her. But then she's not been reading this for a while so she might never know....but I'll mention her anyway. She's evil...we get into trouble. Not many people up here that I can do that with. In fact, I've probably lost my total evil ability....though it seemed to reappear over the weekend. For example, one professional photographer paid to take official photos. 102 competitors (apparently, I didn't count them). Who got more than her fair share of photos? Me. Of course!!!! Not sure how I managed it but I did notice he hung around our part of the floor a lot and there were a LOT of photos of me by the time we were finished. Mmmmmm :-)

Other than that - it's a lot more expensive down there. But there are more men....or at least more interesting men. I'm running out of targets up here. Not met a really interesting Buffalonian for ages. There are a few cute ones where I work but none of them really have the personality to go with the looks. The blond webmaster is very cute but so damn dull!!!!!! And the boss is probably not a good idea. So, hmmm.....thinking.

But back to the weekend! FANTASTIC. Actually got placed in the Championship - 3rd. Wooohooo. There were 8 of us and, given it was my last 3 dances and my back was killing me, I was very happy with that. Chris was impressed - he told me on the way back that he'd only ever had one other person place in a Championship. Glad he hadn't told me that before we went otherwise I wouldn't have entered! Yelena told me she would have given me a 1st but I should have had a brighter dress. Yeah, but I had a dress from last year and I couldn't afford a new one. Looked at the video earlier and she's probably right. I was in a black sparkly thing. Need a red/purple to attract the judge's attention more. But hey, next time I'll be fit (not planning on falling down any more stairs) so think how well I'll dance then!!!!!! In the other events I did OK - beat quite a few people in some heats - for some reason the ones I were in had so many competitors - so got a load of runner-up things. Also got some 1sts and a couple of seconds. We did a really good couple of hustles - Chris was well pleased with those. Overall, considering I wasn't feeling too good and probably shouldn't have danced the last few events, I'm pleased with the results. And the studio got top studio award - not bad considering it's only been open for 4 months.

Now back to bed with ice pack. Feel CRAP and I really need to work tomorrow - gotta interview someone....yuk.....