Sunday, August 04, 2002

18.75 %

My weblog owns 18.75 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

My little blue streaked friend is hatching an evil plan. It appears that the plan is to get me down to NJ to stay with her for a few days and then another friend for a few more days. During this time they will find me somewhere to live and a job. Then they're gonna roadtrip back to Buff, gather all my things into the truck and physically move me down I get any say in this? Apparently not! Why would I possibly want to live in NJ? Actually that's not a good question to ask.....there's Rob for starters. I MISS HIM!!!! We worked out we hadn't actually seen each other in the flesh (i.e., excluding photos, webcams, etc) for about 2 years! 2 YEARS!!!! WOW!!! He hasn't changed much....well maybe a bit but I still recognised him from the other side of the hotel lobby. Possibly a little more grey in the hair (his, of course) and a little more weight round the stomach but still pretty firm (in more ways than one!). Still driving the Cougar and it looks like new.....I remember the time he stayed with me in NY and somebody hit the side of it during the can't tell......So he took me out, showed me the sights...some more interesting than others. Was really nice. He was a total sweetie - paid for everything - I don't remember that part about him but, hey, not gonna object!!!! Ended up in some bar smoking cigars...why? I have no idea but it seemed like a good idea at the time!!! And then, well....hmmm.....that bit's too personal for here....., why else would I want to move? Well Ms Blue Streak will think me very cruel and heartless if I don't mention her. But then she's not been reading this for a while so she might never know....but I'll mention her anyway. She's evil...we get into trouble. Not many people up here that I can do that with. In fact, I've probably lost my total evil ability....though it seemed to reappear over the weekend. For example, one professional photographer paid to take official photos. 102 competitors (apparently, I didn't count them). Who got more than her fair share of photos? Me. Of course!!!! Not sure how I managed it but I did notice he hung around our part of the floor a lot and there were a LOT of photos of me by the time we were finished. Mmmmmm :-)

Other than that - it's a lot more expensive down there. But there are more men....or at least more interesting men. I'm running out of targets up here. Not met a really interesting Buffalonian for ages. There are a few cute ones where I work but none of them really have the personality to go with the looks. The blond webmaster is very cute but so damn dull!!!!!! And the boss is probably not a good idea. So, hmmm.....thinking.

But back to the weekend! FANTASTIC. Actually got placed in the Championship - 3rd. Wooohooo. There were 8 of us and, given it was my last 3 dances and my back was killing me, I was very happy with that. Chris was impressed - he told me on the way back that he'd only ever had one other person place in a Championship. Glad he hadn't told me that before we went otherwise I wouldn't have entered! Yelena told me she would have given me a 1st but I should have had a brighter dress. Yeah, but I had a dress from last year and I couldn't afford a new one. Looked at the video earlier and she's probably right. I was in a black sparkly thing. Need a red/purple to attract the judge's attention more. But hey, next time I'll be fit (not planning on falling down any more stairs) so think how well I'll dance then!!!!!! In the other events I did OK - beat quite a few people in some heats - for some reason the ones I were in had so many competitors - so got a load of runner-up things. Also got some 1sts and a couple of seconds. We did a really good couple of hustles - Chris was well pleased with those. Overall, considering I wasn't feeling too good and probably shouldn't have danced the last few events, I'm pleased with the results. And the studio got top studio award - not bad considering it's only been open for 4 months.

Now back to bed with ice pack. Feel CRAP and I really need to work tomorrow - gotta interview someone....yuk.....


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