Thursday, August 08, 2002

Three slow dances and I'm wiped out. Could NOT move yesterday. Came home, lay down on the bed (about 6pm). Next thing I know the phone's ringing about 7.30pm and I'm waking up. Hmmmmm....! And then I went back to sleep. Can't use the heat as an excuse so it's gotta be the pain. Slept straight through to 6am this morning. Nice!

Just been to see an apartment downtown. Like it. Well, I like the layout. The actual one was full so we have to go back and see it...just in case it's totally different. Then I have to pass the credit check - that should be interesting. My report looks OK apart from the fact that it's a little, we shall see.....fingers crossed! It'll be less than I thought I'd have to pay and ALL utilities are included...which makes me very happy.


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