Monday, April 18, 2005

Bad Weekend

To get straight to the point, my cousin (to be more accurate, I think he's a second cousin) had a heart attack on Friday. Didn't make it. Only four years older than me and leaves behind wife and three children. Had diabetes for a while and wasn't looking after himself properly. Probably a lesson in there somewhere and definitely puts things into perspective.

Did mean I didn't get a chance to discuss my "news" with my parents....something I thought would be better face-to-face but now will probably have to be done via email/phone. Instead had to smile sweetly when people kept quizzing me on how things are. Par for the course.

Also takes "it never rains but it pours" into monsoon season...not sure how much more I can deal with before imploding....

Friday, April 15, 2005


Two hours in the rain outside the US Embassy....but I now have a shiny new visa in my passport (sent back to me today). Yipppeeee. I'm tired and I wanna go home.....


(posted from usual....)

Saturday, April 02, 2005


I'm back.....

Busy bee at work. This insomnia thing is good for getting in early but somehow I still don't manage to leave early so had a week of far too many hours and loads of stress. Boss is being a pain in the butt. Came up for four days and spent about 10 minutes with me (in the elevator):
"Did you have a good flight"
"Yes, but just had to get coffee...can't function without my caffeine in the morning"
"Really, I can't function until I've had lunch"
He didn't laugh :-(

Then proceeded to totally waste my, and others', time. Told us to get together to come with some suggestions for something. After too many hours locked in a room, we had our proposals. Then his comment...."I'm paying the bill, we'll do it my way". Great. So, when I asked you if there was any point to the work we were doing and you assured me that there was, that was...what? Oh....I was a big fat lie. you think I have nothing better to do than play your stupid games? Let me answer that for you. Yes, I have tons of better things to do and I really don't have the patience for this crap.

Nor do I have the patience for the "will you pay for me to get my visa renewed" game that we've been playing for three weeks. It's been everything from "I don't see why we should pay" to "You're not going to the conference in London so don't try and tell me you'll combine that trip with getting your visa renewed" to an email to someone else telling them he's taking me to London for the conference. I suppose the good thing is that I can claim my flight/hotel on the bank. The "bad" news is that since he told me I wasn't going, my interview at the Embassy is the day the conference starts...which means I'll miss half of it. I wonder if he's worked that part out yet?

Did get to go to the Arts Award luncheon where this guy who used to come to West Coast Swing classes with me got an award!!!! I was very impressed....even more so cos he remembered me. Turns out he's some champion or other and a professor of dance at UB. Well, you kept that quiet, didn't you!!!!! The whole thing was really rather boring after that.

And then, I had my first week off since I started. First week in 14 months, give or take. No wonder I'm so irritable. It was nice but it's nearly over and I'm nowhere near ready to go back. Went down to sunny PA for a few days and, yes, it was sunny. Mmmmmm. Mix of sales-tax-free clothes shopping (dontcha just love it when things are on sale and the prices on the labels are the prices you pay??). Spent too much I'm sure but think how much I saved!!! Wooohooo.....

Also visited the Andy Warhol museum, which I've wanted to go to for ages. Pretty cool stuff. Saw the Marilyn Monroes and a load of other stuff (including some weird "adult" art...if u can call it that...never too sure where the line between art and pornography really lies.....guess if someone will put it on a wall, it's art...otherwise it's just smut!). They are having a "dress below the waist" party next weekend. Hmmmmmm..... ;-)

Made it to the Carnegie Science Center but actually only got as far as the Imax, which was showing Robots. Cute but wouldn't rush to see it unless there's nothing else on.

What else? Love the a thing about it was so cool driving down with the sunroof open and the radio blaring in about 70 degrees. Blew away some cobwebs. Not quite such fun on the way back....drizzled all the way to the PA/NY state line and then it decided to snow. It's April for heaven's sake, what's with the snow????? Yuk, yuk, yuk.

So, now I'm back for a few days. Off to London week after next, I think. Have a load of people to call that I've not called. You'll know who you are. Just not been very sociable recently. Come home from work exhausted but have absolutely no ability to sleep for more than an hour or two. Sleeping pills are helping but they're too strong. By the time I realise I'm not gonna sleep it's too late to take one cos then I don't wake up in the morning. And they're too small to break in half. At least the headaches seemed to have stopped, although I'm curious to see what happens on Monday. Oh, and they haven't totally stopped. Been getting sporadic, sharp shooting pains. Very yukky.

What else? Think that might be it for now. Had a couple of dance lessons when I was off...International Rumba....basically cos I'm bored of everything. Been practising hip twists, which are fine apart from I think I've pulled my achilles tendon. At least it's not the same one that I damaged a few years back but there's definitely an ache there.

Gotta do my taxes tomorrow....oooops.....suppose I should be a good girl and send those in. Actually filled most of it out about two months ago. Ho hum......

That definitely is it for now. All up to date again and totally gossip-free...ha ha ha!!!!