Saturday, July 16, 2005

What's up with Jet Blue?

Maybe it's a victim of it's own success but I can't remember the last time I was on one of their flights and it left/arrived on time.

Thursday flew to NYC. First flight out in the morning, so you'd sort of expect there to be few delays. WRONG. Flew with my boss and my other boss (still in mid-re org mess). Left late, arrived very late. Did manage to sleep a little (can't manage that in bed, but planes work like a pun intended). Boss 2 headed to his apartment so Boss 1 and I went to the office....which also took ages cos 3rd Ave was cordoned off for some reason....still unknown to me. So, basically, we were late!!!

On the way home, I went for the 5pm flight. About boarding time they announced it was going to be late....90 minutes due to delay in the incoming flight from Florida. Great. Eventually left the gate about 7pm (I guess), and then proceeded to sit in a line of 40 planes waiting to take off. Landed at 8:40ish, and then sat in a line of cars trying to get out the airport. Final time of arrival at home....9:41pm. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.

The only good thing about this whole mess was I found a "reality" program on VH-1 about male revue (strippers...woohooo) wannabees. Watching half naked men jumping around my tv screen took the edge off things ;-)


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