Monday, December 18, 2006


I had such a vivid dream about one of my teeth falling out that I think I need to visit the dentist. I'm not having any teeth problems but it felt like a warning.

Also had a very strange dream last night about being on a plane going back to London and realising I didn't have any quarters for when I got there.

I am blaming this on the nasal spray the doc gave me to try and get my voice back.

I also bought two new fish yesterday...Baby Cal and the nameless one. Cute. Am setting up my large fish tank and I was going to be good and wait til it was all ready but I couldn't resist. So, for now, they're in the small tank...but they're teeny so should be ok for a week or so.

Gotta go...baking and I can smell the cake.....mmmmmm

Friday, December 01, 2006


Went to the doctor. He thought it was quite funny I was sick after having to go for all those blood tests and things. So do I actually. Told him I don't have a temperature so I can't be sick. He agreed I don't have a temperature but told me I have an infection. Gave me antibiotics. Think they're upsetting my stomach. My voice might be a little better but definitely not back yet. That reminds me, need to take tonight's pill. Cancelled dance lesson yesterday, skipped party tonight and cancelled yoga tomorrow. Not going to Spanish either. I need to get well. It's been over three weeks and I'm really tired of this...although not getting up early for work is kinda nice :-)

Got a little distracted cos the filter on the aquarium was making funny noises earlier. Stopped. So I cleaned it. Started again. Stopped. Started. Stopped. Didn't start.


Took the little teeny one out of Alphie's tank and put it in the large tank for tonight. He's a tough boy, he can live without's not like he makes much mess anyway. Guess who's going to the pet store in the morning. Just what I need. More money and a trip out in the cold. The things I do for fish!

Also probably means I have to clean the tank tomorrow as well. They managed to dig up a plant so while I was playing with the filter I buried that in the gravel again. Arms in tank not good for me or fish.

I need my bed.