Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Must be that time of the year...they're all crawling out the woodwork now and I don't mean Trick or Treaters...!!! Today I had calls from:

- Rob....missed him so I don't know what he wants but it must be something!!!
- I going to go out with his mate? Doubt it. Can he come and see me? Why am I still working at, perhaps cos I work days unlike some people. How about tomorrow? Maybe, after 7pm. Oh no, party. Oh well, some other time!
- James....he apologised. Ha. So he should. I'll explain why some other time. When can he come and see me? Hmmmm....weekend, I guess. Another one that works nights. Wot is it with me?
- Dennis...the twin. Been busy. Very sorry. Be around tomorrow if I'm interested...? Doesn't work every night but not quite as awkward as the two above. In fact look at the whole list....they all work weird shifts.....totally inconvenient with my that what makes them interesting? Who knows!

Anyway, not a bad score for a cold dreary Wednesday. Almost spoilt for choice....just how I like it....mmmmmm!!!

Damn, forgot to phone home and find out how my grandmother was. Pooh. Now I'll be in trouble. I heee!!!!

Friday, October 25, 2002

Done my back in again! Didn't go into work today.....hurt too much. Booohooo. Feel better now. Guess it won't stop me partying tonight....Halloween at Fred's. GREAT! And I have to get my hair cut tomorrow...must be about 3 months.....before I hurt my back initially. Wow. Shows. This is dull isn't it? Ok, no more til something interesting occurs.....

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

A little pot pourri of the ingredients that make up the madness that is my, a load of totally unrelated stuff that i just want to get down for my own edification!

Larry's a total jerk. And I told him. Decided to set me up with one of his mates without telling. So I get this IM from someone earlier today that happens to crash my Trillian. Don't know if the two were connected or not but I took it as an omen. I ignored it cos I didn't know who it was. Then he IMd me again. Still didn't know who it was. Still ignored it. Next IM....used my name! Now, who the hell is this? Who are you? You know Larry? WHO ARE, he explains. I get annoyed and close him down. He IMs me again. I get very annoyed and now I block him. Then Larry IMs. Why are u annoyed with me? Oh, I wonder? Don't ever do that without telling me. He's very nice...yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't wanna know. Well then I'll go...forever. So, now you're threatening me? Do you think I care?

And while all of this was going on Rob and I were trying to have a "serious" conversation. I said he'd come crawling back when he wanted something, didn't I? Did I? No, well I meant to....Anyway, he did. Heeee heee him just where I want him....frustrated and grovelling....mmmmm...this could be so much FUN!

Sort of saw the Twin last anyway. He's bought a webcam and he's still trying to work out what to do with it. Had it set up so I could watch him do his taxes....yeah, real turn-on that was. Had it pointed at his shirt...and the lower part of his face....He is very funny but I think that's taking things a bit too far. Left him "turned on" and went to idea how long he was up playing with it (hey, this is completely clean, stop smirking....unusual perhaps, but true, not a single bit of smut in here, for once).

Back hurts. Think it's the after-effects of Saturday....or maybe a bit of the other as well. Was OK Sunday. Woke up Monday, back muscles gone into spasms again. Spent the day hobbling round and trying not to cry. Today was a bit better but now I'm sitting here and I can feel those horrible things in my feet beginning to hurt again. It may be time for a day off...which will annoy the Rochester contingent but tough. Have to see. If it's like this I'm not going in. Got up for the 8am meeting this morning and it was pitch black when I left home. And then it was dark when I left work to come home. Not seen daylight since Sunday. YUK. Can't wait for the clocks to go back. Was meant to go to Salamanca today but blew it off.....

Grandmother's going in to have a pacemaker fitted in about 10 days or so. Have to look up how they do those. My mother said they just cut you open and pop it in but they must have to attach it to something, musn't they? Never really understood how these things work and it makes me queasy just thinking about I'm not going to!

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Went to buy some make-up for Halloween (yawn, so not into it)...and it came to $6.66!!! Spooky or wot? Went to the first H party last night...costumes optional....good cos mine comprised a spider on my finger...that fell off mid-dance! Ha ha ha. The best costume of last night had to be matching Superman and Supergirl....cute! Got another one on Friday - at the studio - the rule is no costume, no entrance. Hmmmmmm.....

Wot else? Dining room table here after a lot of arguments. It will be there between 2pm and 5pm. OK. 4pm the call came...I knew it was gonna be late, it was SO obvious. Err about 6pm. Definitely? Yes? OK, cos I have things to do and you're messing up my day. OK, we'll be there. 5.30pm...the next phone call. We'll try and be there by 6.30pm. What happened to 6pm? We got held up? Where? At someone else? How long have you been in business? Can't you schedule calls more effectively? Well, not everyone has 52inch doors. Oooh, that was a very bad thing to say to me. So, let me get this right, you have been delivering furniture for a number of years, over which time you have learned that someone takes a little longer than expected because their doors are a little smaller. So, haven't you also learned that you allow a little leeway on everyone's call so that you are able to deliver within the agreed timeframe. Well we can reschedule. Oh wot, so I can waste another afternoon of my life? Well, you don't have to wait in for us. Er, then how are you going to deliver the furniture. We can call you. Where would you call me if I'M NOT IN?????? It went on like that for a while then I got bored and hung up. They turned up. Not their fault - it was the warehouse. I know, I never get annoyed with the poor men that are traipsing around in the pouring's the schedulers that annoy me...especially when they let slip that the other 2 trucks had finished 2 hours previously......ssss...think I'm gonna have to write a letter.....

Was only slightly calmed down by "the twin" promising to play with me again......i'm so shallow........LOL.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Well I pretty much expecting the twin not to turn up....but he did!!! On time as well. Told him I was surprised...I feel it best to be up-front about these things. He thought it was pretty funny. He's very cute actually. And entertaining. Yeah. Correct. Mmmmm!!! But you know what, he's too perky. I can see myself getting sick of his enthusiasm in a few weeks (if that long). Good for wasting some time though. So, we shall the meantime, let's see who else I can find to play with!

But this is the BIG NEWS of the day, week, year!!!! I am no longer illegal...Woooohoooooooo. It's official...I'm with visa. And I don't have to go anywhere just yet...which upset my father. He was quite keen on me going back to see them. Oh well. Apparently I'm OK until I want to travel outside the US and then I need to go to a consulate and get my visa restamped. Originally we thought the INS would make me go home as soon as it was issued but they're being nice. that means I can do it when I want when I have some money! It probably also means I can go to the Embassy in Toronto..but I have to look into all of that. They've changed all the rules round so it's not a 48-hour thing anymore, it's a matter of weeks.....yuk! My parents were thinking about coming over here but the garage roof is leaking and they have to get it fixed - about $3000 so that's that. Can't claim on insurance cos it's a flat roof, which doesn't get covered. Booohooo. But my sister is coming Vegas...have I said this? Can't remember and can't be bothered to read all the way down. First week December. Might go over there and see her...and get some sunshine...missing it already.

Monday, October 14, 2002

I can't believe it. I went to bed at 11.20pm and woke up at 2.36 am. Was still awake at 3.46, 4.11, 5.06......shit!!!!!!! But I did have some really weird dreams. The second one was about the delivery of my new table. The men turned up and left me with a box and after they'd gone I realized there should have been another 3 boxes. So I called the company to find out what was going on. And then I dropped the phone. As I was picking it up I heard the woman tell me that they were banging on the door and that was the rest of the stuff. Then I heard the banging.

Dream Number One I really can't remember. It was something to do with being back at home - the place I lived between 3 and about 17. I had the most lovely bedroom with a big bay window in it. Across the wall opposite the bed was a row of cupboards with a dressing table and a mirror in it. I was brushing my hair but large chunks were falling out onto the carpet. There was a huge pile surrounding me. I think this is probably related to the fact that I dyed my hair last night. Dark burgundy or something. Not that you can really tell. What the dye tends to do is just bring the color back up to my normal color (which is really dark brown - the sun here has really highlighted it over the last few years and I don't like it) and then add a little tinge of something. I never come out the way they say you should on the box.....but I quite like it.......simply cos it's no longer light brown!!!!!

To work now.....

Sunday, October 13, 2002

It's official. I'm depressed. How do I know that? Well it's probably cos I've been through more men in the last three days than there have been days!!! You know about Larry. He didn't show Saturday afternoon. OK. Can cope with that. It wasn't definite. No biggy. Was gonna go dance but felt a cold coming on so I didnt. And then I was sitting at home bored so I decided to go pick up a little something for the evening. So I did. 26 years old. Very cute. Kept me up far too late and I'm sure the neighbors are beginning to get annoyed. Missed most of this morning and when I sat down at the PC Rob was online. I replied and he informed me he'd IMd me about an hour previously. Oh well. That's life. Had an argument with him. Keeps telling me to go down to see him but when I say I'm coming he doesnt wanna know. Why? Oh he doesnt have people to stay over. What never? No? Why? Don't know? But u must stay over at other people's? No? Not true, you stayed with me? Yeah but we argued! Now the reason we argued (which I remembered and he claimed not to) was cos his condom split and he got annoyed cos I hadn't had an AIDS test. And then someone made a dent in the side of his car while he was asleep. Anyway, not important. So what about coming to London. Told you I was going at the end of the year and you said you didnt want to go until next year. If I go it's cos of the INS and I'll have to go when they say. Oh well we can go whenever. So, let me get this straight. You'll get on a plane with me for 8 hours and spend however many days in England with me. But you'll not spend a night in my afternoon, OK but not the hours of darkness. Yeah, I know it's mad. Too right it is. AAAAAGH.

So I was annoyed and went to the opening of the new Wegmans. Came back and there were some IM messages from Jim (divorced of Kenmore). Clearly he didnt realise I wasnt there cos the last one was really shitty about if I didnt reply he was gonna take me off his IM list. So I replied and told him I'd been out. But you were online? Yeah, cos I have a cable modem and sometimes I just leave it on. Oh, I didnt know. Well you do now. Anyway I gotta do my laundry. Why? Err cos I need clean undies. So then he gets totally annoyed and tells me to have a nice life. I mean...what the hell was that all about???????

But, here's my consolation half of a pair of twins is coming over on Wednesday. And he didnt even mind when I told him twins could be really fun!!!! Mmmmmmm........pleasant dreams :-)

Saturday, October 12, 2002

Well it appears that the comp in NJ is off...lack of interest....although Chris didn't seem that happy when he told me so I guess it's not his lack of interest. And I just got a dress..POOH! Well, never mind. It'll work for the Jan showcase and there's a comp in March so not a total waste. Y approved of it. Gotta get it taken up - I knew that. And now I got some feathers and stuff to sew on the bottom. Very sexy. She's going to look for some black rhinestones to make it sparkle. Mmmmmm!!! Sharon told me she'd been looking for a dress but couldn't find one....heee heeee.

Given up on Miho totally. Never dancing with him again. He joined the WC class on Tuesday and then decided it was more fun to try and break my wrist. Hurt so much by the time he'd finished with it. Hard to explain but it's one of those silly side-by-side positions where he's meant to push on the wrist so that I turn into him. Everyone else manages to do it with the palm of their hand. He has to grip the wrist and yank it. OWWWWWW. And to that some wandering hands and that was pretty much the last straw. If I take any more lessons there it'll be with someone else!

Started Bolero last night at Freds (and check out the web site, there's some piccys of me on it!)...actually have had a couple of lessons on it but that was a long time ago so pretty much back to basics.. And remembered that I have a left knee. Damn. Forgot I couldn't bend it too much cos it hurts - that's the reason I tend to give Samba a miss. Most other dances don't affect it but you can really tell with Bolero. Whaddya mean I'm not bending as much on one side? Oh yeah. I know HURTS!!!! Hmmmm......gotta some exercises to practices....give them a go: bend at the knees, push off with the left foot and move to the right while rising up. Then, at the right side, bend at the knees, push with the right and back to the left. Sounds easy? Try it without raising up on your toes and you'll see how much you have to bend to make the rise and fall noticeable. Now you know why the knee doesn't want to play. Oh, and I have to practise the interior decorator arm movements - great big brush strokes. Bolero is such as OTT dance. But cute when it's done well.......

Larry came round last night. Was waiting for me when I got back. Think we may have upset the neighbours. Oh well, better get used to it. Slept so well but feel like crap today. My eyes are burning and I keep yawning. Pathetic. Thought he was coming round this afternoon but I guess not. Just as well. Need more sleep I think.

Monday, October 07, 2002

Rochester. And back.

Exciting. 4 hours for a 5 minute conversation and lunch.

Slept on the way the amusement of my boss. So I fed him lots of ibruprofen to shut him up.

Cha cha tonight.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Wow, not filled this in for DAYS. Is that cos I've been having such an exciting life? No, just think I couldn't be bothered! Not much to report really. Back dancing again...Tues, Weds, Thurs, Saturday. Not bad. Friday was the USABDA meeting but it was too hot, too wet and my back hurt (well, that's my excuse anyway). Plus Sue was giving the lesson and I know last time she, crap!!! Apparently no better this time so didn't miss much. Although Bill turned up with the Dentist again. V. interesting........

Bought a new ballgown. Really wasn't going to. There's a competition next month, which I think I'm going to...not totally decided yet cos the prices have gone up but I really want to go.....and even if I don't I still "need" a new dress, don't I? Mmmmmm.........Well, I had decided that with some clever alterations (ie, rip the sleeves off) my lovely blue beaded one would work for next month. I took it in to be altered before I went to NJ in August cos it needed to be taken in all over and the skirt needed to be lifted up. Told them NOT to take too much in on the sleeves cos I need to lift my arms. Did they listen? Course not, and with a week to go there wasn't a lot a could do other than wear it a lot and hope it would loosen up. In the end it was OK but I don't want to wear it again as is. So I thought I would remove the sleeves and get them curved round.....hard to explain but looks quite least it does with the pins I've stuck in it! But then I just had to go and have a look in Lord and Taylor, just to see.......I hate them! Well, actually I really like them - they have the most wonderful selection of evening wear every time I go, and it's so nice shopping there. Compare it with Kaufmanns which is just a total dump and I never find anything I like in there. Told the assistant today how much I enjoy shopping at L&T....made her day I think.

So, what did I buy? Arianna by Rachel Kaye, or so the label says. It's sleeveless, so I dont have any of those nasty shoulder pad issues! Strappy, more than sleeveless really, low cut but no danger of falling out!!! Pink bodice with black lace over it. Square neck. Laces up at the a that means I have room to expand/shrink (!!!!!). Long (too long, have to get it taken up) black skirt - nice sheen to it. Wot is it with skirt lengths? I'm not that short and with my high heels on (2.5"), I'm even less short. For some reason skirts on dresses are SOOOOOOO long. Is there anyone that can wear them? I'd kill myself in this! If I didn't rip it the first time I sat down, I'd certainly trip over the second I tried to dance!!! But that aside, I really like it. And, given it only cost $42 (reduced from $150+), I am even happier!!!! OK, so it's not quite the color I was after (deep purple) but given I'm not prepared to pay to have something specially designed/made for me, this was pretty good. Just hope it gets the Yelena seal of approval!!!!

And I also am now the proud owner of another little black dress. This one has sparkles all over it. And not the subtle kind, like my other dress...these are "in yer face" bright!!!! Short sleeves, scoop neck, the regulatory "above the knee" length. Stretchy material. Not sure about it really. Can always take it back if I find something better. Thought I might take it with next week and see if Yelena can find some shocking pink feathers or something to really brighten it up. She's convinced I should have got a first last time but wasn't bright enough so don't want her telling me off again.....

Well, that's my shopping news. Went Latin last night. Joevene and Lionel dance. Cute DJ! Not a bad turnout for their first Latin night. Worn out this morning. Guess dancing 3 hours of WC Swing and then the same in Latin is probably a bit of overkill. Rose and Colleen turned up. They are SO irritating I just don't enough words. They left early. Wooooohoooooo......Ok, bored now, was gonna follow a train of thought somewhere but think it went off without me.....