Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Mystery Revealed

So the chiro's stretching me and prodding me this morning and starts asking if I'm having any urination problems. No. Oh but my period started this morning. Well that's it then. What, you mean this is the reason I can hardly move, am in total agony and slept 10 hours (YES 10 WHOLE HOURS) last night. Yes! Wow.

So there we have it. Guess I should be grateful I've not got cramps as well. LOL. But if it stays this bad for the next few days I'm gonna have to kill myself.

Anyway, he offered to see me again this afternoon if I'm that bad (I probably would but I'm meant to be at UB later....finished my white strips this morning...wooohooo....bright white...shame I don't feel like smiling much) and then tomorrow morning. Going in Friday anyway as we were doing every two days and that's my usual appointment. Have to see about tomorrow.....sitting here with ice on me at the moment....another 10 minutes then I'll switch to think it's probably likely I'll be there banging down his door first thing!!!! Back to the floor for me.......booohooo


Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I Think I'm Broken


Rolled over this morning in my half-awake state before I hurts!!!! This isn't just the "I ache" hurt. This is "sharp intake of breath and try not to wake the neighbors with screams" hurt. My foot's all tingly again....which means the nerve isn't where it should be. Shit. Warm shower helped but had to get out before I wrinkled up totally...or flooded the place. Now I'm sitting here propped up with cushions trying to remember not to lean back or forwards...or move at all. Sitting's not good. Was going to call the chiro, til I realised it's Tuesday....he's only there in the afternoon. Damn. Gonna try my heat pack in a under water, put in microwave for 2.5 minutes, place on back and enjoy....I hope!

Got yoga later. Missed one class already this session (cos of the accident). Not sure if I'll make it tonight. Want to go but if this pain doesn't subside, there's no way.

Very miserable! Need to cry....frustrated!!!!



Scott Nowson is doing a PhD involving blogs at Edinburgh University. True.....all true! You can read about it here, and assist him in his research if you wish.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Back on the pain pills

Can't bear it any more so I took some. And now I'm going to bed...well more like the floor to watch crappy tv and fall asleep. Yes, I do know the sun's shining but tough....the thought of going back downstairs is too much at the moment.

Update. Floor was good. Til I tried to get up. Couldn't...well clearly I did, else I wouldn't be writing this. Some screaming was glad the windows are open. Lots of rolling over and trying to work out how to push myself up without actually using any pressure on the back. But I'm up...just. Not sure what's going on but the entire mid/lower section of my back seems to be in spasm. More pain pills. No effect on me wotsoever. Very shitty. Lots of ice. Nice!!!

Not sure if I'll be sleeping in bed or on the floor tonight. Actually...not sure if I'll be sleeping tonight.....

Saturday, July 26, 2003


FAst dance last night. A strange gathering of people. Lots of "guests", which translates into people that can't dance and insist on messing up the dancefloor. They have "line of dance" for a reason. the dances that travel, there is line of dance, which is basically anti-clockwise round the dancefloor. The reason being that if everyone travels in the same direction it should be harder to bump into another couple. Problem is, people don't do that....they weave in and out or stay in the same place and cause a traffic jam. If you ever thought the Waltz was a nice elegant dance, think again. It became more like a game of bumper cars....think we hit almost everyone! And then I had to (well, didn't have to but was trying to be nice) dance with some guy that insisted on holding onto me for dear life. Told me to stop thinking. I'm not thinking, I'm trying to work out what you're leading. I actually meant that as an insult cos he was driving me mad but I think it went straight over his head. Entertained Carolyn when I told her!!!!

My legs were incredibly shaky the whole night. Not sure why but seemed to have trouble holding me up. When I got there, I told Michael that I was going to fall over. Just had that feeling that something was going to happen. And it nearly did. Emphasis on nearly. Phew! Got my hustle with Chris. Yayyyy. No tantrums needed. Wooohooo. He decided to see how many times he could spin me. Usually we do about 6 or 8 (which is enough). I actually lost count of the spins yesterday. And I came close to not making it out alive! LOL.

R was there. But no C, which was actually worse as she decided to be friendly to me....which basically means digging for gossip about stuff. I refused to play the game. Sharon didn't go. Still tearful about having to put her dog down. That in itself isn't good. This happened weeks ago and, although it's tough, she's turning into a recluse over it. Spoke to her before I went and she's decided she's not going to dance for at least another month. Not taking lessons either. So noone's actually seen her. Yelena's really worried about her but not sure what to do. Keep telling her to call me or offering to take her out for a coffee or something but she just doesn't want to see anyone. Very worrying. :-(

Other than was an OK evening. And of course I couldn't move this morning. Need a damn good massage right now so blew off tonight's dance.

Oh and I found a clothes peg as I was rummaging through my laundry basket earlier. A little left over from Thursday night I guess. I must have come all the way home with that attached to me. Bastard!!!! Gonna get u for that....although I have to admit I did giggle when I found it!!!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2003

Slept like a log

Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Sleepy and Stupid

Woke up at 5.30am heart pounding and totally freaked out. The dreams are back. Guess I need a new dreamcatcher. I wonder if they can get filled up? Hmm, have to look into that. So.....for some reason I was with Sally from Coupling (the BBC version, not the US rip-off coming out later this year) and we had parked our cars by the side of a park, both facing away from the main road so we had to turn round to leave. She got in her car, drove down to a turning circle and started to which point she must have hit ice, or water, cos the car starts spinning round and round. I want to avoid that I think. So I decide to do a three point turn from where I am...but something happens and the car spins totally out of control into a which point I woke up to the sound of rain, much to my relief. Raindrops can be so comforting sometimes....

After that little incident, I of course didn't get back to sleep til about 7am so, having totally overslept I'm opting for a day of laundry! While I'm waiting, thought I'd do something putting some gas in the car and getting a drink. Ahh. How do I get the gas cap off? Hmmm. Twisted it. Nope, no outward movement....but it seems to like going round and round! Don't see a lock on the cap, so that can't be the problem. Maybe there's a release in the car? Nope. Well this could be interesting. Suppose I could see if there's a manual that tells me. Oh I'll go and ask the guy in the shop. So, doing my best helpless female impression...probably aided by the fact I'm wearing not a great deal today and my hair's still wet (!)....I asked if he could help me. Such a sweetie. Came out and played around with the cap and finally got the damn thing off!!!! And then when I went in to get a coffee he wanted to know if I wanted help getting the top off that! Funny boy........

Wednesday, July 23, 2003


The yoga class, that is. Been doing a little but wasn't sure if I was up to a full class. Was pretty much OK. Didn't feel too bad doing it but by the time I got home the muscles felt tight. Not really surprising. Anyway, got the chiropractor this morning so he can sort it out for me :-) Had a little chat with the cute guy in the class (we actually have loads of men this time!). He's got an extra vertebrae in his back. Interesting but weird. I wonder where they put the spare? LOL Shouldn't laugh really. He's probably got as much trouble as I have. Brain's really not with it today. Been sitting here wondering what to do today and suddenly it dawns on me I'm meant to be somewhere. Suppose I should go and get ready.....but still so level is about minus 10 at the moment....zzzzzzzz.....

Had a call from the recruiter about another job in Cheese-land. Something with smart cards. Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that she'd remembered about me AND the job sounds interesting. Location.....? Hmmmmm......oh well, gotta get it first!

Monday, July 21, 2003


My mortgage was at a fixed rate, which has just expired. It was a great rate at the time I took it out but we all know what's happened to interest rates in the last year or so. Been meaning to call the bank and see about fixing it for another few years at a lower rate but kept forgetting. Payment's due tomorrow so I, at last, dug out my papers and called them. That was an adventure in itself. The number on my last mortgage statement has an 0845 number, which you can't dial from outside the UK. Never mind, there's a number on the web-site, I'll try that. That number is unobtainable. I called the Account Management team - totally the wrong people but at least I got through to a human. Is the number listed XXXXXXXX. No. Oh. Well I'll put you through to someone. Ended up talking to this girl that sounded as if she was about 12 but she was very helpful....although they still have listed the address from two years ago, despite me writing to them numerous times asking for them to update their records! Upshot of all this is that I can get a fabulous rate, fixed for just over two years, that will save me about $170 each month. Woooohoooo. And that's without increasing the borrowing. Yayyyyy. Even better, they apply the new rate immediately, before the paperwork is signed....hmmm, wonder if that means they take the new payment tomorrow? That would be SO nice...but probably a bit late in the day for that, should have called last week! Even if they don't change it til next month it means the rent I get will more than cover the repayments (been a bit under recently) and that would be such a relief. Now all I have to do is be a good girl for a few months and then they might let me take out a bit more so much equity in the place I think I should use some of it....

Sunday, July 20, 2003


I was on my way back from...oh, that doesn't matter...I was on my way home and I was waiting at the lights to turn into my road. There's a stop sign if you come out of the road and turn left. As I was waiting at the lights, I noticed that noone was bothering to stop. So I sat there and counted. Seven cars turned left out of the road. Of those cars only one actually bothered to stop...and that was only because a car was coming down the road. All the others went through merrily totally oblivious to that big red sign. No wonder accidents happen!!!!!

Having been to the chiropractor 3 times in as many days I can happily say...I hurt!!! Suppose I have to go through the pain before things get better but ouch! He's been trying to sort out my neck...lots of massaging, cracking and stretching and I've not got a couple of really sore spots at the top of the neck where the muscles are SO tight. Just touching them is painful. Lower back....sore. Back of left knee feels as if someone stuck a knife in me. And the right knee hurts when I bend it....that's new. And I am sleeping SO much I can't believe it. In bed at least an hour earlier than usual and sleeping straight through til the alarm goes off (quite unheard of for me!). Chiro says that's good as long as it doesn't go on for ever. Suppose I should enjoy that while I can....little Miss Insomnia normally doesn't get a good night's sleep.....

Insurance company approved the car repairs and should have sent the cheque to me yesterday. Still gonna take about 2 weeks to get it all mended. Guy at the bodyshop was very apologetic...even laughed when I told him I've got a rental, which I don't like and I want my baby back.

Got a phone call about an interview. But not for three weeks. That's nice. It's for a company in Lockport that seems to be busily hiring and it sounds interesting. Keeping my fingers crossed as there's not a lot else about.

Other that pretty quiet....which is good. Don't need too much excitement at the moment.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Don't let yourself get out of hands...
You are a Bar of Soap.

What Fruity Object Are You?
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Friday, July 18, 2003

Bright White Smile

Courtesy of nice of them! Free toothpaste and Crest White strips and they're paying me. All I have to do is use the toothpaste (which is Colgate, my fave) to brush twice a day (already do that, if not more) and the strips (which I was gonna buy anyway), turn up 3 more times and let the dentist look at my teeth. What could be easier? Was a bit concerned that they'd give me some strange, untested substance to use but nope, all household names so no worries there. I can already see the difference although those strip things are a bugger to use....I keep playing with them and this morning I nearly lost one due to overactive tongue action! LOL They don't show that on the commercial do they!!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2003

For everything else....

Daily insurance on a rental car: $10.99

Repairs on my baby: $3,500

Getting my back sorted out: priceless!

Cracked and woozy.....probably explains why I've got that damn MasterCard commercial on the brain...

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Why I Drive Stick

The guys at Enterprise are adorable. Totally! The insurance company got its act together and sent over the authorisation. So the guy at Enterprise said he'll try and get a driver to me for 2pm (to pick me up and take me over to them). Well....they didn't. Spoke to him a little later (cos I fell asleep) and he said it would be about 5.30 - they just had to go collect a car. Then he calls me to say as he's so sorry for the delay he'll give me a free upgrade to a Ford Windstar. That's a van isn't it? Yes, with power everything. Thought you might like it. I've never driven a van, I'd rather have something a little smaller. (What am I gonna do in a van all on my lonesome, huh??? Maybe I should hire a couple of kids and some dogs to keep me company!) Oh. Hang on. Hmmm. I've got a Pontiac Sunfire just come in. Oooh, that sounds much more me (such a tart). No problem. As we made you wait, we'll deliver it to you. Yayyyy!!! And I have to say, to show I'm feeling a bit better, the guy that came with him....mmmm mmmmmmm

So anyway. Took the car out for some shopping. I can NOT drive automatic. Apart from a twitchy left foot that has nothing to do, I keep reaching for the gear stick. And the reaction is soooooooooo slow.....either you have to tell the car to go about 5 minutes before you want it to or it goes off on its own! Plus, there's no racing away from the lights in this thing! It's enough to send me to sleep. Bring back my baby!!!!!! I've not driven any other car in over two years and now I realise how spoiled I've become. Apart from electronic everything (!), it's nippy, it's responsive, it steers's perfect (although they could use a few design tips on the exterior). And I miss it :-(

Oh, and Mr Pontiac, if you're reading you think it's wise to place an indicator stick so far away from the steering wheel that I actually have to lift my hand away from the wheel to reach it??? And I have long fingers.......which also keep getting the tuning dial rather than the volume knob...c'mon, if you had any sense, you'd put the tuner the other side so I can't get distracted by it while I'm driving. But I will compliment you on your seats...very comfortable. Overall, I don't think this will be on my car wishlist...unless I can have a fully automated, power everything WITH STICK!!!! No, even then, it's too common...followed another one just now....and it was a better model...toooo depressing.....

Oh and my little baby's going to be gone for about 2 weeks. Sob.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Still waiting....

A word of advice. If you ever get in a car accident, try and make sure the other party is from the same's gotta be easier!

Ohio State Farm (yesterday)
We've sent an authorisation over to Enterprise for you. You need to speak to our office in NY's easier as they're in-state so they know the state laws and everything.
OK, makes sense.
We'll send the paperwork over and one of the reps there will call you.
When do you think that will be?
Oh, should be sometime today.

Ohio State Farm (today)
Hi, someone was going to call me back and they didn't. And I've spoken to the car rental people and they've not had anything from you.
You need to talk to NY now. I'll transfer you

Talk about passing the buck!!!!!

New York State Farm
Hi, I was told to talk to someone on Team C but I can't work out how to get through your voice automated system to find someone on Team C. Can you help?
Takes my claim number/details and I explain, again, about wanting to get a car rental, etc.
I don't see that any decision's been made about liability and we can't do anything until that's agreed.
But they just told me you're going to pay.
Well they don't seem to have noted it in the file, so either no decision's been made or they're just not noted it down.
So what about getting a car?
We won't authorise that until liability's been decided. It looks like it's on the list for one of our reps to look at.
How long will that take?
I don't really know. I can call Ohio and find out what's happening. And I need to send someone out to look at the car. Where is it?
Give her the details.
Well it could take 2-3 business days to arrange a visit. Is the car driveable?
It might be if someone changed the tire for me...but it's in the bodyshop anyway so I don't have it.
Oh, I'll set up a visit and I'll call you back.
And I see you were injured in the accident.

OK? What do you mean OK? Do you CARE????????? I hurt!!!!!! And unless you agree to pay my taxi bills, I need a car to get to the doctor/chiropractor so I can stop the hurt. Get a move on!!!!!

Minutes later
State Farm here.
OK, liability has been agreed.
See...what did I tell you?
I'm arranging for the authorisation for the rental today. I'll set it up for 8 days. Will that be long enough?
Should be but there again depends how long it takes you to get your act together and approve the repairs.
Someone will visit.
Any idea when?
No idea....


Hi, the insurance company said they sent the authorisation over to you.
I was just looking, don't seem to have it yet, can I call you back?
Of course.

Still waiting.......

Sunday, July 13, 2003

This was harder than expected

Try hiring an insurance replacement rental car in Buffalo! You think it would be easy wouldn't you. First mistake - assuming a company as large as Hertz would actually offer this service. Sure we can help you, what state are you in? NY. Oh we don't have any insurance replacement offices in NY. What? You don't have a single office that can help me. No, sorry. Geesh. Four calls later (to different companies) I find one that does....Enterprise. Great. Wooohooo. Can you come and collect me? Yes but not til Monday. Why? Well because we're only open for another hour today and we're closed tomorrow. Fantastic! Well at least I'm booked in so someone should be turning up tomorrow morning to "sort me out". Suppose it's not really a big deal. Didn't feel like going anywhere......did I? Managed a walk to the shops at the end of the road. In the rain. Quite nice really. Only out for about 45 minutes but that was long enough. By the time I got home my back was starting to complain. Been here before!!!!!!!

Have now had a better chance to identify what's hurting: right side of my neck and shoulders are as tight as they could be. All I have to do is touch the side of my neck and it hurts. Waaawwwwwwww. Right hip messed up. Muscles start spasming when I lean forward. So don't lean forward. Thanks for that! Lower back sore....again....(just as I was pretty much ok, that really really sucks). Left leg....sciatic nerve...the one that goes all the way to the toes (there are three, I have to hurt the longest one)...ouch. Oh yeah and large bruise on forehead! That one's quite funny really. Came back from the crash with all my shopping. Was in such a state I just flung it into the freezer/fridge......and managed to hit my head on the corner of the freezer!!! LOL So it gives me something to do tomorrow...once I'm with car I HAVE to get to the chiropractor so he can straighten my poor back.

But good the sun's shining today.....and I did manage to watch how many movies yesterday? Lost count after the 5th one!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2003

I love State Farm

I'm thinking of renaming this Ice Queen. Spent more time with ice on my back than I care to remember. Stiff as a board this morning. From my neck all down my back. Can feel every muscle when I move. Plus my friend Sciatica has come to join in the party. Totally sucky!

State Farm were wonderful. Phoned them up, virtually in tears (actually I did cry afterwards for quite a while), still from shock, to ask what do I do now? He took the details and called the other agent. Called me back within the hour to say he'd spoken to them, they accepted liability and he's called Regional Office to see what I can do about getting the car fixed. Need to wait for a claim number as it's out-of-state (stupid bitch was from Toledo....). Within 2 hours, the office called me back with a claim number and told me to get the car taken in. Said they'll pay if I get a rental car and pick up any medical bills. Called the body shop - past 5pm on a Friday so wasn't really expecting anyone to be there. Oh, no problem. I'll call the tow company and we'll sort it all out for you. 6.30pm, I get a call...hi, it's the tow truck, I'm outside.

I watched my poor little baby being towed away. Nice guy came to take the car. Got it hooked up and then gets out the truck and looks at me. It's AWD isn't it? That means I have to lift all the wheels. Err, yes. It says so on the back in big friendly letters. Well I didn't realise that. Most Subarus are AWD now. There are a couple that aren't. Well, sorry but this one is. So he had to unwind and start again! He was fine about it, just wanted to get it done before the rain came! Gave me a better chance to review the damage. Passenger door scratched. Actually doesn't look too bad but definitely needs seeing to. Haven't opened that door cos I didn't want to risk the frame being damaged and the door not shutting again. Rear wheel arch in a very sorry state. The metal has pulled away from the strut that goes round the wheel. The area above the arch, round the gas tank, nicely dented. The rear tire is completely ripped (must have been when I spun round). No air left in that. Not sure about the wheel itself...scratched but out of alignment? Probably won't know til they lift the car up and take a good look. And the rear bumper was knocked away from the rest of the bodywork. Big sobs :-( Of course, we had to have a little audience as he's loading up the car. Oooh what happened there???? Whaddya think happened...clearly I managed to throw the car sideways into a heavy object!

This is the first accident I've been in since, well I can't really remember, probably since I was in my early 20's when some idiot drove the wrong way down a one-way street...straight into me. So I wasn't sure how efficiently things would work....have to say I was pretty impressed by the way in which everyone responded. And strangely enough it occured in the very spot where some old guy in a Merc drove straight out in front of me the other day. Managed to slam on the brakes and avoid him, although there was a lot of horn honking! Obviously something happens to people in the vicinity of supermarkets - they seem to lose all ability to drive properly.

Spoke to Rob after it happened. Actually I spent a hour or so on the phone to him earlier cos his friend N was round....we have "tease N" sessions every so often. Never actually met N as last time I was down in Jersey, he was off doing family things. They called me about 10.30am drunk out of their heads. Funny. Anyway he was less than sympathetic...although I think it was the alcohol. All he could tell me was that there was this guy in NJ that wants to f*** me. Why, thanks darling!!!! And then...this is very funny.....he calls me about 9pm to tell me he's totally hungover and he was meant to have gone on a date but he fell asleep, she called at 7pm and he slept through. LOL Can't say I had any sympathy for him on that one!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2003

Just when it can't get worse....

It did. Spectacularly. Driving back from the supermarket when some woman decides to drive into the side of my car! She was driving along in front of me and then swings off to the right into the parking lot at the supermarket...don't think she indicated. So, I assumed, she's going right. Course not. She pulls the car back round to the left and straight out, back into the road and, more painfully, into the side of my car, hits the passenger door with such force my whole car swings right round to face the other way. Back tire is screwed, passenger door smashed in and the wheel arch looks in a very sorry state. Don't care so much about the car, more about the fact that I can feel my back seizing up again. All down the right side....SHIT.

Must Have Been Asleep

Don't know how I missed this one but was watching the news last night and there was a story on there about a tanker, the Tricolor, that sunk in the English Channel. Not an oil, a boat laden with 3,000 (I think that's what they said) luxury cars. Too funny!!!! Although it's now a hazard to shipping so guess that's a bit of a nuisance....3 ships have apparently collided with it....pretty big thing, wouldn't have thought it was that hard to miss??? They're now starting the salvage operation, which looks quite cool. They have a giant cheese slicer machine - basically a really strong wire attached to two platforms each side of the tanker. They'll use the wire to slice the tanker up into sections and then lift up each one so it can be carted off for scrap. Wasn't clear if the cars inside will be scrapped but I guess, with all that sea water in them, they're probably not good for much else.

And this morning, I found this, courtesy of "If you lived here you would be home by now" (I take it that's the reference to those billboards they have at the side of the railway tracks to encourage commuters to live in totally undesirable areas of's a toss-up between living there or dealing with the Tube/British Rail...hmmm, tough one!). Anyway, back to the plot, read the story at the bottom. Was killing myself!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

All over the place!

Was totally freaked out last night. Check normally arrives Wednesday...every single week it's been there without fail...until yesterday. Eeeeek. Oh no, they've stopped money...booohooo. Called and they said it was mailed on Monday but last time they stopped my money the system told me it had been mailed anyway...think someone swiped it on the way out! Relief this morning when it appeared. TG for that! Though I spent most of the morning being sick...ulcer playing up. See what happens when I get stressed out about silly little things????

And now, as I sit here, I'm watching the sky get greyer and greyer. It better not rain today....first time in ages, I've not wanted rain and it looks highly likely. Damn. Doug Yeomans is playing down the road a bit later and I was gonna go. Hmmm...we shall see....don't wanna mess the hair. That would be funny apart from the fact it needs washing...maybe I should take my Paul Mitchell with me???? LOL

Oh...and look, Regis are doing 2 for $22 again. Must be time to get my hair cut...and isn't he cute....mmmmmm.... ;-)

Wednesday, July 09, 2003


There was a woman at yoga last night that just HAD to be the centre of attention. Annoyed the hell out of me. Firstly she was over-made up, which is a bit stupid considering it's yoga and there is a chance, albeit slight, that you might get a little hot (considering the weather, quite a good chance actually). Announced to the world in a very loud voice that she'd requested the Wednesday class so she didn't know why she was booked into the Tuesday class. She liked Tony (the Wednesday night instructor) and didn't want to be here. Great, we don't want you here either!!!! Then she went on to complain about the fact that there was no A/C (actually that was a bit of a bummer) and it was too hot and stuffy. Can we do something about getting some air in here? Sure, let's go outside and carry it in for you! There's 20 other people here and we're managing, just cope with it, can't you? Clearly not. So we had to delay the start of the class while people went to open the doors and move things to prop them open. Ugh. Just too much to deal with. We wanna relax, not listen to someone griping about things. I just hope they transfer her to Wednesdays cos I'm not sure I'll survive another 5 weeks with her.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

3 bruises...

....from over-enthusiastic dog. Great!!!!!

Yoga starts again tonight. Hope the A/C's on! Other than that....bored. :-( Suppose I could do some laundry but not a lot needs washing...and I still have clean undies so I don't NEED to.....must be something more interesting that I could do?????? But while I'm wasting my day trying to think of fun things I did find some entertaining horoscopes (entertaining, cos they're probably more true than the real ones!)....

Monday, July 07, 2003

This was a first for me...

....meeting a dog that eats lipstick...and I don't mean while it's on me....straight off the stick....quite cute really, albeit expensive!

Sunday, July 06, 2003

National Kissing Day

Yep, it's official. In the UK anyway. Today's the day for snogging. I think that's a celebration I should introduce to the US. Any volunteers?????

Friday, July 04, 2003

Is that rain I hear?

Yayyyyy. And booo.....i'm wrapped up in a towel at the moment so I can't go and play in it....but I so want to......!!!!! I'm in one of those "it's too hot moods" although some of it could be cos I just did my yoga (still doing it every day......although sometimes it's not til about 10pm cos of the heat)......and I got all hot and sweaty...mmmm mmmmm LOL I'd quite like it to rain all day then I could go and watch movies...although I could do that anyway. 4th of July (have u noticed that people say that the English way but every other day of the year they say in the American way.....perverse and me anyway) and I should be doing something exciting but have no energy left.....and I think I'm dehydrating. Been getting lots of cramps in my feet. Not had those for ages. Think it's lack of something. Might have to go and buy some bananas. Oh, rain stopped. Just teasing me. Rain, damn u!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2003


Firstly...this is totally sick!!!! So much so that it's taken my mind off my toe :-(

I frequently walk into my armchair (just for the hell of it) and always bruise my little toe. Yesterday I went one better, managing to whack it so hard that I almost passed out (I am a total wimp when it comes to pain so bear that in mind). Not only did I make it bleed and swell up beautifully but it seemed that I'd also dislodged the toe nail, although this morning the fear of losing it seems to have passed. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, I managed to knock it on something else. Several ice packs later, I calmed down a little and strapped the thing up....just to prevent further injury. Having just investigated, it appears that the swelling is almost gone although it's still pretty sore and any pressure on the nail is upsetting. I know, don't prod...but there's something perversely pleasing about touching bits that hurt...maybe it's cos once you stop, the pain goes away? And as for shoes....ha ha ha. Put a pair on earlier when I went out....hopalong or what?!

Still feeling a bit sorry for myself. And the SEAL, who has now returned from his travels, refuses to give me any sympathy!!!!

Try this:

very understanding
knows how to make an impression
active fighter for social cause
moody and capricious lover
honest and tolerant partner
precise sense of judgment.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003


Now how is it that UPS men are always so cute and friendly and generally fabulous? Is it the recruiting process...yes, we are an EOE but you are only allowed to drive one of our trucks if you're gorgeous....anyone else gets a desk/warehouse job? Or is it the despatch process....order going to 30-something female...send along a cute guy? I know I've written about them before but I continue to be amazed each time I get a delivery. I've had two (orders that is!) in the last 10 days and both times the I've marvelled at the deliverers. Clean, polite, happy to chat with me (I get bored being at home so much!) and CUTE!!!!!! Makes me want to order stuff just to see more of them LOL

Our USPS guy is very nice (he makes sure the woman downstairs is OK when she doesn't collect her mail, he takes my parcels...including the heavy printer...without complaints, he says hello) but you just can't lust after him. Is this some sort of hierachy thing....does USPS get UPS rejects? Or do mail people aspire to be UPS people?????

Fascinating....well, better go find some more stuff to buy..... ;-)

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I Don't Like My Neighbour

I've done the laundry. Oh there's a story. Remember "she who lives opposite and is incapable of taking her washing out the machine"? Yeah, she did it again. I got so annoyed. She went out leaving stuff in the dryer (at least it wasn't the washer this time!). I completed two loads of washing and couldn't bear it any longer....if you're gonna leave things lying around for 2 hours (probably longer,not sure when she actually started her washing), expect them to be moved....which I did! Completed my drying...and then put her stuff back in. Was gonna go round to the office and complain but I forgot...maybe next time I'm in...which should be due....aaagh! Plus, she props open the fire door, which is clearly marked "Fire Door, Keep Closed", leaves all the lights on and the door to the basement unlocked. One day "someone" is going to go down there and steal all her underwear...retribution! Just so damn selfish.