Saturday, December 25, 2004


Three bottles of there something people are trying to tell me????

One alpaca fur rug...perfect for snuggling my poor bruised toe into (yep, still swollen and numb)

Home-made cookies...from one of the guys that works for me

Flat-painting from my father...well, that's sort of a loan more than a present. The place needs doing and he said he'd pay to get it sorted. When...if....I get a bonus I'll repay let's all pray for the exchange to move in my's killing me right now.

Sleeping in.....mmmmmm!!!!!

Who Ordered the White Christmas?

Pretty if you're sitting at home watching it. Crap if you have to drive back from downtown in it. Took nearly an hour yesterday afternoon. I was on the phone and all of a sudden we had a total we decided to close the office (boss was off and what he doesn't know won't hurt him). Glad I left when I did as it didn't appear to clear up until well after dark.

Expressway had two lanes, of sorts, but it was so white there were places where it was hard to see what was road and what wasn't. I made it so I guess that's all that matters. I'm still bemused by the truck drivers that think it's good to go at 60 when the rest of us are trying hard to get above 30. If they want to kill themselves, fine, just don't do it in front of me!

I have a joke at the moment about snow ploughs. It appears that, when it snows, a trio of ploughs can be found travelling on the other side of the road to me. I was telling someone at work about this yesterday. I got on the 33 to come home and what did I see....three snow ploughs on the other side. Dammit!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Cute Guy

Popped into Spanish earlier. It was snowing, which should have been a good reason to come home but actually turned out just to be a good reason to leave work. Then I was restless so I stopped by to see if anyone exciting was around. Missed the really cute (married) one....booo....but there was another to entertain me for a little while.

Cute, married one and I are getting on quite well....probably cos there are three women in our class (from time to time, none of them are very reliable) that are so damn irritating we get to exchange looks (you know the type, eye rolling and in-jokes that go straight over their heads). He's selling (and making) baseball cards for some minor league thing...don't ask me.....I checked out the website and moaned about a few things but that's about as far as my knowledge of the subject goes. Was telling him about our site (which probably has never been mentioned on here before)....hmmm....oh well, another time. We're getting a ton of hits and....sales!!!!! Yayyyyyy. Been discussing the joys of keywords and stuff like that with him....well, really I've been naggin him more than anything. He's on TV but I've yet to see him...probably cos it's some sports thingy I don't watch.

Anyway, he turned up at the weekend and asked if I could keep a secret. Sure. It wasn't very exciting...he'd got Carlos some business cards for Navidad cos he'd been helping with some phone calls to the Dominican Republic. Not a huge secret but irritating woman 1 HAD to know what we were whispering about. We didn't tell her. She drives me mad. She has this really squeaky voice and continuously goes on about how I must have so much money because I take dance lesson at Freds. Then she tells me about how she's taking dance lessons too and blah, blah, blah. I tend to switch off after 30 seconds of her.....

Don't really know where I'm going with this.....oh well, buenas noches.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Hurts so much :-(

I can't believe these toes aren't broken. It's so damn painful walking. Actually more of a really ungainly hobble at the moment. Chiro told me off cos I put my spine out of alignment so that's been playing up as well. If it's not one thing, it's another!

Resorted to going out with odd socks on.....a ski sock on my right foot to keep warm and a normal sock on the left cos I can't fit a ski sock on and wear shoes. As soon as I get to work, the shoes come off and the other ski sock goes on. Screw health and safety!!!!!

Lots of ice and elevation but the swelling doesn't appear to be going down much. I still can't bend the toes...even when I prod them with my fingers (which does make it hurt but I can't resist it!!!). No dancing for me :-(


It did make me feel a little better when Rob told me he has a kidney stone.......ha ha ha. Was that mean of me????

Sunday, December 12, 2004


3.5 hours.

Fabulous way to spend a Sunday morning!

And all cos I managed to smash my foot into the side of my chair (after effects of ONE, yes just one, beer). Stupid, huh? Done it before, several times in fact. Usually it aches for a while and then it's fine. This time the foot decided it didn't want to play nice. Toes all swollen and foot was black when I woke up. Wasn't going to bother but it hurts like hell when I stand on it so I thought maybe something serious had happened. Had trouble getting my socks on but that was nothing compared to the joy of shoes!

Turns out that it's just really badly knocked and bruised...bones are all intact....yayyyy! Took three x-rays to discover that during which they kept wanting to talk about my right was my left as I kept telling. Well, it says it's your right on the paper. So it's my fault, the nurse can't tell which direction is which? Take a look...this one is swollen, and this one isn't. 5 times a day, keep it raised when possible and take painkillers. Woooooohooooo. Think that means I can stay at home tomorrow....see somethings good things do happen to bad people!

Oh, I guess I should mention I screwed my back up Friday night as well...dancing. Couldn't move. Very miserable.

All in all, it's been a pretty crappy weekend and I've left out the really shitty stuff.....maybe to elevate my foot :-)