Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Blogging Abroad

Oh, this is interesting...a list of blogs written by ex-pats....check it out...there I am!!! Nice :-)


The End is Nigh!

Here we are......in the countdown to the end of the year. I have to say I am pleased. It's not been a good year all things considered. OK so i started the year broke and jobless and am ending it up employed and slightly less broke (albeit suffering from this damn cold/flu that's making me feel totally shit!). And I did make it to San Fran after 3 years of trying. So I achieved a few things. But on a personal level stuff's not been working out that well. I "lost" a friend along the way.....another woman. Wot is it with men? I'm still suffering from a bad back. Yes, it's a lot better than it was but it still managed to put me out of action for far too long...since August I think. I stopped smoking...sort of. No cigarettes for ages but I've discovered that I'm rather partial to the odd cigar....is that better? I don't think so. And as a result I put back a load of the weight that I lost....so I'm back on the removal campaign AGAIN!

Men? Well...too many. Dennis, Dave, Greg, Larry, Drew, the other Drew, one who's name I just can't remember. And some others along the way. Got my heart broken. Ha. I suppose that, in some ways, that's a positive. It's been about three years since I felt comfortable enough with anyone to let them get to me. And, of course, the second I think it's OK to do so, wot happens? I get screwed. Bad choice of words. Rob tells me I'm ready to settle down. Am I? Maybe. That's a scary thought. 12 months ago there was no way I'd even consider it. Now it doesn't seem such a bad option.

Moved twice. Of course that goes without saying. It just wouldn't be the same if I stayed put for a whole year would it? Maybe next year? Although all the signs are pointing to more movement. It's probably the holiday season getting to me but just recently I've been thinking that it's time to go. Where? I have no idea! Why? Just because. Because I can? Because I need to? Because.....I guess it's really because I'm not happy. Which is a normal state of affair for me but there's something different this year. I feel like I'm looking for something but I don't know what. So how can I find it? Will I know when it turns up? Maybe. I hope so. If I don't....I shouldn't think like that. Next year will be better!! I just wish I had a crystal ball or a little more certainty about what's in store for me.

But in the meantime.....more drugs, keep warm and Happy 2003!

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Fave Movies of the Year

Why not, everyone else is doing it! In no particular order.....

- Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (waited a year and it was worth it)
- Frida (I cried!)
- My Big Fat Greek Wedding (saw it twice and I don't often do that!)
- Sweet Home Alabama (Josh is SO sexy!)
- Die Another Day (ok, it's a Bond movie with Brosnan but it was a LOT better than the last few.....)
- Analyze That (too funny!)
- One Hour Photo (Robin Williams does something good for once)
- Insomnia (at the time I could relate to the title, nice twist as well, nearly missed it!)
- The Shipping News (cool music, good acting, amazing scenery)

Movies that the world could have lived without:

- Punch-Drunk Love (Adam Sandler should be strung up by something painful for a very long time)

And the ones that I missed - this is Buffalo, after all!

- The Quiet American (apparently it did make it across the pond but not this far inland)
- Cinema Paradiso - New Version (I love the original.....could this be even better? Who knows, I missed it)

Upcoming that I HAVE to see:

- The Pianist
- Chicago

Saturday, December 28, 2002

All done!

Almost. All the chores I've been putting off for ages.

- Chiropractor. Not bad. Don't have to go back for a month, accidents allowing. Though my back is now killing me.....and I feel like crap...although that could be flu...so hard to tell sometimes.

- Alterations. Took the dress in to get it shortened. How long have I had it? Oh well! It'll be ready in a couple of weeks so that's perfect. And while I was there I had some chiffon pants that needed a little shortening as well...just so I don't kill myself.

- Jewellery to go with the dress. Yeah. Found some!!! Anne Klein. Jet. Cute chain with big dangly bit. Should be outrageous enough. And some earrings to go with it.

- Gloves. Wooohoooo!!! Very long satin gloves. Supposed to be 18-button...but I found out the other day that I have really long arms. Chris (from Freds) was going on about how his arms were much longer than mine so sorting out where we stand was tricky. So I stuck my arms out and pointed out that his were about an inch longer than mine...and that's mainly cos his hands are bigger. I think it's cos he keeps pulling mine out....he's stretching me. Anyway, the gloves. So, supposed to be about as long as they can get....and they dont really go all the way up my arms.....and the fingers are a little tight. Well, they're stretchy so I'll have to work with them.

That's it. Run round. Done it all. And been to Wegmans. Was gonna get my hair cut but.......think I'll leave it for another couple of weeks. Don't feel like sitting in a chair at the moment. Sleep. Need sleep. Very hot. Not happy. Is it too early to go to bed? Hmmm.....we'll see........

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Merry Christmas

I did it. Spoiled myself. Been thinking about one for ages. And then I saw 10% discount, free shipping, money back and free card and I went for it....Happy Christmas to meeeeee!!!!! Yeah, I bought a new camera. I love my little Olympus that I have at the moment...had it for years. Since I was....I don't know. Must be at least 10 years I think. Takes lovely photos and it's never gone wrong (touch wood) in it's life. So another Olympus it is......mmmmm........just gotta wait for it to arrive now......patience is a virtue......virtue is a grace, grace was a little girl that didn't wash her face! I don't know where that came from....LOL

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Bah Humbug!

In 40 hours it will all be over.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Talk about taking a long time to get round to doing things! I took in 3 rolls of photos yesterday to get them developed. I knew some of them were from a while back but I didn't quite realise how far. As well as the photos of the recent trip to Vegas, dancing in NJ (August this year) and the AM Showcase (July...just before I decided to fall downstairs!)....I have pictures of...snow...7 feet....from last Christmas. Plus, and I really didn't know I still had these! Photos of my sister from the last time she came visiting......October 2001...oooooooooooooooops!!!! Not that she looks that different.....

So the laundry is now bubbling nicely and I shall sit here and sort through them all......just the sort of brainless thing I need for a Sunday.........

Ooooh ooooh. And I did get to LOTR...........FANTASTIC! I even ordered a copy of the first one as my Christmas present to myself. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Monday, December 16, 2002



So I've decided that younger men are lovely! They're so cute and willing to please! They apologise if they think they're not perfect. Wow. Try getting an apology out of an older man....never....they know best. Yeah, right!!!!! A very bad start to the day (yesterday). Cold and lonely. Soon changed that. Though it did involve going off Canadians...wot is it with them...seem incapable of keeping their promises. Details? No. Not yet. We'll see......

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Showcase Time

Again! Does it never stop? Another excuse for Yelena to cause me to spend MORE money!!!! Anyway, this time we're going for the slow, sexy songs. Although that didn't stop them choreographing stuff for people with good backs!!! LOL. Oh yeah, remember my back? Hmmmmm.......bend backwards...no, right back....errr....yeah....hmmmmmmm. 4 weeks to go, give or take and I'm still not sure I can do it!!! But anyway. The choice of music:

Bolero: Time and Tide by Basia. Not strict tempo but good song. Bolero - the sexiest of all the Latin dances. Did you know that? Me neither. Apparently Rhumba is what lovers dance in public. Bolero is what they do in private!!!!! Mmmmmmm :-)

Waltz: Greenwaves by Secret Garden. Irish feel to it. Really like it. And I get a chance to wear my nice new dress...the one that needs taking up about 6 feet cos the skirt's too long...been meaning to take it in for weeks but still not done it. Maybe next weekend.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

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Oh I Don't Believe It

Wot is it with Canadians? I thought they were all lovely? Well actually, quite a lot of them are. But there seem to be some that are VERY, VERY dumb!!!!! I was meant to see one a few weeks back. My back was hurting so I left him a message saying could we meet somewhere else cos I didn't want to drive up to the Falls....we were meant to go for drinks and stuff. He didn't call back. So I assumed that maybe he'd already left and went to meet him. Of course, he didn't show. Took my message as an indication that I wasn't interested and didn't bother. Gee thanks! Why would I have called and asked you to call me? Huh? So had a right go at him. Basically thought he'd got the message and he'd leave me alone. Popped up again a couple of weeks later. Yeah yeah yeah. Call me when you reach the border and I'll come out to play. Oh and by the way, I'm going away for a week. Can I come? Hmm.....yeah, really. Of course he didn't. Which was fine by me. So today. Oh look. A message. Hi, when can we get together. Errrr...like NEVER!!!! Get it into your head. I don't like being messed around. You had a chance. You blew it. So get lost. Don't think you can disappear for weeks on end and then pick up like nothing ever happened. Ugghhhh......

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Home Sweet Home

From sunny Vegas to snowy Buffalo. Wot can I say....sunshine wins every time! And I got to spend time with my "baby" sister and her husband. Nothing seems to change but they did confess that they wouldn't mind moving over to the USA. Hmm...wonder wot the parents would have to say about THAT! LOL Not My Problem!

So...wot did we do? Not really sure. Checked out the hotels. Went to the movies. Lost a load of money. Ate out. Walked and walked and walked and.....TG I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow!!!!! Found a very cute man...on the flight out...he was married. DAMN! Hate that. Hmmmmm. Did come back to some messages from potentially cute men.....oh well, silver lining to every cloud I guess. Oooops....gotta go rescue the kettle, I can hear the whistling....

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Vegas...Here I Come!!!!!

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?

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Sunday, December 01, 2002

Goat Woman

I love reading these things...just cos it's a great way of blaming my bad behaviour on something other than me!!! Emotional? But of couse, dahling...it's in the stars. And so on. So here's my latest find....courtesy of www.astral-lab.com:

Natives of the Goat sign doubtlessly rank among the most attractive and feminine women in the world. They may be more or less beautiful, but the beauty of many of them is unparalleled. All of them are superlatively enticing, a joy to behold. Even the humblest ones are graced with some distinction and elegance. There is always something misty, dreamy about the typical Goat female. Her gestures are hesitant, uncompleted, as if she were afraid a decisive movement would brutally dissipate her halo and crudely project her into the world of reality. She also likes to leave her sentences — and almost everything she does — unfinished, thereby providing plenty of room for guessing and imagination. Much of her particular brand of charm unquestionably resides in her indecision and imprecision.

When drawing up any native's psychological portrait, astrologers usually make a distinction between his (or her) faults and virtues. Such a method proves awkward when it comes to the Goat woman, for the various features of her personality tend to overlap one another and it is impossible to draw a clear line between her strengths and weaknesses; moreover, she is so changing, so self-contradictory that some of her good points may suddenly become bad ones, and vice versa.

The Goat female is certainly the most romantic, the most loving of all women. To her, love is the essence of life, and there is nothing more natural than to love: It would be impossible for her to exist or survive without love. One would waste one's time and effort in talking to her about feminist claims in general and Women's Liberation Movement in particular, for she finds all this utterly senseless. There is only one claim she wants to make — that she be allowed to love to her heart's content, without any hindrance whatsoever.

Since she only lives for love, she could in no way do without men for any length of time. Because of this some people are inclined to view her as an oversexed and nymphomaniacal creature. Actually, these epithets are quite unjust: Her sexuality serves primarily as a means of expression of her soul, and her eroticism verges more on mysticism than on carnality. Nevertheless, her particular conception of, and attitude toward, love does not in the least harm her extreme sensuousness and desirability as a wonderfully voluptuous bed partner.

Now, is that me or wot??? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....see, it's all in the stars....I can not possibly be held responsible for my irresponsible behaviour! More men, more men!!! LOL