Thursday, October 30, 2003


I have no idea where the time is going at the moment. All these little projects keeping me busy I guess.....

Chiro this morning....still getting right hip pain and sciatica in left ankle, although mainly in the mornings and disappears after the shower...the heat definitely helps. He says there must be something I'm doing that continues to aggravate it...although what, we don't know. Have to stop doing one thing each day and see what happens. And maybe, in a month, if I'm still like for a CT scan...although I said that the thought of that was enough to make me stop complaining!!!

Not been selling this job board thing actively but, today, got another sale....from a newsgroup I think (looked at the stats and someone seems to have signed up from one of the banners). it when money comes from doing nothing!

Just for the fun of it, went to see the Avon woman the other day. $10 to join up and already I've got nearly $100 in sales.....hmmm.....wondering if this is worth really pursuing? After all, as I just said to someone else, even in a recession people bathe themselves and women get tarted up for their menfolk!!!!

Been talking to someone (the same someone actually) about a web-site venture. Went downtown to talk to someone else about it. Bit of a downer really but, over lunch, came up with a silly idea. Went home to investigate and looks like a possibility....more to follow.......

Fishnets...purchased! Wooohooo. Sexy black ones for the party complete the devil outfit. I'm really not into dressing up but decided if I have to do so, then I'm gonna do it properly. Only problem is working out how to keep those damn horns in my hair......loadsa clips methinks. More on THAT later.....

That's bout it. Another insurance check just arrived for me. Yayyyy! Pumpkin carving later. Yoga now, then shower.

Sunday, October 26, 2003






Friday, October 24, 2003

Out of alignment


Not sure how but went to chiro this morning....sciatica's back and pain round my right hip. What are u doing to yourself? Dunno...just life really...guess I probably shouldn't carry laundry downstairs? No...

Hmmm...well I did nearly see if Scott/Dave (the guys that look after the apts) would come over and carry it down for me but decided that really was too pathetic. Maybe in future I should swallow my pride and ask...or carry it down, sock by sock?

Spent most of the day in Starbucks.

Then went to stuck in traffic down our road (roadworks). Totally forgot about it by the time I came home and got stuck again. Then had to do a really silly detour...all too much....

Sleepy now...and not eaten either.....could be why I'm tired...?????

Thursday, October 23, 2003

No Pumpkins

Changed my mind on the pumpkin idea. Going as a cute red devil instead....horns and everything. Yeah, I know I'm meant to dress up but thought it would be cool to go as myself ;-)

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Summary of the Week

Couldn't be bothered to update this during the week so here's a summary of what happened...not very exciting really!


Finally cancelled the service. Got sick of them putting up their rates all the time. They send out these letters saying they've added more channels (which I don't want) and feel this gives them the right to charge more....doubtless so they can continue to advertise every 5 minutes. No wonder they're in such a bad state. Took the boxes back and made sure they cancelled everything on their system. So that's done! Instead...signed up for Earthlink..which is dial-up but with their nice accelerator there's not a huge amount of difference in speed (for browsing anyway). Seems to be working quite nicely so I'm happy.

Research Study

Went for my last dental appointment at UB. Filled in my form...just waiting for the cheque to arrive. Signed up for another study at ECC. This one's into sensitive teeth...of which I know I have two. They blow air into the mouth so see how you react...nearly hit the guy at one point....! Wow, didn't realise they were quite that bad....! One is next to the tooth that I had crowned (cos my dentist kept having to replace the filling, which I liked to break so the filling got larger and larger until finally I gave in and got the damn thing crowned...since then it's been great). All I have to do for this study is brush my teeth twice a day (which I do anyway) with Crest (they provide) and new toothbrush (they provide) and go in and see them a few times. For that they pay $200. Easy money. :-)


Still keen on being a pumpkin but did notice that Party City have a cute red devil's costume. Gotta go down there with Sharon so she can suitably "costume" me up. Think she's using me as her little pet project on this one but might be worth it....Freds are giving away free dance lessons and I could certainly use some of those. Got another couple of weeks to worry about it so we shall see.....


I didn't hear back from the company with the "10 minute interview" but not particularly upset by that. Got an email from someone that "found me on the Internet" recruiting for a job board. Seems genuine...and it's definitely not one of those stupid scams where you have to pay money and then get screwed. Signed up cos it'll give me something to do while I'm looking for a real job...if it works out then nothing lost...and if it doesn't, no big deal. Actually got a sale already so quite chirpy about that. They have training this week so gonna see how that goes. Spent the week rummaging through job for me, and names of people to contact about this.

Think that's about it....not gonna write about the jerk that found me online this week. He knows who he is.....twat!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2003

Happy Columbus Day/Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Graduated from the chiro this afternoon....don't have to go back for a whole week. Wooohoooo!!!! Well, unless I break myself again...shouldn't be too hard with yoga tonight. LOL

Went to see Lost in Translation yesterday (we used my free tickets). Not bad....couple of very funny bits...including a Japanese woman lying on the floor, waving her stockinged legs around. And they had some film of Kyoto...very exciting...sitting there going "I've been there, I've been there". Then got dragged round the mall for a cheap Halloween costume...zzzz. Is it really that time of year again? So not into it but if I have to dress up I decided I wanted to go as a pumpkin (only cos we found a really cute pumpkin headband in the Dollar Store!)....or maybe Mrs Claus (shops are full of Christmas stuff already....puhlease.....I'll worry about it in December!!!!).

Sunday, October 12, 2003

New Bathroom

Invited round to see Sharon's new bathroom. Very nice. Wonder if it was worth all the fuss...been an ongoing saga for ages now. Anyway, it's finished. New window, bath and she's ripped up all the carpet in her living-room and now has a nice parquet flooring.

Whole place is a bit like a memorial to her dog though. Photos and things everything (including his ashes). Mmmm...very nice. Not sure I can cope with that!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Do I Believe this?

The FREE $100.00 Gift Fund.

Our research department was first to reveal to our members the FREE $100.00 Gift Fund. This is the same information selling on eBay for $9.99. Yes, NHA organization is giving away $100.00 FREE. There is no obligation.

Our members reported that it take about 2 to 4 weeks to get your FREE $100.00 gift. For your FREE $100.00 gift just send your full name and address to:

NHA Gift Check
P.O. Box 11350, Dept. R110
Eugene, OR 97440


Strange...but not as strange as my interview yesterday (about to stop going to them altogether cos people are driving me mad!). Anyway, girl called to confirm..."make sure you wear business dress". Really? How peculiar, I was planning on turning up in shorts and a t-shirt! Got there, a few minutes before the appointment time (3pm). Small office, two other people sitting in reception and another girl followed me in a moment later. Are we all here for a 3pm interview? It turns out we are. Interviewer running late....fantastic. So the first person (young girl in a casual shirt and black pants) goes in and a few minutes later reappears and leaves. Interesting......????! Then the next person (young guy in business suit) disappears in....same thing happens. I see, this is either not going very well or they have no intention of discussing anything useful. Then I go in. We discuss Oxford for a minute, she asks me a couple of questions about my resume (which clearly she hadn't read) and how I would rate my people skills. Tells me in about two sentences what the company does and avoids answering my questions. Says goodbye and shows me out.

Wot the hell was that about. All you know is that I have a blue suit, dark hair and an "accent". Doubt if I'll hear from them again. Certain that I'm not interested even if I do.

I've interviewed countless people for jobs....and I've done the "get lots of people in on one day" thing as well. I have learned that 10 minutes is no way sufficient to get to understand a person. Even after two, or three, interviews (including asking people to present), you still don't really have true knowledge of how a person will perform. Hiring either has to be done on trust (guess she was going for that approach) or you spend a reasonable amount of time, and preferably multiple visits from the candidate, before you the judgement about someone. To try and sum up a potential candidate in 10 minutes is a waste of time for you and even more of a waste of time for the candidate who has to swot up on the company, preen themselves, find your office and then wait for you to decide to show. If that's the way they plan to run the company then I guess they're not going to be around for very long......

Friday, October 10, 2003

Another Weird Dream

Can't remember it all in order but something like this:

Four of us were in what can best be described as a...hmmmm....basement? Large room, built of stone (could have been an up-market cave, I guess). There was a side room off to the right of the back wall. Yelena and Olga (who????) were there and Colleen (one of the bitches from hell). Yelena and Olga had their hair sprayed with so much hair-spray there was no movement at all. It was pinned up on the back of their heads and I have a feeling they both had their hair dyes pink. There was a large cooker against one wall (a standalone unit with hob, oven and upper grill). For some reason, it had their names on the face plate. I remember looking at the names thinking how impressive they looked.

Next thing I remember is another room, more like a cave, with the smallest toilets along one side. The weird thing is that these toilets were each attached to a small stone circular table. Had to describe but there were two stones each side of the toilet and a little bit of ceramic that could be seen in the middle of the stones. The back part formed the leg of the table to which it was attached. They were so hard to use because they were so was almost as if you were sitting on the floor. Colleen was sitting at one table eating.

I'm not sure what happened next but I woke up wondering why some guy (no idea who) had been telling me I wasn't fit enough and he was never going to talk to me again (this is weird cos I've not had that conversation with anyone).

I am so confused!!!!

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Take this and other free quizlets on!

Take this and other free quizlets on!

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Fasting Sucks!!!!

Don't know how David Blaine's managing it...well, actually I do...he gets fluids!!!! 25 hours...DONE...yayyyy. Worst thing is lack of liquid, kills me....had the usual headache about 2pm....very close to giving up but I got through it....woooohooooo. Nothing tastes as good as glass of water after that length of time....mmmmmmmm.

And I've had an allergic reaction to something...think it's a new moisturiser I tried.....meant to be for sensitive skin but I am SO itchy. Stopped using it....not stopped scratching though :-( Had to cut my nails cos I was making myself bleed.....owwwwwwwwww. Makeup's covered it up but not sure that I should be using stuff on top of the reaction....probably prolongs the anguish......???

Got a card in the mail yesterday...two free movie tickets from the car dealership. Nice. Just gotta work out what to see and with whom....mmmm :-)

Saturday, October 04, 2003


Woke up this morning and wandered into the living room in my usual early-morning sleepy state....and found I'd left a candle burning all night. Shit!!!! Yeah, I did fall asleep on the sofa....woke up about 2am and then staggered into bed..guess I was so drowsy I forgot to blow the thing out. Oh well, no harm done!

Sad day Eastenders to look forward to :-( No dance class either this morning :-( But I do have a copy of Chicago on video to watch....yayyyyyyyy......."and all that jazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Friday, October 03, 2003

Tired and emotional

Very stressed....this damn check still not here. I wanna call them but I'm worried...last time it went "missing" it was cos they'd decided to stop paying me. I'm just hoping it's delayed in the mail....PLEASE!!!!! Got another little issue on top of that...which I don't think I'll put in here just yet.....think it's stress-related. All this "emotion" is wearing me out....but did have a good chiro trip this morning. He's very pleased with me...only did a minor "manipulation" and reckons I should soon be down to once a week...wooohoooooo...about time too!!!

Had to dig out my social security card earlier. I knew I'd put it somewhere really safe but d'you think I could remember where? Ended up cleaning out a load of papers while I was looking and found some interesting things at the same time:

- One berry-flavoured chapstick (unopened)
- One plain chapstick (also, I'll be needing these if it stays this cold!)
- One purse full of coins (from when my wallet was falling apart and I decided to put coins somewhere else instead of having them falling out all the time) containing...wait for it....$1.94....oh well, won't make me rich but it'll pay for the laundry....or lunch.....or nearly two cans of green tea, or coffee from the gas station, or........
- One packet of seeds....errr...yeah......smuggled into the US a while back....hmmm...wonder if they still "work"...maybe I'll plant them and see if anything grows.... :-)

Found the card at last...wooohoooo. Can't find my incense though :-( Want it for meditation....and cos it used to help me sleep. I know I have a box somewhere....but where?????????

OK, off to fall asleep in front of the telly now......zzzzz.....

Thursday, October 02, 2003

More on the job saga....

Went downtown for a meeting with the President. Journey from soon as I hit the 33, the heavens opened...could hardly see cos of those damn SUV drivers that insist on cutting in front of me and covering me in spray....sometimes having a small car sucks!!! Anyway, got down there and the sun was shining...what was that all about???? President told me I was charming...yeah, well guess he doesn't know me very well! LOL We had an interesting chat...he told me his son works there..."35 years old and been married to the same woman for 10 years, just as well otherwise I'd kill him"....I laughed politely and decided not to mention the fact that I was his son's age and...err.....hmmm.....didn't quite make 10 years....

Still undecided...especially cos I got home and there was a message for me from a guy about another job......

Anyway, going back in to see them on Tuesday. I would have to get certified (about 6 weeks) and then they could give me a contract and pay me. That means I'd be right at the end of the unemployment (oh yeah, where the hell's my check? Freaking out over's due and no money!!!!!!) when they start paying (although I hear I can get another 13 weeks)......I know if it was right for me I'd be jumping at it...and I'm not, soooooooooo.......??????

Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Well it wasn't quite as good as I'd imagined.....they will pay me but don't want to sponsor the visa. They seem OK with that but I'm not sure about it...although I guess I've been totally up-front with them so it's their risk as much as mine. And, as far as I know (maybe I should check this...not looked into it for a while), the IRS doesn't have a tie-up with the INS and the IRS are "happy" as long as you pay your taxes.....err...which reminds me....ooops.....! So I's not really the "perfect" job for me but it would be a job. Have to get certified first though....Life, Health, Series 6.....shouldn't be too hard.....Chris tells me the first two are a doddle....6 is a mare but not as bad as 7, which is optional.....and I suppose it would keep me out of trouble until something better comes, thinking, thinking.......