Tuesday, September 30, 2003


So the company that I interviewed with last week offered an interesting idea. They pay on a 1099 basis, which sucks cos any H1-B holder knows that 1099 status is not legal with the visa (why is beyond me but there you go...that's the law). But when I saw them last week there was a comment made about I would actually be an employee (errr...I'm confused). Came home thinking that was another waste of time (especially cos I had to go all the way downtown and then couldn't find anywhere to park....ended up walking for ages)....and spent a couple of hours on the Internet trying to work out if there was a way round that stupid law. Couldn't find one so went shopping instead!!!! Got back (remember my idea that all the good phone calls come when I'm out?) to find a message on my machine telling me that they COULD sponsor my visa. And now they'd like to see me again (tomorrow morning). Cooooooool....although not getting too excited until I understand exactly how they plan to do it. I did read that the fee they have to pay ($1000) stops with effect from tomorrow. Not sure if that means that there is now NO fee or if it goes back to what it used to be ($500)...but either way that's good.

Monday, September 29, 2003


Chiro this morning. Post Office at lunchtime. Yoga this evening. Wasted the rest of the day!

Sunday, September 28, 2003


No more Eastenders!!!!! BBC America has decided to stop showing it due to the poor Nielsen ratings. Well, maybe if you didn't show it on a Saturday afternoon you'd get more viewers?

Adelphia announce a loss again. That's hardly a surprise given a day earlier they sent out letters advising they're putting their rates up AGAIN. Not that they say it like that....oh no....we're adding more channels (none of which I want) and introducing new "packages"....yeah, great......your service sucks so why do I have to keep paying more for it. Now want to charge $94 for basic digital cable and Powerlink. Forget it. Gonna call them tomorrow and cancel something...haven't quite worked out what.......maybe the whole damn lot. See how that helps your profits!!!!!

Matchstick Men...fabulous. Nicholas Cage...mmm mmmmmmm....love him! And we get to see his butt....wooohooooo. Sharon nudged me when it appeared...."look, just for you"....yeahhhhhhhh :-) Great movie....nice twist...didn't see that one coming, although looking back, I guess I could have worked out something like that would happen.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Happy Bithday to Meeeeee

Another year older. And it's dark and rainy...guess that's in celebration of the big day...thanks for nothing!!! :-(

Went to the FAst end of the summer party last night. They embarassed me horribly by making everyone sing happy birthday to me....but then they were very sweet and gave me some flowers. Awwwww. Robin said she might turn up..of course, she didn't. Booooo. It's her birthday in a couple of days. My cousin's birthday tomorrow. All wonderful Librans!!!! LOL Oh, back to Friday....the "bitches" didn't show...again...yayyy!!! Was a strange evening. Ron was there without Amy but still didn't dance with me. He is so peculiar....made some comment about tying me up (with the fake palm tree hanging from the ceiling) and then got all excited when I gave him one of "if that's what you want to do" smiles. Decided that little exchange gave him the right to put his hands all over me while they were taking photos. Hey...back off!!!!!! Then he left....no big loss...just weird. Just as I was leaving Chris told me I was looking very sexy. That threw me totally....firstly he NEVER compliments anyone...usually the best you can expect from him is an "OK"....and secondly, that's just not the sort of thing he says. And he did it right in front of someone else who sort of looked at us. Shocked me completely...didn't know what to say....but I was so it was nice someone noticed....!!!!

Even more surprised when Rob called me cos he'd remembered....Ok, I'd nagged him a little but having not spoken to him for a week or so I thought it would have been forgotten...but no, he surprised me as well. Just one of those days I guess. Cooooooool.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Dear Mr NBC

I feel compelled to write to you having seen the much-publicised premiere of Coupling last night. Admittedly I didn't devote 100% of my attention to it as I was trying to have a conversation with someone else at the time. However, from what I did see, I can only conclude that you totally failed to pull off a decent imitation of what was originally a totally hilarious show. Why did you bother? Surely you could have saved yourself a lot of money by just showing the BBC version of Coupling on your network. I would imagine that the broadcast rights are cheaper than recreating the program from scratch?

I was pleased to see that you kept in some of the original dialogue but was very disappointed that you made a number of changes (presumably to cater to the American market), which added nothing to the UK version. I suppose the average American has no knowledge of the Crippens but to replace that (highly amusing) part of the show with reference to the Titanic was less than clever. The point of the Crippen reference was to demonstrate that relationships don't always work. The Titanic is about a ship sinking...there is NO relationship humour in that story.

The character Jane only works because she is a totally outrageous, highly-sexed and outspoken individual. One of her key traits, bought out in several of the original episodes, is her lack of underwear. Last night, Jane was clearly wearing a bra...something the original Jane would never do! I totally fail to see how the addition of such a garment adds anything to the US version. Are you worried that you would start a trend of women walking round without adequate support?

Maybe I missed it but why did you take out the "unflushable" references? Please don't tell me that's too much for your viewing public. I suppose "toilet humour" appeals more to the UK market but are Americans really so sensitive that they wouldn't approve? Perhaps that also explains why you had to add the section about Jeff running round in search of a condom (in the original Steve is searching through his pockets for change for the condom machine when Susan walks in). I will admit that there was one new line in your version that I found funny...."I might not know him but I know why he wants the condom".

What happened to Susan's facial? Was it cut for time purposes? This American obsession with shortening programs to allow for more commercials is appalling. No wonder most of the country is suffering from ADHD.

Do Americans not understand irony? The showing of the breast was meant as irony....but that clearly was too complicated for Susan who totally skipped over it. I have to confess it could have been satire in the original...my memory fails me on that particular point. Perhaps you could add a little dictionary at the bottom of the screen so that viewers can learn the meaning of "complicated" words as the cast speaks them?

All in all, I was highly disappointed and won't be tuning in for any more episodes. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery....I'm not sure what last night was? If you were aiming to increase your viewing figures, you probably succeeded...but only because the majority of the viewing public knows no better. To them, I say check out BBC America and you'll soon realise what drivel the US networks are feeding you.


Bored of Bad TV

Wednesday, September 24, 2003


You knew it had to happen...back's been too well-behaved recently.....I feel like I did a month ago....in pain..... :-(

Sitting here wrapped up in my PJs and fluffy slippers...all moisturised and ready for bed!!!!

Been having the odd leg cramp over the last few weeks....chiro said it could be from the back, depending on when I'm getting them...but I've been eating bananas and drinking ginger ale (I think ginger's meant to help but couldn't remember when I was out shopping...good excuse anyway!) to help get rid of them (in case it was potassium deficiency or dehydration). Seemed to work on the calf muscles (side story...I remember being told in the middle of the dance class how I say "calves" in such a lovely way....hmmm...back to the story....) but I've been getting toe cramps for the last few days. Particularly in some of the really simple yoga stretches like a "low lunge" (start from a position on your hands and knees, hands directly under the shoulder, bring your right foot forward between your hands and then turn the left foot to the floor, stretch the inner thighs away from each other)....as soon as I turn the left foot to the floor, my entire foot cramps up like you wouldn't believe. Happened last night in the middle of class (also happened Monday night, different class, same pose)....nearly screamed, I couldn't get the toes straight for several moments (felt like hours). When I did straighten them, they felt like I'd hit them against a chair (which I've not done since the "I think I've broken my toe incident"!). Could hardly walk from the pain. And then the other side of the foot decided to join in and loose feeling.....that was a fun drive home!!!!!!!

So, off to the chiro this morning. My back was hurting like it did weeks ago. My toes were still sore. Told him the story...he just nods and says "yeah, that'll be from the back"...and other encouraging things like "on average it takes about six months to recover fully" (it's only been just over two since the accident), and "given all that other stuff you have going on [transitional wotsits], it's not surprising". No, maybe not but I'm in pain. Was nearly in tears from it all...lying on my stomach SUCKS!!!!!!! Think he must have felt sorry for me cos after we'd done the moist heat and he'd cracked me...we did it all over again!!!! Hobbled out of there feeling a bit better....I think....not totally sure about that.

Did some yoga this evening...which basically means I lay on my back on the floor and wiggled my legs around!!!!! LOL Floor good! :-) Plugged myself back into the TENS unit....mmmmmmm. Feel a bit better now....toes are still sore but feel as if normality is slowly being restored. Think I might go to bed soon....just gotta finish watching the Match (Man U vs Arsenal)...don't tell me the score...I know it's not live (would be about 2am over there).....0-0 last time I looked...

So that was the last 24 hours in my life....great, huh? Got an interview tomorrow morning with some company downtown.....financial company....no idea what it's about, only called me this afternoon....at least, from looking at their web-site, I know it's NOT selling insurance...seems to be portfolio management aimed at business owners and the like....could be interesting...who knows......

Side note: my memory's getting worse...is this a sign of aging? Totally forgot something this morning (but can't remember what it was that I forgot) and tonight I wanted to watch something on TV but spent half an hour flicking through the channels trying to remember what it was...gave up...

Note to self: gotta cut my finger nails....getting far too long....

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I lost my yoga buddy :-( Not been seen for two weeks. Very sad...where did u go?????? On the positive side, there were only 7 of us in the class yesterday (guess it must have been the rain scaring people off)....down from about 20 to start. So we had tons of space....yayyyyyy....and we needed it cos my sense of balance was totally screwed!!! LOL She's got us trying to wrap our legs round our head....I used to be able to do that...can't quite get there now (although noone else did either)...not sure if that's the stiff back or old age creeping up on me? Gotta practice that...and the splits....must be mad!!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2003

The Second Coming

Another great show from the BBC!!!! A guy claims to be the second son of god and provides a couple of miracles to prove his point...all of this in "sunny" Manchester (north of England). With the commericals (ssssss) the whole thing lasts about three hours as the world is asked to create the Third Testament. Should they fail to come up with it the result will be Judgement Day...the End of the World. SSOG (second son of...) claims that Hell is overflowing with sinners while Heaven has finally become empty...noone is there. We are all acting like gods....playing around with biology, creating viruses that can kill us all, creating human life and so on. Downside to SSOG being real is that this means the Devil is also present on Earth and doing his bit to bring out the worst in people.

Turns out that the Third Testamant is the same as Judgement Day...for god. He has to go...people are putting too much emphasis on doing what they want, now, as they believe that they'll get another chance in the next life. Once god has gone and there is no religion left, there will be no ability for us to cling to that thought. We'll only have one chance...this life...so we'll have to live it in a more appropriate manner....makes ya think!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Secondhand Lions

Oh, my entries are all over the place.....think you have to read the last three in reverse order to get them chronologically correct...never mind, can't be bothered to change them around...don't think it makes much difference anyway!

So, sat out the "tropical depression", or whatever it was by the time she got to Buffalo, with Sharon in the cinema. I had no idea what the film was about before we went...she'd wanted to see it....but I actually enjoyed it. The storyline's ok but there are some interesting cut-ins of a "love story" aka Arabian Nights to make it more interesting. That part of the story's told in a way that you're not sure if it really happened or not...til you get to the ending, which personally, I think they should have left out. If they'd cut the film 5 minutes early you'd be left wondering whether or not it was true instead of which they had to reveal the answer. Irritating and I wish they hadn't done that. Overall verdict....yeah, I liked it.....and Robert Duvall was much better in this than in the last film we saw him in....the Argentine Tango film whose name I have totally forgotten....!

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Sometime the stars ARE right!

So my horoscope said something like "be prepared for unexpected visitors". Had two this week.....of the unexpected variety....one male, one female.....so nicely balanced out....and, given there were two, I'm not sure which of them the horoscopial (?!)...silly girl, that should be astrological....I knew that really.....prediction was referring to...maybe neither of them....????

The female was Sharon...who I've not seen for months.....since she had her dog put down. She's been in hiding and mourning since I can't remember when. So it was a total surprise to not only hear from her (we have spoken a few times) but to hear that she wanted to go out!!!!! I think her description of herself, on the phone, was something like "you won't recognise me, my hair needs dying, you can see all the white and I've put on 30 pounds", so I wasn't totally sure what to expect. She looked better than expected although, yeah, she's put on weight. Been comfort eating I guess. Seemed pretty perky though. Still refusing to dance....now talking about not going back until after the holidays. Easter, I asked? Probably not til February or maybe next September. Really? Wow!!! Don't think that's a very good sign....she's been hibernating for a while now and not really talking to anyone so the thought that she's gonna do this for another 6 months is a little worrying. On the positive side she's started volunteer work at the SPCA....we were a bit worried that being around animals would upset her more but she seems happy with it....I'm hoping that now she's spending some time with people (2 hours a week but better than nothing) might help her get back to "normal"...time will tell......

Off on a tangent....Issie...very disappointing...was looking forward to torrential rain and pounding winds...and what did we get....a bit of a breeze (ok, enough to make me close my windows) and a light drizzle..... :-(


Friday, September 19, 2003


I've had my faith restored in human goodness....at least for the time being. Funny how, when I'm least expecting it, someone suddenly does something nice for me. Sweet. Oh, you wanna know more? Well, it was you, you'll know what I'm on about......and if not, well that's all you need to know!

Happy. Slept well. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

New Toy!!!

Went to the chiro this morning and got my TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator). A little battery-operated unit that connects to four electrodes. The electrodes are "sticky" pads (they stick but aren't covered in goo) that I place on my back and neck. Plug the leads into the unit and turn it on. Pulses then go along the leads into the pads and massage my muscles. Very cool. Meant to use it twice daily for 30 mins a time. Sitting here with it on at the moment. Nice. Been playing around with it cos I have the choice of continuous pulsing, bursts of pulses or, my favourite, a wave effect that gets stronger and then weakens and then strengthens again. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Apparently I'm not meant to use this in the bath or drop it....no...really? This is like having my very own chiropractor without the nasty cracking!!!! I like it :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Patter of Tiny Feet

Weird but I had this urge to send an email to some friends of mine back in England the other day. Wondered if they had any news. Got the response back this morning...she's in hospital...having just, literally, given birth to their first sprog. Sent me some piccies of the baby boy. Quite cute really...and I'm not keen on other people's children so that's saying something! When the two of them got together we weren't sure if it would last (they used to argue all the time!) but clearly it has. Last time I saw them was at their wedding - September 2000 - the only reason I remember is that's the last time I went back "home" and it poured all week. Got off the plane and hopped on a train up to Harrogate. Gave them a call and about an hour later we were sitting in a pub....it was if I hadn't disappeared for months...absolutely nothing had changed then......guess things aren't quite the same now! Well, good for them!!!!

The details: born this morning (or very very early this morning for those of us on Eastern Time), weight 6lb 10.5oz. That must make him a Virgo (the date, I mean...don't think the weight affects your sign although I do have a theory that the reverse holds true!)......we can't ALL be lovely Librans!

Change of Pace

OK, I had finished writing for the day but then, as I was sitting here listening to some guy's Audio Blog (boring, I'll spare you the details) I was reminded about something else...my neighbours!!!!

I have written previously about she who lives in the apartment next to me...the forgetful laundry user. Well, I have also noticed that her mother visits a lot. And I mean a lot...like every day!!! I don't know what she does but the daughter leaves for work in the morning and then, a couple of hours later, the mother appears and lets herself into the apartment. What does she do in there? Who knows! Is she cleaning the place? Cooking dinner? No, can't be that.....I never smell food cooking. Hmmm....availing herself of the facilities? Maybe watching cable TV? I have no idea...it's all very peculiar.......I am intrigued by this!

I am also totally irritated with the guy that lives below me now. Despite my prayers for a single, sexy, young male I find myself living above some old geezer with a walker. He has the family from hell....who insist on ruining the silence of Sundays with screaming, banging and loud exclamations about life, the universe and a load of other crap in which I have NO interest. Try meditating with some young kid shrieking his head off (my experience this weekend....just as I was reaching a state of blissful relaxation I was very rudely awakened by a loud cry from below).....AAAAAAAAGHHHH!!!!! I could cope with him if that was all he did but I have noticed (not that I'm intentionaly listening) that there's a LOT of groaning going on down there. Now I probably shouldn't complain cos I have been known to make those sorts of noises myself.....sometimes when my back goes and I'm in total agony...at other times when I have a visitor of the male persuasion and...well, you know what I mean ;-) So....as well as being irritated by him, I now find myself slightly curious...just what is it that he's doing down there? Is he in pain and just expressing himself in a similar way to me? If so, should I go down there and give him some painkillers (or maybe suffocate him with a pillow....mmmmm...nice thought....!) Or is he jerking off?????? If the latter, well he's doing it a helluva lot....good for him...I guess...I'm certainly not gonna go down and lend him a hand with THAT!!! I do wish whatever it is he's doing, that he would do it with the windows shut cos those groans are really starting piss me off.......

Damn, now I've got hiccups....hic hic.......yuk....hic hic......

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Fell asleep last night listening to the rain pouring down...and deaming about baked spuds.....

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Can't Think of a Title

Went to the studio Friday night to see what was happening. Chris, for once, wasn't teaching...instead he was off somewhere printing the calendars. Typical! Chatted with Michael for a bit and some couple that's getting married in 4 weeks...that was their first night in for a lesson....no song chosen yet but they want to dance something at their wedding. Always amazes me how late people leave things...although M said that he'd had a couple come in once 3 days before their wedding!!! Wow. They're teaching Bolero at USABDA next Friday. It's been a lonnnnnnng time since I've been there....might show up....we'll see. Funny that really. Noone round here danced Bolero and then I performed one at the Showcase all those months ago. Couple of parties later, they taught a few basic steps. Guess it must have gone down well with people cos I notice Iacono is now offering classes in it. Wonder if it'll go the way of Argentine Tango and become hip and trendy??? Would be nice if it got popular cos there really is noone that I can dance that with other than Chris.....sometimes I wonder why I bothered learning it! No, I know why...it's a beautiful dance...and some of the music is SO cool! Tough to do well though....lots of back-bending.....and, on that subject, my back must be feeling better....I noticed today the sciatica's coming back....woooohoooo just what I wanted! I also noticed that Iacono are advertising for dance instructors....no experience needed. I wonder if I should call them? Would be so much fun...although I imagine the money's crap...but a good way to get some "free" lessons....just not sure about the studio. Used to be quite good but I hear politics starting creeping into things...why does that happen with everything? Was gonna talk to Yelena about it on Friday but she was busy teaching so didn't really get the chance...asked her to call me when she's not busy.....been pondering on this for a few days, maybe I'll just send him an email and see wot happens...doesn't hurt to ask, does it????

Thursday, September 11, 2003

I Hate Verizon

I'm trying to use their web-site to sign up for their e-Values package - long distance with no monthly fee. I don't make that many long distance calls....why should I when IM works so well and it's free? Looked at my last phone bill....had one call (to Rob, of course!!!) which cost me $10.63 for 4 minutes (all of which was fees....no actual call charge). Much as I love him, I really don't think he's worth that much!!!!

But I can't sign up :-(

First the "Login" page gives me a crappy image that tells me "Please Wait" but goes nowhere....and it is just an image....not a real progress bar! So then I tried some circuitous route into the right screen. Get into my account (side note: without actually entering my details so clearly they've stored them somewhere, which means there might be some intelligence attached to the site????) and it tells me that Verizon "doesn't offer long distance services in my state". Really? Well, how come I have long distance from you....as is clearly evidence by my phone bill and the fact that you show me ON-SCREEN that I'm signed up for long distance.

Gave up with that attempt and thought I'd check out the other fees I'm paying (local/international). Seem to be on the right plans there but, again irritating me like mad, they keep trying to recommend I sign up for their Freedom package...at about $59 a month. Please explain to me WHY that is of ANY interest to me when my total bill NEVER comes to that much????? It doesn't make sense so stop trying to add it to my order!!!!!!!! I make local calls (unlimited, no call charge) and International calls (once a week maybe although lately I'm letting my parents call me...especially as they seem more interested in talking to me than the reverse...but even there, my mother has got into the habit of e-mailing me so we don't even have to talk that much!)....totalling about $3 a month on my current plan. And I want to increase what I pay you....why????????

I am confused and tired of this. I've just e-mailed them in desparation asking how I'm meant to sign up for an Internet-only offer when the damn site won't let me. And while I was there I pointed out that a a login screen that doesn't login is no use to anyone nor is a web-site that causes the scroll bars to disappear...although, to give them some credit, it's only on the pages that have LOTS of text and where you need to scroll (!).

Ssssssssss......maybe this is a hint that I should actually pay my phone bill rather than just reading it? Hmmmm...maybe.......

Entertainment for Today

Check this out..."stolen" from Noah E Glass The guy from San Fancisco had me in stitches!

And from my sister:

I am passing this on to you because it has definitely worked for me. By following the simple advice I read in an article, I have finally found inner peace........the article read:

"The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you've started."

So I looked around the house to see all the things I started and hadn't finished....and before coming to work this morning I have finished off a bottle of Bacardi, a bottle of red wine, a bottle of Jim Beam, my Prozac, some valium, a small box of chocolates and 2 litres of Fosters Lager, a 1/2 can of cider, a large reefer and some cheese. You have no idea how f*cking good I feel....

Not original but gave me a smile :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


So I called the company I've been interviewing with as it's been a week since I saw them last and I noticed the position was advertised in the paper again this weekend. No news yet....another week or so until they decide what they're doing. Booohoooo.......

And then I got an e-mail from another company about a position I'd interviewed for...sorry, the position's been put on hold for the time being but thank you for your interest. Great!

But, on a positive note....(!)...Hooters are hiring.....LOL

Think I'll just to back to bed now...wake up when the economy's perked up.......see you in a few years!

My WeeMee.....

Tuesday, September 09, 2003


New sessions of yoga classes started this week. I'm now doing the Yoga 3 class (along with the cute guy.....no, that's not the reason, but it helps...he offered to give me his spare vertebra....funnnnnyyyyyyy!!!!). Wasn't sure how hard it would be...they keep saying that it's much more strenuous but really I'm not sure that it was. OK there was some new positions...which weren't totally new cos it's stuff I've been doing anyway....and she kept us moving rather than the Yoga 2 class where we seem to stop and talk a lot more. Actually felt better than some of the 2 classes but it could just be cos I was having a good back day! Got up yesterday totally unable to move, went to the chiro and then felt great all day....sometimes I see him and then I feel like shit for the rest of the day. Was pretty pleased with myself :-) The only thing that hurt was the Crocodile pose....you lie flat on your stomach and breathe. Sounds really easy...try it when your lower back is screwed up. Nearly had to give up....kept wriggling trying to get comfortable but couldn't! Very silly considering I can twist myself into other positions quite happily. Oh well, guess that just shows I'm not there yet! Had to giggle when cute guy nearly fell over in one of the poses.....but then decided that if I did laugh I'd fall over as well. He got his "revenge" when we did the Three Legged Dog pose and I hit the wall with my foot....bit crowded in there....LOL

Monday, September 08, 2003

Summer's Over.....

I treated myself to my own little celebration of the unofficial start of Autumn/Fall.....with a new shower curtain. LOL Dull, huh? Well the old one (a year old this week probably....) decided to rip so, finally, fed up of flooding the bathroom, I got a new one. Actually very boring. The last one was clear with square patterns so that the light came through in a pretty rainbow effect. Couldn't find that one, or a similar one, so just got a clear one...for now. I don't like the coloured ones, or the fabric things cos the only window in the bathroom is next to the bath and it would block the light if I had anything solid. Have to keep looking for something more interesting but this will do for now.

Then, cos I was sick of looking at my plants thinking I needed to repot them....I did....! The annual ritual of buy pots, repot plants and then move the smaller ones into the pots left over. I now have a collection of pots with no plants that fit them but I also have 6 happier plants...at least I hope they're happier....fresh soil and more room to grow......what more could they want???? Couldn't face dragging them all outside for the repotting ceremony so I sat on the carpet with a huge plastic bag ripped up and played with potting compost for an hour or so.....and then had to clean up my mess...not so much fun!

And while I was sitting there I decided that I should move all my furniture around. Been thinking about THAT for a while as well. Knew I shouldn't do it cos I'd mess up my back but couldn't resist.....so moved the sofa and the chair and the coffee table around. Then changed the rugs that I had out and put the rug under the dining table that I've been meaning to do for 6 months (maybe longer). I think it looks good.....better viewing of the TV and, as I think the heating is going to have to go on soon (well, another few weeks maybe), better heat circulation. Managed to drop my ottoman twice...and could hear noises from below when I did it. Complaining are you? Well, now you know how I feel having had to listen to your VERY loud family screaming for the last two weeks as they moved you in, moved furniture and banged things into the wall....decided not to get mad....just even!

That's about it...forgot to listen to Bush address the nation...but was probably a load of crap anyway. Watched Antonio Banderas instead (Desperado....great movie).....just psyching myself up for Once Upon a Time in Mexico!!!! If nothing else, this Friday is gonna be movie day...that and Matchstick Men (Nicholas Cage....my all-time fave) open then....at least I hope they open in Buffalo then.....can't wait..........

Sunday, September 07, 2003

I was going for insanity...

....but instead, I got this:

You represent... anger.
You represent... anger.
Mad at the world, eh? You have a tendency to...
freak out easily. Overly emotional about
everything, you're most prone to bouts of
cruelty and moodiness. Other people may be
afraid of the fact that you explode so easily,
but at least you're honest... even if you're
honest about not liking anything.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Too much cheese!

Couldn't resist.....cheddar with roasted garlic.....mmmm....but shouldn't eat it.....end up in cold sweats. Don't know what they put in it here but it always has this effect on me, one tiny little piece and I suffer....and I had more than one piece cos it was sooo good but now I'm wishing I hadn't..... :-( Need to get some "safe" stuff sent over from England....when I can be bothered.

Family wedding this weekend. Trying to work out the nature of the relation...it's my father's uncle's ex-wife who is remarrying. Some guy that noone other than my sister has met. My mother was telling me that she invited them over for coffee before the wedding but it never happened so they're off to meet him...at the wedding. Sounds like fun...zzzzz. Not sure I really like my father's side of the family that much...there are so many of them I lose track and there's always some disagreement happening. Nice to be out of that...just get to hear the stories afterwards.....

And on the subject of ex-spouses...should that be ex-spice (?)....."Le Divorce".....snooooooooozzzzzeeeee......crap. Nice to see Paris again, even it was on a screen, but lousy film. There was a side-story about a painting that added precisely zero to the plot. Not even good acting really....and with a cast list as long as my arm I was definitely expecting more! Couple of nice anti-American jokes and some anti-French jokes, which did make me giggle....but that was about it.....

happy fairy
Calm yet sweet, kind but likes to be alone. I bet
you would want to dance with everyone else, you
just don't want to go down there and face them.
You're a Fall fairy

What kind of fairy are you?
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Friday, September 05, 2003

Testing in Progress

Well I wish I could say I've not written anything in here cos I've been busy having an exciting life....but I haven't :-( More of the same.....pain, pills, boredom!!!!!

I did sign up to beta test the new release of MSN. Downloaded the software yesterday (23 minutes even on cable...can't remember what they said it was on dial-up.....OUCH!) and played with it a little. They have a cute "dahboard" which sits on the right hand side of the screen and allows quick access to e-mail, Messenger and anything else you want....mine is showing the weather in Buffalo and rotating global news....It's nice but I can't work out how to get it on the left of the screen, which is where I really want it. When looking at the screen, my eyes tend to move to the middle and with the browser area to the left I find that I have to keep moving my head....irritating. I can turn it off totally or attach it to the desktop...maybe I'll try that for a while...see if it's any better.

Other than that...the graphics are cute...but I notice my favourites don't automatically transfer over from IE (so I keep popping back in there!) which is a real pain. They do include a pop-up blocker which seems to be working fairly well. And I get to play with Encarta for a few months free of charge...although I tried looking up transtitional vertebrae to see if I could find some usual stuff about my back.....got some nice pictures of spines but nothing really relevant. The homepage is customizable so I've got my horoscope on there and some other things...which I guess is "useful" but I've never been into My Yahoo or any of the other homepage customizations so I'm not sure it's really giving me anything I NEED. Novelty will probably wear off in a day or two.....

Overall, I prefer IE at the moment ......but maybe it's simply a matter of getting used to this? I certainly wouldn't pay the outrageous amount of money they want to use this service...really not worth it!

Went to the chiropractor this morning. Had the usual conversation about the weekend and what plans do I have. Mentioned that there are a couple of dances happening and he gave me this look...as if to say...don't even think about it. Or maybe I could just lie on the floor and watch tv????? Gave me the impression that he thinks I'm overdoing things....."activity to tolerance" please. What does that mean? Somedays I don't even want to get out of bed it aches so much.....

Then went to pay the rent....sort of prompted by the note under my door (and everyone else's) telling me that it's now due by the 3rd (previously the 5th) else there'll be a fee of $35 added on. Ouch!!!!! Chatted with Kristin who manages the apartments...apparently she's been getting rent cheques as late as the 29th and she's getting a bit irritated by that. Hmmmm...now THAT is late.....and, to be honest, I usually am on time. Just been a bad month with all those unexpected bills and things.....STILL waiting for the insurance company to send me money to cover all my mileage.....anyway, rent paid and I didn't have to sell my soul to the devil...came close but managed to save myself in time....phew!!!!!

Still waiting to hear back from the interviews.....thought they might have called me already so now wondering if I'm just gonna get one of those crappy "thank you for your interest, your qualifications are very impressive but" letters......still keeping my fingers crossed....

OK, gotta go get changed. Put shorts and t-shirt on this morning but it's too cold...think the socks might need to make an appearance...guess summer really is over :-(

PS. Made some GREAT beef and barley soup yesterday. OK, that's really wintery but I was in the mood for some. Adapted the recipe a little (used chicken stock instead of beef stock, which sounds weird but makes it more of a "broth"). Tasted great....and got loads for the freezer. Mmmmmmmmmmm..........and it's good for me.....vegetables and fibre and hardly any fat! Left some out for lunch today...can't wait!!!!! :-)

Tuesday, September 02, 2003


I got my x-rays done earlier today and the very nice woman gave me a copy to take to the chiropractor, from where I have just returned. Oh, now I understand. What? You're short a vertebra! What? He showed me, drew on his diagram of the human body and then waved his fingers at one of the x-rays.....most people have 5 lumbar vertebrae....I, being awkward, only have 4...the 5th one grew into the pelvis so I'm short a moving part! The medical term is something like transitional lumbar vertebra (cos it's transitioning between being a vertebra and something else). Seems it's something that happens at birth..the cells get confused and can't make up their minds what to be, so they become a bit of both.....does that mean I can blame my parents for my pain??????

But hey, less parts, doesn't that mean less to go wrong? Actually it means it takes you longer than "normal people" to heal. Damn!!! Oh well at least we know now. And we had a laugh when I told him about the cute guy at yoga...the one with the extra vertebra...together we make the perfect pair! LOL Came home and took a quick look on the net for info...this was the best I could find. Do some more digging tomorrow....feel very sore at the moment.


Went for my second interview this morning. So laid back....not sure I've really got anything to ask you, I was fairly happy last time! So why am I here? Just give me a job and stop messing around....sooner you say yes, sooner I can start!!! Anyway, we'll see...he has to chat with the big boss (tomorrow afternoon) who I also met. He lives about 5 minutes from me, and I know what car he drives, so if I don't get a job maybe I'll have to pay him a visit.......anyway, fingers crossed....summer's over so I feel I should do SOMETHING!!!!!!

Side Note

Was thinking about this while I was eating dinner.....when I fell downstairs last year and got taken to hospital (couple of weeks later), they x-rayed me...I remember this cos I remember the really annoying nurse testing to see if I was pregnant (wasn't then, still not!). So what the hell happened to the x-rays? I bet they went to the doctor and he never even noticed how many vertebrae I had.......can't remember if the chiro got to see them or not...have to ask him on Friday........