Monday, July 29, 2002

Men are so damn irritating at times! Am going to NJ this weekend. Part of the purpose of the trip is to see Rob....only cos he lives there and refuses to come to Buff. So we had it all arranged...or so I thought. I get there Thursday. He'd come over and see me Friday and we'd take it from there. It's been a long time since I've seen him but we've talked pretty much most weeks for I dont know how long. And we IM each other so it's not like we don't know what's going on with each other. Yesterday I sent him an email with all my details so that he'd have no excuse. Even sent him directions to the hotel we'll be staying at.

He called me. So wot time Thursday? Er...Friday? Well, here's the thing....Oh, here we go. You can't be bothered to come up here. I've told you when I'll be there. Don't give me any excuses. Well, I have to play golf on Friday. What d'u mean, u HAVE to play golf? There are 52 weekends in the some other time. Well, it's kinda try getting 3 married men together, it was the only day they could do. Hang on, gotta call you back.

Sssss....seething with annoyance. Phone rings a lot later....about the time I'd given up on him totally. Well?????? Well, I can come over on Thursday and we can do something. Hmmm....I won't be there until after lunch, sometime and I have to unpack plus I need an early night cos we have to dance about 8am Friday (yeah, totally crap but the idea was that I'd then have the entire day free to do fun stuff!). I'm sorry but the 9th was the only day we could all make. The 9th? Yeah, what's wrong with that? I'm coming on the 2nd. Really? Oh you total fool!!!!! All that irritation and stress for wot....??? Claims it was cos he couldn't sleep at work cos the phone kept ringing. Errr...they pay you to wor!k!!! No, they pay me to be here on think I'm gonna work??? I give up.....but at least we got the dates sorted out....let's just see if he actually remembers!!!!

Here's the to NJ on Thursday. Have the afternoon free, I think. Friday morning got a couple of dances. Then the rest of the day is pretty much my own. Saturday...very busy...something like 25 dances!!! Well, they're only about 90 seconds each so overall it's not a huge amount of time....although still need to nurse the back! Saturday night, there's a pro show plus awards and stuff. Would be really cool to get something but given there's something like 20 studios going I think it's unlikely. Not that I don't know what I'm doing, it's just the FredAst patterns are all different to the AM patterns and sometimes my little brain makes me want to go forward when I should go back!!! Just have to smile a lot and hope that distracts the judges!!!!

Annnnnnndddd....chiropractor very pleased with me today. When I went on Friday I was nearly screaming with pain when he tried to stretch my back. Today, very calm. Really healing very nicely!!! Sciatica giving me loads of trouble but the knocks I took on the stairs seem to be sorting themselves out. In fact, he was so impressed he told me that I didn't need to go in on Friday...just as well cos if he'd said that I needed to I would have told him that I wouldn't be here so I couldn't!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :-)

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Things to avoid...Number 2

..dancing on concrete. Actually I was doing very nicely thank you. Nice slow song. Gimme one reason to stay. Tracey Chapman as performed by DD Ellis. Very gentle. Can cope with this...until some bitch, not looking where she's going, flings herself straight at my back and manages to find the one spot that virtually cripples me when anyone touches it, let alone hits it with force. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Joe did his best to try and pull me out the way but he wasn't quite fast enough. Not gonna pass out but close. And does she apologise? Of course not. Not even sure that she stopped to see if I was OK. Just kept going. Not sure I'll even recognise her again, which is probably a good thing for her sake. She's top of my hit list as I sit here with ice packs on my back. Ssssssss......

Wasn't all bad though. Some other woman did come up to me afterwards to ask if I was OK. And to tell me how beautifully I glided across concrete. And for my next trick, I walk on water. It was nice of her but I guess I wasn't really in the mood to be pleasant. Owwwwwwww!!!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Is it Thursday all ready? See how quickly time flies when you're doped up for a day or so! Movement restored....almost. Can walk and talk and probably even chew gum at the same time!!!! Still very painful getting out of bed or in/out of chairs. Sneezing completely wipes me out. Went to the chiropractor this morning. Doesn't appear that I've broken anything - PHEW. Just banged the vertebrae and sprained a load of muscles. Most ice and heat. More drugs. Don't overdo things. As if. When it hurts, it hurts and I stop...what d'you think I am...stupid??????? Probably go into work tomorrow - though I've not driven anywhere yet so that could be fun. Going back to the chiropractor tomorrow afternoon so it will be a short the meantime, "working from home"......

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Things to avoid....falling down stairs.

Not a particularly fun thing to do at the best of times but doing it with a bad back is really really stupid! It happened cos I decided to go to WC Swing last night at the VFW. Usually they hold these upstairs so I go in through the front...which involves walking up stairs....tricky, but doable! But on Tuesday nights they hold the dance downstairs in the A/C room. So, I thought I'd be clever and go in through the side entrance, through the bar to the room. "Mind the Steps" the sign said. Of couse I will. Ooops, not quite. I have no idea what happened but i managed to slide down the stone steps on my back, head first....all the time thinking, this is not good for my back.

I landed. Managed to wriggle round so my feet were below my head and stood up. Somehow I dont think I had actually dropped anything. So dusted my self off walked through the bar, said good evening to the bar man and disappeared into the ladies. Sat down, checked myself out. Knee nicely bruised. Ow....tears! But that seemed to be about it. Wandered back through the bar, found Barb and we went upstairs - where they were going to hold the dance cos someone had "stolen" the room downstairs. Got up there, met Joe T, told them I'd just fallen down the steps and then burst into tears. So they got me a chair and a load of ice...for my back...think it must have been self-preservation...just kept going til I found someone to look after me and then collapsed totally. Sandy turned up and filled me up with Tylenol. More ice. More ice. Tried to stand. No way. Shooting pains all up my back. Sat down again. Phoned the chiropractor. Ice for 20 minutes at 45 minute intervals. Rest! OK.

Now had the challenge of getting home. There was no way I could drive. So Joe and Ed carried me down in the disabled elevator to Ed's car. Barb gave me a going-home present.....bread from Montana Mills!!! They got me in the car...somehow......totally pathetic, Joe had to do my seatbelt up for me (!) and Ed drove me home. Sandy followed in my car. At the other end we found the driveway virtually blocked cos someone was round looking at the house. Managed to squeeze the car up the driveway and then struggled out the car. Completely unable to put any weight on my left leg cos the pain up my back was so intense. So I shuffled along a bit with Ed for support. They got me in a chair, icepacked me (with the packs that I'd bought that very afternoon - how about that for good planning!).

Managed to get up to bed a bit later. Took more Tylenol and managed to get comfortable. Woke up this morning, still dressed and unable to move. Tried to get up to go to the bathroom. Cold sweat broke out and I came very close to passing out. Not trying that again. Spent the day sleeping, with ocassional breaks to answer the phone and take more drugs. Managed to find a really cool way to slide out of bed onto my chair so I could wheel myself round the room. Much better than trying to slide out of bed onto my knees - I got stuck and had to try and clamber back in...that hurt....lots!!! About 5pm I actually stood up, all on my own, well with the chair for support. Wooohoooo.

Joe called and then he and Sandy came round with food supplies for vitamins and other stuff to help relax my muscles. Thought about asking for a bedpan but decided the indignity was too much!!!! Feel infinitely better now....just got bruises all down my leg and across my back, my neck is stiff and my shoulders ache like hell. Still getting spasms in my back muscles and some shooting pains up my right side but I've been up for about 4 hours and the head seems to be surviving. Should be able to get to the chiropractor again tomorrow - Ed said he'd take me if I wanted to go - but work will have to wait for a while.

There you have it....who says my life is dull!!!

Monday, July 22, 2002

Just been to the chiropractor. That was an experience! One that I'm not sure I want to repeat too often, which is a problem cos I'm going back on Wednesday. It was mostly ok but I feel ever so woozy now. First he hit me with his little hammer to find out where the pain was coming from....sciatic nerve, as suspected. Then he made me bend all over the he could tell me that my left side wasn't moving properly. Well, I knew that really cos I'm in total pain. Not a big surprise but nice that he noticed it!!!! Next, this bit I liked....heat pads for a few minutes, then heat pads with this electronic stimulation thingy that felt like it was massaging my back. Mmmmmmmmmmm....fabulous. But to spoil the fun, he had to follow that little treat with pulling back around. I did hear a crack. Booohooo. Didn't really hurt but I felt the sweat starting. Next he prodded my neck and found the bit that always hurts like mad. I carry all my stress in my neck and my lower some strange coincidence on the left hand side of both. Not related at all but interesting. So I had a nice little neck message and then some more cracking. :-(

Got the lecture on how to get in/out of bed and how to sit, walk, bend, etc. I know all of that and I'm pretty good with it usually. We discussed anti-inflammatories and, cos of my damn ulcer, I can't take any, so that means I have to do heat and ice about 3 times each day. OK, when's that gonna happen then? Can probably fit in one before I go to work and then have to try and do two in the evening....but we're talking an extra 45 minutes a day......hmmmmmm......well, at least he didnt tell me not to dance...that would have upset me.

Now I have to lie down....feel like I'm gonna pass out......

Sunday, July 21, 2002


Yey, got a gold!!! Well, we were the only ones that did West Coast and we'd decided that the judge probably wouldnt know anything about WCS so we'd either do really badly or really well. We threw them completely.....apparently they were trying to work out who was the student and who was the teacher...BIG compliment!!!! Paul, who choreographed it, said that he would have given us a Gold with Honors and if we didn't get one, it was only cos the judge didn't know what he was doing! Which is a huge compliment from him cos he never says anyone is any good. So, all in all, a pretty good day. Have to hear what he says when he hears the actual result. Got a video of it all...well, not quite all, cos they cut off the start. Lata was getting a pro to record it all so I'm hoping that video does have the whole thing on it...if not, I'm not paying for it! The Amherst studio did pretty well overall - lots of golds, 3 top students. Bill was happy...and very drunk as a result....funny!!!!!! Now gotta rest cos my back is killing me - pains down my leg and my foot is tingling. I know it's not good but I have an appointment tomorrow to get sorted out......24 hours to go.....can't wait.........

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Toooooooooooooooooooooo hot again. Leg aches and back hurts. Got a number for a chiropractor....just not managed to pick up the phone yet! Not going to have time to see him tomorrow - off to Rochester for the showcase. Wot a nightmare that's turning out to be. Renee reserved a load of rooms at various hotels and then we had to have a big discussion as to where we should stay. She wants to be as near to the place as possible and we're debating over hotels that are a mile apart. How much difference does a mile make? A lot, apparently. She's driving up tomorrow afternoon and suggested maybe I go with, no thanks. Apart from the fact she drives me mad, she's going with Rose....who irritates me beyond belief. Staying in the same town as them as bad enough - spending an hour in a car, oh no, not doing that. So, have finally decided what I'm doing - which is going, on my own, straight from work. Which will be good cos the car needs a long drive, I need some time on my own to wind down and the journey will actually be quicker than going from home....straight on the 90 and away I go!

Meantime, Sherri left a long voicemail to say the house is going back on the market and someone might be coming to see it on Monday. Good, I won't be here! She's staying up there for another week and then off to Maine so no idea when she'll get back....probably the weekend I disappear to NJ! And how about this for being at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of organising. The AM showcase changed dates and location. We were left on our own to book hotels - not really a biggie but some suggestions might have been nice! Had no idea until yesterday as to what the schedule was for the day or when I was doing my stuff. AND it appears that Bill screwed up on the levels that we're meant to be performing in. Actually when we asked him he said it didn't we did our routine on the basis that it was cute and entertaining. Now it appears that we should be following the syllabus and dancing at our "defined" level.....yeah right! The only good thing is that we think we're the only ones doing West Coast Swing and it is highly unlikely that the judge will have any idea of the we should be ok. Well, it's not like it's brain surgery so we're just gonna have fun and he can say what he wants....

Now, the FA different. Not only are they completely organised with little forms telling us what dances/levels we're performing in but we've got sheets showing us what happens when. They've booked the hotel rooms for us and are arranging flights/ground transportation. And Yelena's even organising post event entertainment, if we want it, for the Friday night! We were asked to take our outfits in so they could look at them and advise us on any alterations we need (the 4" above the ankle thing). Yelena's digging out jewellery and glittery stuff if we need it.....they're making it totally idiot-proof for us!!!! WOW!

So I was there tonight, practising all my dances...hence the soreness. Not going badly....though the hustle could be entertaining. Told Chris that, if the worst comes to the worst, he should just spin me 6 times - that'll waste time and it looks pretty impressive!!!! Ed and Theresa were there.....that's surprising. He only does West Coast so she's obviously had some effect on him if he actually makes it inside a ballroom studio....doubt he'll stick with it, but u never know......

What else....oh yeah, the interviews for sales people. Nightmare. If I have to listen to another person telling me he's married, divorced, has one, two or three children, I shall scream! I don't care. It's not relevant. Maybe you'd prefer to send your wife in - if she can cope with you she can probably sell a few PCs for me???? And please dont turn up LATE for an interview. Or leave your cellphone on during the interview. I won't hire you!! In fact, I should probably have just cancelled the interview there and then. Got another one tomorrow with someone that I've already decided I don't like. Shall see if I can manage to complete it in under 10 minutes (my record so far). AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Ok, gotta go finish packing......

I'm legal again!!! Wooohoooo.......

All the papers were mailed by overnight courier so I'm OK.....gotta wait 3 months or so to hear whether I have to pop back to London to get my visa stamped but I can wait that long. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish I'd checked my email last night and found that out before we went out to dinner...could have had champagne instead of whisky....but never mind. Ate too much anyway. Went to Hutch's. Food was EXCELLENT! Mussell stew to start followed by sockeye salmon (which I have for lunch today as well, too much!) and then creme brulee. Wow. Got home and crashed out....heat and alcohol and food wiped me out totally....which probably explains why I actually got into work at 7.40 this morning.....woke up about 5.30 and it was too hot to stay there so came in for the A/C! Might do some work now....

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Birthday cake with purple icing....cooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!! So, that's my lunch sorted. Have to start eating properly again...dinner last night, fozen yoghurt. Raspberry Truffle. Very nice! Went to Lewiston for Blue Monday again....Win, Lose or Draw (the band that didn't play at the Dock!). One of the best bands I've seen so far. We danced the last dance and some woman came up to tell how good we were. Joe was very pleased!!!! And then he made me wander round the bar that the band was going to play in...just to check out if there was anywhere to dance or not. Wot's more embarrasing than dancing in front of a load of people? Walking into a bar, round a bar, and out a bar without ordering a drink!!!!!!!!!!

His son is getting married in October and there's a pre-family get-together on Friday. His ex is going to be there. I think he's a bit worried about it. Says he's not seen her for two years and last time she completely blanked him. She was the one that wanted the divorce and he seems quite happy about it was 10 years ago. But he can't understand why they can't be civilised about it all now. After all, they have a couple of children so they're bound to see each other sometimes....weddings, funerals, etc. Anyway, he has apparently decided that he's going to try and talk to her and see what reaction he gets. At least he's calmed down about it. Last week he seemed really down.....Thursday night he just kept going on about it. Must have sunk in now - he's had time to rationalize it all......

Word of the day: knackered...that's how I feel. Brit-phrase I guess.....Rob had no idea what I was on about. Neither did Joe. Hmmm.....

Fetish of the day: hot wax.....long story, some other time....perhaps!!!!

Monday, July 15, 2002

I'm in Pain

Actually, i think the real line is "I'm in Chains" but the reworked version is more apt at the moment! "Doctor" Brett has decided I have sciatica. He works here but, for some reason, appears to be a medical expert!!! So I looked up the symptoms and they seem to be pretty appropriate. Think I'm gonna pass out in a moment or burst into tears ...not a happy bunny......keep walking round the building, which helps a lot.....but not getting much work done!!!

A summary of today's events:

- Walgreen's scoop ice-cream (Monkey Business) - not at all bad!
- Italian Festival - dull
- Italian sausage from the IF - mmmmm.....but not really worth the effort involved in getting it!
- Dock at the Bay (LeeRon Zydeco and the Hot Tamales) - so good we left after a couple of songs....
- Root Five (The Zone) - music to get high to......we left after a few songs.....slightly more than we survived with LeeRon!
- Some car show in N Tonawanda - FANTASTIC - I want one of those silver corvettes...sooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!
- The Shores - yeah a very cool band...that finished an hour before we got there..........sssss...back to the car show
- Canelfest - mmmmmmmmmmm......good band, lots of dancing and now my ankle aches and I'm very very sleepy!!!!
- The Blues Borthers at the "drive-in" (car show...think it was projected on a sheet)......wot can I say, I love that movie!!!!

Night night

Oh yeah...for Greybird (who i cant be bothered to hyperlink at the moment!)....Alison Pipitone played free in the park before Harry Potter. You should have seen me...took my large blue blanket...curled up on the grass...half on the blanket and half under the blanket....fell asleep as soon as the movie started, woke up, fell asleep, woke up, fell asleep....get the picture? I actually MISSED Alan Rickman....oh well, got some good sleep though......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, July 12, 2002

Money, money, money

Wooohoooo...I got paid, I got paid, I got paid!!! Wow, that should make my bank manager a little happier!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

That's about it...other than lunch with a very cute chap....from San Diego (damn!). And I saw the chap I met at the Dock at FAst last idea what his name is so we're referring to him as the Tall Chap...for now.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

So Larry has this week off. Wot am I doing? Er, I'm working. Well, that's no good. No, but did you ask? Honestly!!!!! Did think about going to see him last night but I got the offer of chicken wings round at that one won. Robin's decided she's going to call him and tell him to get his act together. Yeah, right! I told her to come with me....that would have thrown him. Hi, I bought a friend. Be afraid, be very afraid. Actually he'd take it in his stride so that would be pretty dull....Hey, guess what. He's got all this anti-virus crap loaded and he seems to have another virus. I do wonder how he manages it!!! He blew Sandy off again last night. She wanted him to go dancing with her but he refused. Twice in a row, huh? V. interesting......

Practising our routine tonight. Showed it to Bill yesterday and he seemed to like it. Coooooool!

Monday, July 08, 2002

Lewiston Gazebo for Blue Monday. Harmonica Dean. Good music....lots of blues, there's a surprise. Hey, anyone that plays Clapton/Muddy Waters in good in my eyes. Norm/Monique were there. Joe says she also calls herself Pat. Explain why? I don't know. Maybe she's twins? Or schizophrenic? Everyone's called Pat, why the hell would you want to add yourself to that crowd. Apart from the fact that Monique's a nicer name, it stands different....she's another small every other way she's pretty go for a different name!!!

Went with Joe cos I was going to go anyway. I know one person in Lewiston...Tim. Used to dance with him and drink downtown with him. Then we lost touch. I actually lost him at the toll booth one night in the fog! It was a Friday night, he was following me. I went through the cash lane, he took the EZ Pass route. I never saw him after that! It was quite funny really...saw him a few days later and he was OK. He stopped going to AM after a while. We sort of kept in touch then I lost his email and I can't remember his surname now. So, every time I go to Lewiston I wonder if I'll bump into him. So far I haven't. Tonight was no different.

Anyway, I went with Joe cos Sandy wanted him to meet her there so he asked me to come....convoluted but does his mind work? Beyond me. Plus I'd decided I was gonna go anyway and it saved me driving. Very few people danced....but someone said it was more than anticipated for Lewiston. Hmmm....wot a dull place it must be! He was in a funny mood. Sandy wanted to go down to the river afterwards but he totally refused. So I took him for icecream instead and he perked up. Not sure what's the matter....said it was his back but not convinced.....we shall see....

Rest of the day was FANTASTIC!!! Got my first pay check.....wooohooo. 2 days early which confused me. They only paid me for one week (booo) but I'll get the rest at the end of the week (yippeee)...fine by me. Must have made my bank manager happy. Then I spoke to my lawyer who's gonna get the papers filed by Wednesday (hopefully) which point I'll be completely legal again....woooohooooooooooo.....

Oh yeah and I spoke to Rob last night. Gonna see him first weekend August....and he'd better not smash anything up between now and then.....mmmmmm....

Life is good........very happy :-)

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Last Saturday morning swing class yesterday for the season. Booo hooo......!!!!! Recap of the last 7 to blow one's mind in a couple of hours. Have to try and remember what we did. Oh, here's a idea....I could write it down! Let's see....

- Starter step with 2 walks and throw out
- Sugar push
- Side pass
- Sugar tuck with follower flare
- Tuck turn
- 2 steps followed by follower pivot and leader collect
- 2 steps followed by follower pivot
- Fake whip (6 count)
- Tuck turn with leader moving
- Sugar push with flares
- Fake basket whip into back and forward triples, whip ending
- 2 steps, inside turn, 3 struts, left side turn
- Sugar push

Went to the Dock yesterday so see Win, Lose or Draw (blues band). They weren't playing! Paper got it wrong again. Typical. Flipside where there instead. They were good but only got one WC in. Though did dance a lot...on concrete....ankle not happy this morning....nothing serious, just a little tired. Met someone who claimed to have been a ballroom teacher for 8 years. Probably was. He didn't dance though so who can tell. Rose was there. Agh! I really have nothing to say to her and she does not stop talking. Joe was being nice to her and I wasn't! Oh well. And....can u believe this, he doesn't like Pimms!!! Had a bit of a nightmare trying to find a some very strange looks from people but I found it...and it was the last bottle in the store. Says it reminds him of steak sauce. ???????? The Bannoffee pie went down well though so guess that's something......

Car washing day today. Got myself all psyched up for this so better go do........

Friday, July 05, 2002

Due to popular demand

- One pack of chocolate hobnobs/digestive biscuits.....or, as I couldn't find any of these, a pack of Wegmans choccy chip cookies (you can use ginger snaps for added excitement!)
- Bit of margarine (approx 2 tablespoons)
- One 400g tin of condensed milk
- 3 or 4 bananas depending on size of dish
- Heavy/whipping cream (8oz)

Place the tin of condensed milk (UNOPENED!) in a LARGE pan of water. Bring water to the boil and then simmer gently for 2 hours. Cover the pan and make sure there's lots of water in there to avoid loss of limb. The tin will probably say don't do this but if you keep an eye on it, don't overheat it and don't let the water evaporate you should be ok.

While the milk is bubbling away, bash the cookies into crumbs (put them in a plastic bag and use a rolling pin or some other large object). I used about 3/4 of the packet but it will depend on the size of your dish/how thick a base you like.....use your judgement!
Melt the margarine gently and then throw in the cookie crumbs. Stir it all together and then use the mixture to line the bottom of a serving dish. Press them down nicely so they'll form a good base. Put the dish in the fridge so it all sets.
Rest for an hour or so!

After 2 hours, pour a lot of cold water in the pan with the milk tin. Carefully remove the tin and open. Word of you pierce the tin the caramelized milk will bubble out so it's a good idea to do it over a dish so you don't lose may be hot as well so watch your fingers. Pour/spoon the milk over the biscuit base, smooth it out and put back in the fridge to "set" doesn't solidify!

Slice the bananas and spread across the caramel mixture.
Whip the cream until it's thick and lovely. Spoon over the bananas and smooth out.
Sprinkle with cocoa powder or anything else you fancy.
Keep in the fridge until you're ready to eat it.


Thursday, July 04, 2002

Last night wasn't a total disaster but it came close! I spoke to Joe about lunchtime and asked him what he was doing later. Going to JT Wheatfields. Wot time. About 8pm....probably stay all evening to see the band. Oh, wondered if you wanted to come round for a drink cos I have to boil a tin. No, going to see the band. Why don't you come with. We'll see, going to Dry Gulch for an hour or so and then I have to make this pie thing so not sure if I can do it in time.

So......decided to sort out the pie before I went to Dry Gulch, thinking that way I could get up there afterwards. Rush, rush, rush. No explosions. Everthing looking lovely. Condensed milk is so cute when it's been boiled - it caramelizes and then bubbles out of the tin when you start opening it! But it worked. Put the stuff in the fridge. Headed to Dry Gulch. Totally didn't pay attention and went straight past the exit on the thruway. Oooops. Turned round, tried again. Success, got off at the right place! Never done that before. Got there just as Julie arrrived so that was actually good timing...though not intentional...she went the wrong way on the thruway. Strange, maybe there were people getting lost all over the place at 8pm EST?????

Got the music? Yes. Got anything to play it on? Errr, no....forgot. Ooooops. Oh well, practised WC Swing to some strange country music (they do line dancing there on Wednesdays....why?????? Can't understand why people do that!). Left about 10.30pm and decided to head up to meet Joe - after all he said he'd be there another hour. He wasn't! Got home and call him.....where were you? I left at 9pm, too hot and crowded. But I did come round to see you. I was at Dry Gulch - I told you, remember? I forgot. Oh. Well thank you, I traipse round Buffalo, can't find anyone, haven't eaten and now everywhere's closed. Come over and I'll feed you. Hmmmm.....OK. Luckily it was a little cooler last night.

So I nearly get to him and then a cat decides to cross the road in front of me. She/he gets halfway across the road and then stops...just sits there and looks at me. Will you move. No, I like it here. Oh come on, I don't need this. I'll run you over. I'm thinking about it. Nice here. Maybe I'll move. Yes please. OK, I'm going....sssssssssss....

Did get to see some fireworks though. Pretty!!! Illegal. What d'you mean. Fireworks are illegal in NYS. Noooooo!!! Why? Don't know, think it's cos too many people get hurt. OK, so let me get this straight. You can't drink on the streets of Manhattan. You can't show naked bodies on tv. You can't play with fireworks. But it's OK to have a few drinks, get in a car and then shoot someone sitting on their porch??? Not sure that's OK. No but it seems to be more acceptable. I really don't get this country!!!! Probably just as well we got rid of it.....heeeee heeeeee

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Bannoffee Pie

An English invention (I believe). Just been explaining Bannoffee Pie to Joe...who responded with his explanation of Sloppy Joes. OK, I win on the interest front!!! Meanwhile, here I sit waiting for the tin of condensed milk to boil. 90 minutes into the process and still no signs of explosions. All is well. 30 minutes to go and I need to be at Dry Gulch, via the bank, for 8pm. Cutting it fine but I didn't fancy cooking at midnight! So, to explain. I am slightly concerned. The recipe calls for the tin to be boiled, in water, unopened for about 2 hours. The tin clearly states do not heat without opening. Hmmmm. I went with the recipe. It doesn't appear to be swelling up at all and there's a lot of water so I think things will be OK. But I'm taking no chances...checking it every 30 minutes...just to make sure.......

Monday, July 01, 2002

Feeling hot, hot hot

After the excitement of yesterday, today was pretty mundane. Went to, that's still such a novelty! Actually don't mind working in this least I can sit in the A/C.....bliss! Came back and decided it was so hot I had to go off to the studio for a hustle lesson. Cool pattern but we ran out of time to get it finished...bit of a nightmare footwork-wise. At least, for once, Bill had the A/C on....mmmmmm........That's about it really. Got back and Joe had sent me an IM to tell me he was going for a dance lesson. don't have to check in with me....I will survive.....oh well, suppose it was sweet but did feel a bit guilty cos I just went out...didn't even occur to me that he might be interested......confused and sticky!!!!!